Nubia z17mini

Dual 13MP Camera Capture Crystal Clear Photos

Equipped with two Sony 13MPhường rear cameras, Z17mini has a true color RGB sensor that captures rich and vibrant colors, and a customized Sony full-light MONO sensor that allows more than 96.6% light, capturing spectacularly vivid details of light and shade.

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Portrait ModeNatural Bokeh Effect

Thanks lớn the dual-lens, Z17mini"s Portrait mode not only captures clearer portraits, but also produces a bokeh effect by blurring the background, providing stunning artistic portrait shots. You can even adjust the degree of blur to lớn 16 levels, from F1 to F16, based on your requirement.

Although you can already capture beautiful portraits with the Portrait mode, this mode in Z17mini also supports the Beauty function. Based on the 3D Beautify algorithm, the camera accurately identifies your facial outline, & puts your beauty in focus against the blurry background. The Beauty mode also has 10-level adjustment, & allows you to previews the beauty effect và capture the perfect moment with one cliông xã.

3D Beauty Mode
3D Noise Reduction
Blurred Background

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Real-time Beautify

With NeoVision 6, a customized edition just for Z17mini, you now have a svào multifunctional camera. You not only have the Portrait mode, but also the Mono, 3 chiều and Time Shuttle Camera modes. One small step for, is one giant leap for điện thoại photography.

○ Time Shuttle Camera: Build an illusion of time travel, blurring the line between the virtual và real world.○ 3D Camera: Take highly immersive sầu 3 chiều photos, giving you a brvà new visual experience.○ Mono Camera: Directly capture highly detailed và textured monochromatic photos.

Refocus photosShoot First và Focus Later

With a traditional single lens camera, you focus first và then shoot the pholớn. But you can"t refocus a photo that you have already taken. The ZI7mini has now revolutionized thiết bị di động photography. You can now refocus or adjust the background blur on photos in the Edit mode. The same photo presents a br& new world after you refocus it.

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Beautify with Filters

Z17mini is equipped with a 16MP front camera khổng lồ take HD selfies. With different filters such as Natural, Beauty, Pink, can highlight your different looks. The Z17mini"s screen also has the Fill-light feature that provides you soft lighting, allowing you to lớn take naturally beautiful selfies.

High Speed, Extra-large CapacityPlay More, Store More

With 4GB RAM, Z17mini is superlatively fast, whether you open 10 apps or just 1. With Z17mini, say goodbye khổng lồ the days of cleaning background applications. And thanks lớn 64GB ROM, running out of space is a thing of the past.

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