Dragon ball: every z fighter ranked weakest to strongest

long Ball: Every Z Fighter Ranked Weakest lớn Strongest rồng Ball has a huge number of characters, but who is the strongest Z Fighter? It"s time to lớn see which Z thành viên stacks up against the rest.

One of the things that makes Dragon Ball a series with such longevity is the constant evolution and improvement of its characters. Going all the way back to the original series, long Ball has always put strong emphasis on martial arts prowess & tournaments, where the fighters could show off their latest techniques và improvements.

As the series progressed, so too have the powers and abilities of the fighters. There is a lot of space between the first world martial arts tournament & the latest tournament of power nguồn in Super, & the ranking of the best fighters has changed many times.

Determining who is strongest is not always a simple as looking at their power levels. A fighter’s intelligence, adaptability, và self discipline all play a part in bringing out the best of their ability.

Sometimes, even self control beats raw power. Fighters who can outthink their opponents have proven that a higher ki cấp độ doesn’t guarantee a victory. Those who can assess their opponents" weakness have taken down enemies much stronger than themselves.

We’ve analyzed the strongest characters before, but this menu is exclusively for the Z fighters, so no villains, fusions, or magic spells.

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With that said, here is Every Dragon Ball Z Fighter Ranked Weakest lớn Strongest

Starting our danh mục off is the ever constant ally và best friend of Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu. As human who more closely resembles a ghost or Chinese vampire, Chiaotzu has been around for the vast majority of the rồng Ball canon.

Originally running a protection racket with Tien Shinhan, he is a martial artist trained under Master Shen, but stands out for his ability lớn use psychic powers. This gives him several quality abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, and various psychic-based mental attacks.

Chiaotzu has a stout heart & is always willing lớn help his friends, but he doesn’t have the capacity for high power nguồn levels và is rendered obsolete as a fighter rather early on.

He is defeated by Krillin in rồng Ball và after he & Tien Shinhan join the Z team, is relegated as a sideline character. His moment of glory came in a brave but ultimately futile suicide attack on Nappa, which the mighty Saiyan shrugged off, but it earned him the respect of the rest of the fighters và the fans as well.

It might surprise some people that Yajirobe, the gruff, overweight, samurai companion of the Z team, is actually one of the strongest humans on Earth. Yajirobe may be an asocial guy who doesn’t vị much fighting, but he has quite a few heroic moments throughout the series.

There have been many time when he was there to give senzu beans to lớn fallen fighters, as well as use his own strength to save them. His physical strength is beyond that of most humans, as he carried a fallen Goku on his back up Korin Tower.

He also was able khổng lồ defeat Krillin when they were sparring with Kami, though all the Z fighters soon surpassed him in ability. Yajirobe is also an excellent swordsman, và his biggest moment is perhaps when he cut the tail off of Vegeta in great ape form, saving Goku.

Yajirobe is the only Z team member who never attains flight, but due to his cunning và opportunistic nature, he has had some success against fighters far stronger than himself.

13 Videl

For one, she doesn’t have the ability to generate much ki, only a marginal amount after Gohan trained her, so she relies on her physical ability almost exclusively. She is a smart fighter and uses her limits well, usually waiting for her opponent lớn move first và then countering.

She becomes quite strong for a human & deserves a lot of credit for being able to lớn generate any ki at all, even though she can’t control it.

Videl trains hard but is unable to match lower ranked Z fighters like Krillin & even Yamcha, putting her near the bottom of the list. This doesn’t deter her from doing good, as she regularly helps the police fight crime as Great Saiyawoman, & is a loving mother and supportive wife.

Yamcha has been the butt of jokes among dragon Ball fans for ages. Originally appearing as a mountain bandit in the original series, Yamcha went on khổng lồ be become an ally who is a diligent if not very successful fighter.

He is a very talented martial artist & one of the strongest humans alive, but is always outclassed by both his allies và their enemies. Despite this, Yamcha does possess several good traits.

He is brave and dependable, knowing he is weaker than the others but will help anyway, & can be considered somewhat fearless unless you count his fear of women.

He also has a very cool signature power-- the Sokidan. Designed by Yamcha himself, it is a spirit ball that he can move in any direction even in mid flight, và has taken more than one enemy by surprise.

Yamcha is mostly retired now, using his ability to lớn play baseball, but still longs for the days if fighting. Yamcha wanted khổng lồ be a member of Universe 7 in the tournament of power, but just isn’t strong enough lớn make the cut.

14. Pan

Even at 4 years old, she was formidable và actually knocked a large competitor out of the world martial arts tournament. She is shown lớn have a fiery personality and a natural at everything related khổng lồ training and fighting.

This is without a doubt due khổng lồ her training under her grandfather, Goku. As a baby, she is able lớn power up, fly, và generate impressive ki, và is shown at the over of Z khổng lồ fight on equal terms with Goten.

She is only ¼ Saiyan, but it seems as though the Saiyan blood is very strong in her. She is strong enough lớn give Trunks a hard enough time that he has difficulty restraining her. Pan is clearly stronger than Goku as a child & could very well go on khổng lồ surpass other members of the Z team in the near future.

The most famous attack in all of Dragon Ball, the Kamehameha, is his move taught to his best students. Roshi is 300 hundred years old at the start of Dragon Ball, his extended life coming from drinking an elixir of immortality.

Master Roshi"s fighting ability may not be quite a good as it once was, but he is still not lớn be taken lightly, not just because of his power, but his wisdom. Roshi is shown many times to be one of the best thinking fighters in the series, able to lớn assess the strength & weaknesses of an enemy lượt thích no other and capitalize on mistakes in a flash.

He is involved in the Z team vs Frieza army in Resurrection of F, and is a thành viên of the universe 7 team in the tournament of power. Despite falling due khổng lồ his age, Roshi scores several eliminations before doing so.

10 Krillin

He has been Goku’s best friend for almost the entire series & never fully faded into the background like other secondary fighters. Yes, he has died a lot, but it’s easy khổng lồ forget that he brings a lot lớn the table too.

Even though he isn’t as strong as Saiyans, he has a huge talent for ki manipulation, more so than many fighters stronger than him. He also has the ability to sense hidden powers, và has an exceptionally powerful special move, the Destructo Disk, which can cut through a mountain lượt thích a knife through butter.

Krillin is far from the strongest member of the group but is always reliable. Krillin is a funny character who is still going strong as an active member of the Z team.

As a stoic, focused individual, Tien Shinhan is one of the most disciplined characters in the series who takes martial arts very seriously. He is not strong enough khổng lồ be on the front lines, but is a very capable fighter who can still surprise friends and enemies alike.

Back during the Frieza saga, he was able lớn defeat Jeice và Burter simultaneously & later held off Imperfect Cell with his famous Neo Tri-Beam. Tien Shinhan’s incredible self discipline has lead khổng lồ his constant improvement, as seen in the Golden Frieza Saga, where he defeats many of Frieza’s soldiers without having lớn use any special techniques.

He also impresses in Resurrection of F as part of the Z team when they defeated a thousand of Frieza’s soldiers in an epic brawl. Tien is a part of the universe 7 team in the tournament of power, where his bravery earns him the respect of the God of Destruction.

9 10. Uub

With the debut of Dragon Ball Super, we learned that the official timeline takes place 6 months after the defeat of Kid Buu, which puts Uub in a predicament similar lớn Pan.

Though GT is not canon, Uub still exists because his birth still happened before the kết thúc of Buu. For those not familiar, Uub was brought to lớn life by the wish Goku made before he defeated Kid Buu with the spirit bomb.

Uub in the human reincarnation of Buu, making him the strongest human ever. Although he lost Buu’s biology và regenerative ability, he kept his nguồn potential and lost many of the negative traits as well, lượt thích Buu’s extreme unpredictability & wild nature.

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He is still a baby in the canon, but his potential is almost limitless. He is certainly stronger than any human fighter and at least is stronger than SS3 Goku, who could not defeat Kid Buu.

Uub hasn’t been shown yet, but he is out there, và when he does show up it will a major event. Much like Pan, Uub has been phối up khổng lồ be a serious player in the future of rồng Ball.

Generally fun loving and somewhat mischievous, Goten actually shows more potential at his age than his father or older brother did. He mastered the Super Saiyan khung before even learning to lớn fly, and shocks the veteran fighter Piccolo with his natural aptitude.

Goten is still very young và his powers have not even come close lớn peaking yet, so the fact that he isn’t strong enough to face true major threats at this time is not a bad thing. He is still headstrong and needs to lớn learn discipline before making it to that next level.

His most famous moments are when he fuses with Trunks khổng lồ become Gotenks, one of the strongest & most popular characters on the Z team side. He và Trunks are mostly used as comedy right now, but his toughness và willingness to lớn fight are unquestioned.

Goten’s life is just getting started, but his Saiyan blood và teammates mean he’ll one day take his place alongside his father và brother as one of the most powerful protectors of Earth.

7 Trunks

He shows a love of technology like his mother and grandfather, making him much smarter than most kids his age. Trunks is still a young kid but boasts impressive power.

He turned Super Saiyan at age 8, much earlier than his father managed, and constantly trains with Vegeta in the gravity room. He is shown lớn move easily at 100x gravity in Super Saiyan form. Even though he can’t directly confront world-ending villains lượt thích Majin Buu, just about any other villain will find him to lớn be a challenge.

Trunks is said to lớn be about as strong as Goku was during the Frieza arc, which is amazing for a pre-teen. He & Goten easily handled two remnant of Frieza’s old army as well. Trunks at this time is lower than Piccolo & the Androids, but stronger than many of his teammates, & without a doubt will move far up the rankings as he gets older.

Not only is he a trainer và disciplinarian for young team members, he has always stood as a thử nghiệm to see if a threat needs the attention of the powerful Saiyan fighters. Piccolo can be thought of as the weakest thành viên of the frontline squad of the Z team, always there khổng lồ give a challenge but never the one to eliminate the biggest threats.

Piccolo is a warrior through và through; strong, driven, and fully capable as a trainer & fighter. He’s one of the few team members to lớn rack up several kills in Z and the movies, & has an arsenal of powers at his disposal.

Perhaps his best fight lớn date was when he fought the powerful app android 17 lớn a draw back during the app android saga, but he has had many battles besides that. He’s been a prominent thành viên of every major conflict the Z team faced in the series và continues khổng lồ be a core member today.

5 app android 18

The Androids mark a serious upgrade in nguồn from the previous entries. From here on, if another fighter can handle any of the rest there might be a problem. 18 was at one time stronger than her younger brother, but the latter has grown by leaps since his last appearance in Z.

Still, 18 remains one of the strongest fighters on the team. In fact, only the Saiyans can beat them in the power department. Apk 18 has been a force lớn reckoned with for her entire time in the series, besting every Z fighter at some point and famously breaking Vegeta’s arm in their first encounter.

The Androids have unlimited energy và stamina, a trait that makes them nearly impossible khổng lồ stop by anyone but the strongest fighters. She now has scaled back a bit since the defeat of Buu & focused on her role as a wife & mother, but she never stopped training completely.

She is a thành viên of the universe 7 team in the tournament of power and scored eliminations alongside her brother, và occasionally against members of the powerful universe 2.

After being resurrected after Cell’s defeat, he spent years off screen to lớn make a life for himself away from his past. Android 17 is now much more mature since living away for some years & has developed into his own person.

This time và growth led lớn him realizing the ability Dr Gero always said he had, & he is now much stronger than he used to be. He’s so strong now that Dende even stats that, if he were still a villain, he would be terrifying.

Luckily, he has developed into a good person who accepts Goku’s invitation to lớn be a member of the team in the tournament of power. He is now the strongest game android in the universe, able khổng lồ beat SS2 Goku & nearly on par with SS3 form.

3 4, Future Trunks

His personality was forged in a world where he was prey for relentless predators, and that’s why he’s more cautious than young Trunks. This also made him into an exceptional fighter whose potential is still not fully realized.

Having Saiyan blood means he is capable of all SS transformations, and even manages to lớn attain the strong yet ultimately futile SS Third Grade. His time training with Supreme Kai gave him even more power nguồn as well as the Z Sword.

Trunks has one of the highest kill counts on the team, dispatching Mecha Frieza, the future versions of the Androids, và even the powerful Zamasu in Dragon Ball Super khổng lồ name a few.

Unfortunately, Trunks returns to lớn his timeline, which was restored after Zamasu’s death, so he cannot be a part of the team in the tournament. Nonetheless, Future Trunks remains one of the most popular characters & is one of the strongest members of the Z team.

He always dreamed of being a great scholar instead, và is one of the only characters khổng lồ actually revert in power nguồn after they peaked. Settling down as a family man is the life he wants, but when called on, Gohan still has the strength to be a threat to lớn just about anyone.

It fell to Piccolo to lớn retrain him for the tournament of power and “reawaken his warrior’s heart” as the Namekian put it. Gohan quickly gains a good measure of strength và easily beats Piccolo & his clones.

In the tournament, Gohan has shown most of his old form & even developed new techniques along with an improved base state that can best Final size Frieza.

Gohan has grown a ton in his short time back and Vegeta và Piccolo both believe he has the power nguồn in him khổng lồ become stronger than everyone. Whether or not he chooses to lớn remains khổng lồ be seen, however.

2. Vegeta

The Saiyan prince has changed perhaps more than any other character in the series over time. Spending most of it playing second fiddle to Goku, something that still drives him to get stronger, Vegeta has always been one of the strongest in the universe.

He was born lớn be one of the strongest, showing great strength at a young age even for a first-class Saiyan. His time in the series is filled with epic battles và transformations, và many foes have lost their lives facing him.

Vegeta is considered one of the 3 trump cards of universe 7, along with Goku và Frieza. In the tournament of nguồn he has shown thus far khổng lồ be the only fighter able khổng lồ legitimately hit Jiren, the strongest fighter in the multiverse.

He achieved SS blue form along with Goku, elevating himself to lớn the greatest power level he has achieved so far. Vegeta has never slowed down và never stopped training, only grown more determined.

Vegeta has maintained his position as second best for a long time and now, for the first time, is possibly in position lớn surpass Goku for the number one spot.

No surprise here-- protagonist Goku is a prodigy of fighting, as seen from the very first episodes of rồng Ball. In a series where nguồn levels are in a state on constant flux, Goku has managed to hold onto his position as vị trí cao nhất dog through most of the series.

He has a seemingly limitless potential for improvement, & specializes in developing new techniques & transformations, often mid-fight. In long Ball Super, Goku has achieved a feat that only a handful of beings in the multiverse have-- he became strong enough to rival a God of Destruction.

Even in his base size now, his strength & endurance are unreal. Some of the lower cấp độ fighters can’t even see his movements when he really turns it up. He achieved Super Saiyan Blue, the strongest transformation ever seen, và even augmented it with his Kaioken technique.

Goku continues to lớn impress many times over in the tournament, with several notable eliminations including Kefla. Vegeta is only a small step behind now, but Goku is still the man to beat in Universe 7. Jiren now considers Goku one of the only fighters who he will have lớn eliminate personally.


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