Trò chơi puzzle

Work together and solve a series of individual puzzles khổng lồ unlochồng the answer khổng lồ the master puzzle! Compete against each other lớn see who can solve it first. The Puzzle is a fun way khổng lồ connect with others during online get-togethers - whether that be with your work colleagues or at an online networking sự kiện or conference. Want more details? Cheông chồng the FAQs at the bottom of the page!


If you would lượt thích us lớn facilitate The Puzzle then you can book a 1 hour facilitated session and we’ll take care of all the organisation for you.

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This includes:

Setting up the video hotline and breakout rooms

All pre-event logistics

A warm up activity

Briefing the participants on how lớn play

Managing the in-game communication to maximise the game experience

Managing the scoring

Fun answers and results conclusion - all live!

Select your preferred date và time when you book và kiểm tra out và we’ll be in touch to arrange the final details.

More than 75 people? Contact us for a quote!

Listed prices are in USD.

Facilitate yourself via our easy-to-use game platform


Buy a single session or ongoing access

Facilitate The Puzzle for your group once or purchase a subscription for ongoing and unlimited access lớn all of our games.


Find out why everyone loves The Puzzle

““My adrenaline was pumping because of the time pressure & knowing the other teams racing against us might have sầu been doing it faster. This is such a unique game you’ve created - the way I have explained it khổng lồ friends since we played is like an online version of an escape room experience!”” — Kristen, CoreData (Australia)
““I was looking for a fun team activity for our management team as a touch point the day before we had a full day of meetings together. I came across The Puzzle and thought it sounded interesting. The organisation was easy and Dan did a great job facilitating the game for us in just over an hour. We were split up into lớn two teams of 4 and we found The Puzzle lớn be just the right amount of difficulty. One team solved it just in time with the other very cđại bại. The feedbaông xã was great & everyone really enjoyed the experience!” ” — Thomas, AESG Consulting (UK)
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Frequently Asked Question

Tell me more - what are these puzzles?!

We know that you are curious khổng lồ know more about the puzzles themselves but generally we lượt thích khổng lồ keep these khổng lồ ourselves as showing you the actual puzzle pieces spoils the game! That’s no fun, is it? If your colleagues or trùm keep asking just tell them they are a phối of riddles, problem-solving, logical reasoning, and visual puzzles & we can guarantee they are a good phối of challenge & fun.

How many people can play?

We have facilitated the game for between 6 & 500 people at one time (using multiple facilitators). Most people play in teams of 4-5 và make it a time-based competition, which means large groups can play together.

How long does the game take?

We recommover that you allow 1 hour in total for the game, including time to lớn explain the rules & go through the answers. The majority of teams are able lớn solve sầu The Puzzle in around 35-40 minutes (not including time penalties for clues).

How many players would you recommend per team?

For a 40-minute game we recommend 4-5 players per team. The more players per team, the quicker you are likely lớn be able khổng lồ solve sầu the puzzle (and vice versa). We have sầu run competitions with 2-5 players, however smaller teams generally require more time.

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What happens if a team gets stuck and can’t solve a puzzle piece?

Teams are allowed to ask the game facilitator for the answer lớn a puzzle piece, but will incur a time penalty for each one requested. There are no bottlenecks in the game either as it’s non sequential, so if you can’t solve one your team can still move on khổng lồ the next puzzle.

How hard is it?

Tricky question…. because it depends on the group’s ability and how good you are at puzzles, riddles và reasoning! There are a set of easy & difficult puzzle pieces, but there is nothing involving complex mathematics, for example. The large majority of teams finish 8 of 10 individual puzzles, và approximately 70% of teams solve everything và the master puzzle within 40 minutes.

What vị we need to lớn play remotely?

A computer & a way to communicate with each other (ideally Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet, etc.).

Do you have sầu a preferred platsize for facilitating the game?

Yes, Zoom. This is because of the superior breakout rooms functionality. We also use Teams frequently, but it’s our second preference.

Do you decide on the teams when you facilitate for us or will we vì this?

That is completely up lớn you. We can pre-mix teams if you have sầu a preference or randomly allocate on the gọi - this is often easier if you bởi vì not know exactly who is going to be playing.

Does this have sầu khổng lồ be played remotely?

Not at all - you can definitely play this game in the office. You"ll just need one device per team và a separate work space so you can"t hear each other.

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Can high school & college students play?

For sure! There is no reason why teenagers could not solve The Puzzle, too. We’d recommkết thúc ages 14 years và older.

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