So sánh giữa xiaomi mipad 3 cũ bền Đẹp, giá hấp dẫn, xiaomi mi pad 3 cũ 99%


Have sầu you ever walked through a mall và passed by the Apple store & stared longingly at the ipad Mini và thought to lớn yourself, "Man, I sure wish I could buy one of those that ran Android"?

Well, I have some (kinda) good news for you. Today I"m reviewing the Xiaomày Mi Pad 3, a 7.9in Chinese tablet that has no shame in borrowing a healthy dose of kiến thiết cues from a certain fruit logo-bearing competitor. For better or worse, the Mi Pad 3 looks an awful lot lượt thích an ipad tablet Mini in Android clothing. Is it as good, or better than the tablet it is imitating? Let"s find out.

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SoCMediatek MT8176
Display7.9-inch1536 x 2048 IPS LCD
Battery6,600 mAh
Camera13MP., 5MP
SoftwareAndroid 7.0, MIUI8
Measurements200.4 x 132.6 x 7 mm, 328g

The Good

Design & buildIf you lượt thích the design và build chất lượng of the iPad tablet mini, you will lượt thích the way this looks & feels.
PerformanceYes, it"s a Mediatek processor, but during my month of testing it"s been quite a solid performer.
DisplayThe display is rumored lớn be the same one used in the máy tính bảng ipad mini; it"s crisp, vibrant, and responsive.
BatteryLongevity is good, with 8-10 hours of screen on time.

The Not So Good

SpeakersThey sound ok, but their placement is lousy.
Capacitive buttonsCome on, even Samsung gave sầu those up.
SoftwareRunning Android 7.0, but key features are missing.
No fingerprint readerThis is something that"s become a standard feature in the last year, it sucks to go back khổng lồ PIN unlocking.
CameraCome on, no one expectsa tablet camera khổng lồ be any good, and Xiaomày doesn"t disappoint - this one is lousy.


It"s impossible lớn look at the Mi Pad 3 và not be reminded of an máy tính bảng iPad mini. The looks are strikingly similar, intentionally so. The form size, weight, thickness, bezels, & camera placement are all almost identical. The back is a flat slab of aluminum with rounded sides, similar to - you guessed it - the Máy tính bảng iPad mini.

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Really, the only things that set it apart from the ipad are the placement of the speakers and buttons, & the laông xã of a home page button on the front. Yeah, it"s pretty much a blatant copy, but at least the source material is well designed. Hate on Apple all you want, the ipad tablet mini is a nice looking device that"s easy to hold, và so is the Mi Pad 3 by extension.

Let"s take a little tour of the tablet. At the top left corner of the device is a headphone jaông chồng, & centered at the bottom of the tablet is a USB-C port. The left side is bare và the right side features a power bottom và volume rocker about an inch below the top. The buttons are the only parts that feel a bit cheap on this tablet. While they are made of aluminum and have nice feedbaông xã, they are a bit too loose in their sockets, which makes them wiggle when touched và rattle when shaken. A small thing, but hard to ignore once you notice it.


The front of the device is dominated by the display, surrounded by black bezels of moderate form size top & bottom. The navigation buttons are back-lit capacitive sầu keys at the bottom of the display arranged in the Samsung fashion, which feels backwards to lớn many users, including myself. That"stwo things I really don"t care for in one aspect of the tablet. Now, the buttons can be remapped in the settings lớn change the baông xã button khổng lồ the left and menu khổng lồ the right. However, the icons can"t be changed as they are back-lit cutouts, so instead of fixing the layout, it makes it even worse as the icons no longer match their actions.


On the plus side, the duration that the buttons stay lit can be adjusted, or the back-light can be disabled completely system wide, or while using specific apps. You might have noticed that the trang chủ button is not a fingerprint scanner as it is on the máy tính bảng iPad mini. There isn"t one anywhere else on the device either, nor is there NFC, or a microSD card slot. Now, 64GB of internal spacehelps offmix the need for expandable storage, và you"re not likely to use a tablet to pay for your groceries with Android Pay, but the missing fingerprint scanner is frustrating. That"s become a pretty standard feature on devices in 2017, và I miss it here. Going baông xã lớn using a pin number to lớn unloông xã my device feels archaic. Funny how quickly times change.


Flipping the device over, there"s not a lot going on. A 13MP camera occupies the upper left corner, and twin speakers sit at the bottom of the rear panel spaced an inch and a half apart. The speakers are stereo, which is laughable as an inch và a half of separation is barely sufficient for your ears khổng lồ distinguish the difference between the channels. They are also completely useless as stereo speakers when holding the tablet in landscape mode, the way I assume 99 percent of people orient their tablet when watching a movie. They still play audio in stereo when the tablet is oriented in landscape, meaning you have sầu a top và bottom channel instead of a right and left channel. That"s just bizarre.


In terms of volume, the speakers are about as loud as you"d expect with a tablet this size. In a quiet room they are perfectly fine for watching a show or playing a game. They don"t have any low end, but they are clear and distortion không tính phí. Audio from the tai nghe jachồng is great, with enough power lớn drive a phối of 50mm headphones well above a comfortable listening cấp độ.

Taken as a whole, the tablet is very well constructed & feels light yet solid in h&. There are no gaps, the glass panel on the front is completely unisize, and weight is evenly distributed across the device. If you want khổng lồ get a good approximation for how it feels khổng lồ hold one, get your hands on an ipad tablet mini. A tech novice might not even be able khổng lồ tell them apart with a blindfold on.


The highlight of the Mi Pad 3 is definitely the IPS LCD display. Its resolution of2048×1536 is identical to lớn that ofthe screen found in the iPad mini. It"s rumored that the display is, in fact, sourced from the same supplier as the one that adorns Apple"s smallest tablet. That wouldn"t surprise me at all, as it is quite brilliant. Colors are deep và rich, black levels are respectable, & the trắng balance is well calibrated. It has all the nits you need for outdoor viewing, và even more importantly, in my opinion, it can drop khổng lồ delightfully low brightness levels for late night use. The LCD panel can dyên ổn even further than the AMOLED screen on my Nexus 6Phường, something I find impressive sầu.


A number of tweakscan be made to lớn the screen through the settings panel. The tint can beadjusted & a blaông xã & Trắng mode can also be enabled lớn supposedly increase battery life. I don"t believe sầu color has the same impact on power consumption on an LCD panel as it does on an AMOLED display, but the setting is there nonetheless & will make Gothic and noir fans happy. There"s also a reading mode that amps up the red levels for nighttime viewing, a feature I always love sầu khổng lồ see implemented on the system level.


Frankly, I sometimes wonder why we even bother with this section in tablet reviews. There seems to be an unwritten law that tablet cameras must be lousy, và man, Xiaongươi is a law-abiding company in that regard. I"ve sầu take a few shots for you lớn look at, because, hey, I already spent some time typing a header for this section, so why not.

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