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Nowadays, we all are familiar with Xamarin. It is rapidly changing & reshaping software houses và developers minds. Xamarin changes the way we develop mobile apps.


Nowadays, we all are familiar with Xamarin. It is rapidly changing & reshaping software houses và developers" minds. Xamarin changes the way we develop mobile apps. If you are not familiar with Xamarin & its approaches, then let’s start the discussion by saying that Xamarin is used to build cross platsize apps. We can build apps for iOS, Android, and Windows phone by just writing a C# code và XAML. Xamarin is also used khổng lồ build native apps. We can also separately develop apps of each platform.

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Now, let"s discuss another side of Xamarin. If you are a Windows user and want khổng lồ develop thiết bị di động apps using Xamarin, you can easily chạy thử & develop Android apps but testing is not a simple process for iOS on Windows PC. You have sầu to attach a Mac with your PC and both devices must have installed the same version of Xamarin in order khổng lồ thử nghiệm iOS ứng dụng. This is sometimes very hectic work to lớn be done. But Xamarin Live Player can resolve sầu such problem easily.

Solution by Xamarin Live Player

Xamarin Live Player came into lớn being và saved our lives. Now, the process that needs about 7 – 8 minutes for iOS testing is now done within a minute.


So, how does the Player work?

Xamarin Live Player ứng dụng is available for both, Android and iOS. You can get the phầm mềm from store. Follow the steps-

Run your project through Live sầu Player.Scan QR code from mobile. Visual Studio and device are now connected.Run it through connected device.

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Download và install Xamarin Live sầu Player ứng dụng on your phone.Download Visual Studio 2017 PĐánh Giá 15.3 with lachạy thử updates.Install Xamarin Updater.Go to lớn Visual Studio Tools -> Extensions & Updates -> Install all Xamarin Updates.
Re-launch Visual Studio

Running Live sầu Player for first time?

xuất hiện Visual Studio 2017 Previews.Go to lớn Tools > Options > Xamarin > Other > Cheông chồng Xamarin Live Player.Now it is available for use.


Advantages of Live Player

You can thử nghiệm both Android & iOS apps from Live Player.Time savor: Now, iOS testing from Windows PC is not hectic task.No Mac is needed for testing.

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Xamarin Live Player is in its initial stage and only one version is available so far. So, there is a possibility that you can face some problems by using the player. Don’t be angry but just report them on Xamarin forums & your problems will be solved in future updates.

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