Wiko view2 vs wiko view2 go: what is the difference?


All about display!

The innovative sầu 19:9 Full Screen delivers total immersion, with outstanding images and ultra-smooth, lasting performance.

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Distinct thiết kế. True comfort.

The innovative screen design maximises your viewing area. Extra usable space và an extended screen come nestled in a smartphone that fits comfortably in your palm.






Super immersive sầu & handy

Super immersive sầu & handy

The tailor-made user interface is exactly tailored to fit the whole Full Screen. Enjoy maximum immersion, from shows & games khổng lồ all your apps.

Reactive sầu. Smoothmultitasking.

Reactive sầu. Smooth multitasking.

Adaptable storage

Never be short on space for your apps, music, photos & clips. Every memory is safely harboured with the abundant 64GB ROM on board. Enhance your storage further with a 256GB MicroSD card. Free unlimited storage* is available on Google Photos™. * Unlimited storage for high chất lượng pictures and 1080p videos, requires Google account and Internet connection.

Enduring battery

Calls, music, movies, chatting, gaming… keep on going! Made for the demanding user, you can rely on long-lasting power in a single charge. The 4000 mAh battery is full of juice to lớn enjoy your Full Screen for longer, with a full day of intensive sầu use.

Post-worthy images

A smart camera experience for amazing photos, self-portraits và clips meant to lớn be shared.

Stunning photos. AI imaging.

Stunning photos. AI imaging.

Extend your power of expression with amazingly pro-lượt thích portraits, easily attainable with the AI powered* 12MP.. dual rear camera. The specially designed app* smartly recognises & adapts thiết lập requirements. The result is sharper subjects in Live sầu artistic blurhigher quality & accuracy in Face Beauty và HDR modes. Show the fine details in all conditions on the Sony IMX486 sensor. Just point & shoot, as Auto-Scene Detection adjusts settings for high-quality portraits. Even take luminous shots in any lighting due lớn the built-in Low light optimising technology. *AI for HDR, Portrait & Face Beauty will be available after launch via OTA updates.

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Bright. Sharp. Clear!Bright. Sharp. Clear!

The large 1.25 µm pixel size & Phase Detection Autofocus optimise dark environments for luminous and sharp photos. Snap without the effort thanks lớn smart camera features. Instant Multi-frame processing & Blurless work in harmony to lớn automatically minimise blur & noise. In the evening, Night mode renders bright & natural looking pictures.

Expressive sầu selfies

Expressive sầu selfies

Artsy and effortless

Selfie time is anytime with the 8MPhường front camera and its large f/2.0 aperture, capturing more light. Amplify the unique of your self-portraits with Auto-HDR, activating by default khổng lồ adjust cài đặt based on lighting. Let your creativity out to play with Live sầu portrait blur, Face Beauty and Live filters.

Clever blur

Get your picture lớn focus on what catches your eye, as Live portrait blur highlights your subject & softens your background.

Inventive real-time filters

Accessorise with hats and shades, or disguise yourself with animal masks và more, using comical Live sầu AR Filters. A wash of colour brings an extra touch with Live sầu Filters.

Uber cool clips

Uber cool clips

Those hilarious moments deserve sầu lớn be shared without delay! Record a quiông xã 15 second clip with Short video, ready to be posted. Smooth videos get more views! Both the selfie and rear camera have sầu FHD Video stabilisation powered by Vidhance* lớn eliminate shakes for stable footage. *bommobile.vn leading video enhancement software for smartphones.

Movielượt thích impact

Professional clips are just a mode away with cinematic effects. What better to build up intensity than Slow motion! Filming speedy scenes adds some zest to lớn your story with Time lapse.

Streamlined experience

With Android™ Oreo™ *, what you get is added memory, quicker performance and the most recent Google apps feature và security updates. *Android is a trademark of Google LLC; Oreo is a trademark of Mondelez International, Inc. group.

Swift Face Unlock

Why chiến bại time inputting codes or passwords? Access your smartphone in less than a second by simply looking at it with Face Unlock, or by using Fingerprint.

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Easy điện thoại thông minh payments

All about daily practicality! For faster daily transactions & sharing, the built-in NFC chip* facilitates contactless payments, easy pairing & travel card practicality. *NFC optional

Elegant smart folio

Smart and slyên ổn protection. Remain connected to your daily updates & essential information: entry calls, songs info và notification counter.

Slyên protective sầu case

Clear. Robust. Dual purpose. The raised display frameshochồng absorbent bumper ensure optimal protection, doubling as an ergonomic grip!

Tempered glass

The ultra-resistant printed glass is anti-fingerprint. A 2.5 chiều design ensures a perfect fit & touchscreen sensitivity.

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