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Play WWE Champions, the #1 World Wrestling Entertainment Mobile game. Compete in contests based on NXT, Raw, Smackdown and more. Collect over 250 Superstars including The Rochồng, Rondomain authority Rousey, and Becky Lynch. Enjoy action RPG and puzzle battles. Join over 35 million players and feel the excitement of the WWE Universe. Try lớn stay undefeated on the Road to WrestleMania in the ultimate match 3 RPG!===GAME FEATURES===COLLECT OVER 250 WWE SUPERSTARS AND LEGENDS* The Rochồng, Roman Reigns, Alexa Bliss, and John Cemãng cầu - Start your roster with top WWE Superstars và Legends.* Bret "Hit Man" Hart, Andre the Giant, and more - Add legendary heavyweights lớn your team.* Choose The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve sầu Austin, và all-time Attitude Era icons.* Add Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & other top Women’s Superstars.* The NWO, New Day, DX, và all the greachạy thử factions are here.* Luthân phụ Libre greats lượt thích Andrade & more await. Choose your style!ACTION RPG GAME, WWE STYLE* Use your skills to earn XPhường in this chất lượng RPG Puzzle Battle Game.* Win matches to customize moves & upgrade your team.* kích hoạt RPG gameplay lets you choose how to battle.* Hire Trainers lớn boost your Superstars’ abilities.* Strategize! Piông xã the best Class to lớn beat opponents. Choose from Technicians, Strikers, and more.CAN YOU STAY UNDEFEATED IN WWE EVENTS & CONTESTS?* Join the WWE Universe in new weekly bouts and events.* NXT, Monday Night RAW, & SmackDown themed battles.* From WrestleMania khổng lồ SummerSlam, play events inspired by WWE Network Pay-Per-Views.* Enter monthly title events & recruit up-and-coming WWE Superstars.* Rank up from NXT beginnings to lớn main eventing arenas around the world.* In-game Contests update every week lớn match on-air storylines.MATCH 3 RPG PUZZLE BATTLES MEET WWE MOVES* Match 3 gems khổng lồ obliterate rivals.* Use signature WWE Superstar moves.* Upgrade to use the Rock Bottom, Attitude Adjustment, Styles Clash & more.* Puzzle battle RPG combos and finishing movesPVPhường SHOWDOWNS* PvP. WWE battles with enhanced worldwide multiplayer matchmaking.* Showdown Shop store delivers exclusive rewards & prizes.* Simultaneous tournaments for men’s, women’s, and mixed tag teams.FACTIONS & ALLIANCES, WWE STYLE* Join a Faction lớn play with friends và lớn heal and help teammates.* Strategize with Faction members in your own Headquarters.* Exclusive Faction Missions earn rewards and loot.NEW LEAGUE SYSTEM* Complete goals to get promoted and earn rewards.* Unlock new nội dung every time you move up a League.CUSTOM TITLES WITH ABILITIES và BUFFS* Collect straps và and medals to lớn craft specialized Titles.* Equip Superstars before the start of every match to gain a competitive sầu edge.VIP. MEMBERSHIPhường. SUBSCRIPTIONS* Subscribe khổng lồ WWE Champions exclusive memberships.* Play as Triple H - King of Kings, DX Triple H, or DX Shawn Michaels.* Access khổng lồ exclusive sầu nội dung, contests & special rewards.**WINNER! 2018 Webby People's Voice Award (Sports Games)**Free trials will convert to a recurring subscription after 7 days (if applicable). The payment shown in the price và payment schedule at time of sign up for the tier selected will be charged khổng lồ your trương mục when the subscription begins, và it will auto-renew as described unless turned off at least 24 hours before the kết thúc of a subscription period. Renewal payments will be charged within 24 hours before the kết thúc of a subscription period on the same price và payment schedule you selected . Unused portions of không tính phí trials will be forfeited upon purchase of a subscription. You can manage subscriptions và turn off auto-renewals in your device trương mục settings.Terms of Service: http://scopely.com/tos/Privacy Policy: http://scopely.com/privacy/Additional Information, Rights, & Choices Available to lớn California Players: https://scopely.com/privacy/#additionalinfo-california.

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Jun 2, 2021

Version 0.507

NEW Log in with EMAIL to lớn backup your account!• No Facebook? No problem! Now you can save use your account across devices & backup your game progress with just your gmail by creating a ScopelyID• Use your ScopelyID to unloông xã extra rewards• Go khổng lồ SETTINGS & clichồng the Scopely biệu tượng công ty khổng lồ get started!Stability improvements và Bug Fixes• We optimized and fixed multiple issues khổng lồ lower crashes and VPS errors

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