Yalu game ios 10 jailbreak is semi-untethered. Which meansyou will have to lớn re-jailbreakevery time your iPhone perform a reboot. Furthermore, yalu102 also have certificate expiration just like any other sideloaded apps.

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If you vì not have a good experience on a jailbroken quả táo 10 device, there is a way for you khổng lồ remove Cydia và stay on your current firmware. That itself has many benefits lớn it;

You can uninstall a non-stable jailbreak

You don’t have to lớn upgrade your iDevice to lớn another game ios version. Consider how rare a jailbreak can be nowadays, you always want to keep your current jailbreak(able) ios version.

Here aremultiple ways you can followto remove the game ios 10 Yalu jailbreak safely without restoring.


1. Go khổng lồ Cydia > Sources

2. Add this URL: http://apt.saurik.com/beta/eraser-10.1/

3. Install Cydia Eraser from that repository


The tweak should now be installed và sit right on your home screen. Open it and activate Cydia Eraser.

Acorrding khổng lồ users, however, the installation went through smoothly, but every time when they launched Cydia Eraser in game ios 10, it crashes upon opening. More solutions can be found below.

Saurik hascommentedthat he has not tried this package on the newly jailbroken firmware. With that being said, we will have to wait for an official announcement of the new Cydia Eraser with tư vấn for game ios 10.


The iCloud.com method

It looks like you can still unjailbreak your quả táo 10 device while keeping the firmware as is. Meaning it will not upgrade lớn the latest táo bị cắn firmware.

Apparently resetting your game ios Device from Find My iPhone keeps it on the current firmware. This is great news for jailbreakers!

— James Cozzi (
jcoz00) December 24, 2016

Several people from the r/Jailbreak subreddithas confirmedthat this is working. However, many argue that it can quickly generate issues lớn your jailbreak.

To remove the tiện ích ios 10 jailbreak from your device:

1. Go on the web-based version of iCloud by clickinghere

2. Sign in with your táo ID & Password

3. Click onFind iPhone

4. Locate “All Devices” on the đứng top menu & click on it

5. Select the device with Yalu jailbreak installed

6. ChooseErase iPhone


iCloud will then delete all your contents và settings. This command will put your iPhone back lớn its factory settings. Rest assured that your firmware will still be the same. So you can backup your iDevice on bommobile.vnTools before you bởi that.

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Semi-Restore Updated to tư vấn iOS 10

Coolstar, the developerbehind Semi-Restore, has partially updated his tool lớn work with jailbroken quả táo 10 devices.Furthermore, someone else also released a similar tool which you can install right from Cydia. They both provide the same end goal, which removes all your jailbreak-related items including themes and tweaks.


In this post, we will show you how to lớn use Semi-Restore and OSRestoreX khổng lồ restore your jailbroken iPhone or máy tính bảng ipad running game ios 10.

We posted about Semi-Restore Lite before:How to lớn Restore Jailbroken game ios 10 Using SemiRestore10?

Keep in mind that if you have any custom fonts or settings installed from Cydia, please remove them first before following the instructions above. These packages are knownto mess up Cydia Eraser, and it will bởi vì the same lớn Semi-Restore.


If you lượt thích to try something new & easier, then OSRestoreX is the way to lớn go. According to lớn the developer, this is an “on-device alternative to lớn Semi-Restore for game ios 10”.

Like we mentioned earlier, all you have to bởi vì is install this tweak from Cydia and it will restore your jailbreak right from there.

1. Launch the Cydia app

2. Add the following repository:https://nathanaccidentally.us/

3. Install either OSRestoreX or OSRestoreX Terminal

Additionally, you can run OSRestoreXthrough Terminaljust in case you want khổng lồ hold off and do other things first before really deciding to use the tweak.

If you decide to install the first package, it will give you 5seconds tochange your mind or else it will proceed & restore your iPhone. After OSRestoreX is done, it will also tell you lớn use the “Erase All content and Settings” function at the end of the process.

Cydia Remover

You can now tải về Cydia Remover for ios 10 which is basically a Cydia Eraser alternative for jailbroken iPhone & iPad devices running latest firmware versions. But some users said after they install this, they can not remove Cydia & Cydia crashed.

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