Tokyo ghoul:re

Two years after the raid on Anteiku, the CCG selects Haise Sasaki to lead an unruly team of humans infused with ghoul powers. Known as the Quinx Squad, they’ll walk the line between humans và ghouls khổng lồ rid the world of its most daunting threat.

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The members of Quinx Squad, an experimental division of Akira Mado's CCG squad, & composed of investigators who have been surgically made part ghoul, work to lớn track down the A-rated ghoul Torso.

Haise loses control while fighting Orochi, & has khổng lồ be subdued. Later at the Chateau, Haise berates Urie for not getting the squad lớn safety, and removes him from his squad captaincy. Urie seeks to increase his power.

Urie speaks khổng lồ Chief Washu about having his Frame level increased. With a mission coming up, the Quinxes try to lớn get Saiko to lớn come to lớn work. Donato asks Haise about his missing memories. The squad goes undercover.

The Clowns act as auctioneers for a human auction, in which Mutsuki finds himself embroiled. CCG forces surround the complex in which the auction is being held, with orders to exterminate the ghouls inside--especially Big Madam.

The Quinx Squad rushes lớn save Mutsuki from Kanae. The Owl goes on a seemingly unstoppable rampage. Urie is frustrated when he is assigned escort duty. Ato Squad meets resistance trying to secure the monitor room.
Takizawa continues his offensive against Haise on the main stage. Shirazu tries to get Saiko khổng lồ help him subdue Nutcracker in the monitor room. Urie pursues Big Madam, & feels the effects of his increased Frame level.

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Haise asks Arima to allow him to lớn take custody of Hinami, và the remaining ghouls retreat. Following an awards ceremony where many of the investigators are promoted, Haise hosts a celebratory dinner at the Chateau.
Tsukiyama's condition worsens. Tatara và Ayato argue about rescuing Hinami. Shirazu finds it difficult lớn take possession of the Nutcracker quinque. Quinx Squad begins a new joint investigation with S1 Squad.
Having seen a photo of Haise, Tsukiyama bounces back and races lớn see him. Haise takes the rest of the squad lớn Uta's shop to be fitted for masks. Kijima releases a shocking clip on the CCG website lớn draw Rose out.
Eto drops in on a defeated Kanae, offering lớn help. Shirazu decides he needs khổng lồ make a fresh start. Ui finally consents to Haise's idea of an undercover fact-finding mission. Haise grows frustrated probing into his past.
Matsumae và Mairo try to lớn hold off the investigators long enough for Shu to escape. Haise & Shu face each other on the building's helipad. Quinx Squad has their hands full when a powerful ghoul stands in their way.
Eto arrives on the rooftop, spurring Kanae khổng lồ attack Haise, who must also reason with Kaneki. With the other squad members on the ropes, Shirazu goes all-out lớn stop Noro. Kanae & Tsukiyama reach an understanding.
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