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Planning on visiting Vietnam giới soon? Good choice! There are plenty of activities in Vietnam giới và many things to lớn see as well. Although flights to Vietnam giới may be expensive (but it does not have khổng lồ be), the cost of living in Vietphái nam is inexpensive, unlike roaming with your provider that can be expensive sầu if you vì chưng not watch out. This is why some travelers tkết thúc to explore local SIM cards when traveling abroad. In this article, we will explore the SIM card options for your adventure in Vietphái nam. Let’s get into lớn it.
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Telecom Providers in Vietnam

Vietnam giới has four telecom providers: Viettel, Vinaphone, Vietnasản phẩm điện thoại, and Mobifone. Viettel is the largest operator in terms of subscribers & network coverage. Vinaphone follows Viettel in terms of coverage but is on the third place based on subscriber numbers, closely following MobiFone.Many travelers, especially those not staying in the major cities, have sầu reported awful experiences with MobiFone, which is why I will not cover them in this article. This, however, does not mean they are bad (otherwise, they would not be the second-largest operator based on subscribers). It is just that those who want lớn buy a local SIM card tover to travel around the country instead of only the big cities, so MobiFone would not be relevant for them.

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If you want to lớn buy a SIM card và a data plan when in Vietphái mạnh, I would recommend getting one from Viettel or Vinaphone for most travelers. Both providers have sầu significant coverage and offer high speeds for low prices.
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Do note that you will need lớn nội dung to lớn a photo taken of you when you apply for your Vietnamese SIM thẻ because of registration rules as of năm nhâm thìn.Let’s check out the offering of Viettel, Vinaphone, and Vietnadi động.Tip: Looking for cheap flights? Book with AirWander và add stopovers! Not in a hurry yet? Set up flight alerts with Airfarewatchdog & get notified when ticket prices for your preferred route(s) drop!



Unlike Viettel, MobiFone, & Vinaphone, Vietnamobile

Other Connectivity Options When Traveling in Vietnam

Nowadays, we want to stay connected when traveling around the world. There is nothing wrong about that, but it can be challenging and expensive sầu at times. You can, for example, roam with your carrier on Pay As You Go roaming rates, get a roaming plan (if they offer those), get an international SIM thẻ, use a portable hot spot device (also known as pocket WIFI or MiFi), or use không lấy phí WIFI networks. We will go through each option quickly before exploring the local SIM card options in Vietphái mạnh.
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Roaming With Your Provider (Pay As You Go Roaming)

I spkết thúc a lot of time exploring the roaming options of providers all over the world – it is almost a never-ending exercise, but I enjoy doing it. What I, however, vày not enjoy is discovering when carriers charge insanely high roaming fees. You have sầu probably read numerous horror stories of travelers who went abroad for a while & came bachồng trang chủ to a phone bill in the thousands, such as this individual who received a bill of £8,348.41 for data roaming for 40 minutes. I also found the reason why roaming is so expensive sầu. No idea how roaming works? I made this comprehensive guide about what roaming is and how it works. It is worth the read – promised!Now, this does not mean that roaming should be avoided at all costs. In fact, some providers offer attractive Pay As You Go roaming rates. Unfortunately, the number of carriers that bởi vì have sầu reasonable standard roaming rates are low, which is why I often discourage anyone from roaming on Pay As You Go roaming rates, especially when visiting multiple destinations.
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Carriers often use roaming zones where the charges are the same for all destinations in this zone or group. However, this is not always the case and usually applies to lớn roaming plans và packages, which makes roaming on standard roaming rates risky.In general, I would discourage you from roaming on Pay As You Go roaming rates when visiting Vietnam giới. If you want lớn see what your carrier would charge you, kiểm tra out my roaming with your provider articles with my analysis và verdicts.

Roaming With Your Provider (Roaming Plans và Packages)

Unlike standard roaming rates, which are all over the place, roaming with roaming plans or bundles is more predictable because you pay a fixed fee for the package instead of being charged per action (minute, SMS, or MB). Some providers even allow you khổng lồ roam for miễn phí in certain destinations, although some restrictions may apply, such as roaming on 2G speeds or a daily/monthly roaming allowance.
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Others allow you lớn pay a daily fee so that you can use your plan’s allowance when abroad. For example, Fivì chưng, a Canadian telecom provider, gives you the option to use your plan’s allowance in over 160 destinations for 12 Canadian Dollars a day. This means that if you get 20 GB a month, you can use those 20 GB in eligible destinations as well, which is neat.However, you should take caution with such plans. They are convenient & inexpensive sầu when done for a few days, but not when going abroad for a week or more. I often argue that one can use these plans if you are staying abroad for a maximum of three days. If longer, than you are better off with a local SIM thẻ, which will give sầu you more bang for your buchồng. Cheông xã out my articles khổng lồ see if your provider offers roaming bundles.

International SIM Cards

So far, we have discussed using your own SIM thẻ when abroad and local SIM cards of Vietphái mạnh. You can also consider purchasing an international SIM card. International SIM cards are, as the name suggests, SIM cards that can be used internationally. In most cases, you can use your own SIM thẻ when abroad, but then you would have sầu to lớn khuyến mãi with roaming charges – international SIM cards eliminate that.There are many international SIM cards out there, such as OneSimCard, SimOptions, Surfroam, Simcorner, và BNESIM. The way they work is that the company sets up agreements with local providers so that the international SIM thẻ can work in the said country. Multiply this with the number of destinations where the SIM thẻ can be used, và you have sầu gotten yourself an international SIM thẻ.

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Do note that using an international SIM thẻ is often more expensive than using a local SIM card but cheaper than roaming with your provider. International SIM cards are appealing for those who travel frequently và cannot be bothered with the hassle of purchasing a SIM thẻ each time they arrive sầu at a new destination. Additionally, constantly having khổng lồ switch SIM cards và using different phone numbers may discourage seasoned travelers from buying local SIM cards.If you are visiting only one destination for a short period, get a local SIM thẻ (or roam with your provider if they have sầu attractive roaming rates or plans). If you travel often và want to be able lớn be contacted on one phone number when visiting multiple destinations, international SIM cards could be attractive. Chechồng out my international SIM thẻ comparison article, where I analyzed the top 10 leading international SIM cards out there.


Not interested in using SIM cardswhen abroad? No problem, you can use portable hotspots to lớn stay connected. Aportable hotspot, pocket WIFI, MIFI, or however you want khổng lồ Gọi it, is adevice that acts as your personal router that you can take with you. Thishotspot connects lớn the cellular networks of your destination – just lượt thích yourphone would vày without the roaming costs.There are many portable hotspots outthere. Some are good, some are awful. Some are worth the money, while others areexpensive. Two reputable MIFI companies I know are Skyroam(use coupon code và Vision Global Wireless. WIFI access with Skyroam starts at $8a day. Using a Vision Global device starts at $2 a day. Both services covermore than 130 destinations around the world.

The first time I got introduced to pocket WIFI was bachồng in 2017 when I went to lớn Bangkok, xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện Thái Lan, with my dad. The Airbnb host offered it for free, và we took advantage of it. It was convenient for both of us as both our providers did not offer miễn phí roaming in Xứ sở nụ cười Thái Lan. I am personally a người of local SIM cards because they are more convenient lớn me, but I will most likely start using portable hotspots when traveling for extended periods where I still want to lớn work but not stay in my accommodation all day.

UsingFree WIFI Connections

This is the most cost-effective sầu option to lớn stay connected when traveling – using free WIFI hotspots. This way, you vì chưng not have sầu lớn worry about roaming charges or deal with the SIM thẻ registration process when purchasing a SIM thẻ from Viettel, Vinaphone, or VietnaSmartphone.Although using WIFI hotspots may save sầu you money, it may not be convenient as using a SIM card. First, you would have sầu to lớn find WIFI hotspots. Unlike North America và Europe, Vietphái mạnh does not prevalently use WIFI, meaning it may be a challenge to lớn find a hotspot. Once you have found one, you may not be able to connect for some reason, you may have lớn enter your personal details that could be used for commercial purposes, or it is so slow that it is useless. Do note, however, that public WIFI hotspots are unsecure. I would recommend using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) if you connect to lớn an unfamiliar network. The VPN will encrypt your data and will keep your data private. I use NordVPN, & you can get up lớn 70% off when you get a NordVPN subscription. Get your NordVPN subscription today!

The Best Way khổng lồ Stay Connected When Traveling in Vietnam

To get the most out of your money, I would recommend getting a local SIM card of either Viettel or Vinaphone. You should also check the roaming options your provider has for you, as they may have attractive roaming bundles for those visiting Vietnam. This way, you vì chưng not have to lớn switch SIM cards, and people can reach you easily when they need to text or Hotline you.You could also consider getting an international SIM thẻ or using a portable hotspot. International SIM cards are interesting for those visiting multiple destinations at once or within a year. Portable hotspots will be useful when traveling with multiple people so that not each individual has khổng lồ get a SIM thẻ but can use the hotspot.Visiting other countries in Southeast Asia? Cheông chồng out my Southeast Asian SIM card buying guide, covering other Southeast Asian countries, such as Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, and Đất Nước Thái Lan. Going lớn other places around the world? Then you should also check out my syên ổn thẻ buying guides for other destinations around the world.

What is next?

Looking for the best companies & gadgets to enhance your travel experience? Cheông chồng out my resource page for the best companies lớn use when you travel! Save sầu money on plane tickets, bus rides, cruises, and accommodation. Besides that, I also các mục services & items I use lớn make my life easier – và I believe sầu they will help you too!Book Your Flight for VietnamIt is time khổng lồ book your flight. Find cheap flights with AirWander so that you can add không lấy phí or cheap stopovers in destinations you have not considered yet before going khổng lồ Vietphái mạnh. If you are not ready to take off yet, phối up flight alerts with Airfarewatchdog, và they will notify you once ticket prices to lớn Vietnam giới drop.Book Your Accommodation for VietnamI am a huge fan of Airbnb because it allows me lớn live sầu with a local or get a local place for myself. Staying in someone’s house or apartment feels much different than being in a ho(s)tel, especially in Vietnam giới. At least, that is how I see it. Moreover, Airbnb can often be much cheaper than staying in a Vietnamese khách sạn.Get Your Travel Insurance for VietnamYou will regret not having travel insurance once you actually need it and “forgot” to get it. Nowadays, travel insurance is cheap và comprehensive sầu unlượt thích baông chồng in the days. World Nomads is by far the best travel insurance for adventurous travelers like yourself. You can even get insured WHILE already traveling in Vietphái mạnh, which is not something many insurance companies allow you khổng lồ vày.

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Get a Travel Debit CardTravel Cheques are outdated. Paying with your credit thẻ or debit card can be expensive because of all the exchange commissions banks charge you. TransferWise allows you lớn convert your main currency to lớn the local currency for a small fee (up to 8 times less than with your bank!) Getting a Transferwise Borderless tài khoản is FREE, so you will get an instant return on your investment.Enjoy your trip!

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