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Do you start getting messages from someone on your friend’s danh mục every time you go online on Facebook? Most of the time this is not such a big issue, but sometimes it can annoy anyone. So, there is a feature on Facebook that can stop your friends from knowing when you are online. Dubbed as ‘Active status’, this feature can be turned off on Android, iOS, as well as on the website to avoid those unwanted messages every time you go online. So, today I will show you how to hide your online status from your Facebook friends.

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Hide Online Status From Friends on Facebook

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Hide Online Status From Friends on Facebook

First of all, bởi you know how your friends know that you are online? You might have sầu seen that green dot on your protệp tin picture & on others’ as well. That dot indicates that the user is actively online on social truyền thông right now. You might also see a grey inhỏ that means they’re online but idle and an empty grey circle that means they’re offline.

You can hide that from the Facebook website or from the Facebook di động tiện ích on Android & iOS. So, let’s kiểm tra out how you can hide your online status from Facebook friends.

Turn-off Active Status on Facebook Web

mở cửa on any website browser & log in to your Facebook account.Now clichồng on the Messenger icon on the left side of the homepage.
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After that, cliông chồng on the three-dot thực đơn button as shown in the below image.

From the options menu that appears, clichồng on “Turn off Active sầu Status”.

It will open up a pop-up. Select your preferred option to hide your active sầu status và click on “OK” to lớn save sầu your preferences.

There are a number of options lớn turn off your Active sầu status, so either you can vị it for all contacts, or turn it off for only the most annoying or irrelevant ones. You will have to type that person’s name in the relevant box.

Turn-off Facebook Active sầu Status on Android

To turn off Active status on the Facebook Smartphone tiện ích, you will need the Messenger phầm mềm installed on your phone.

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xuất hiện the Messenger app và tap on the protệp tin picture at the top left corner.

On the next screen, you will see Messenger settings & tap on the “Active Status” option there.Then switch off the toggle next to “Show when you’re active” on the next page. It will turn off the green dot that appears next lớn your name on Messenger.

On the next page, a confirmation pop-up will appear. Again tap on “Turn Off” to lớn hide your active status on Facebook.

That’s it. You will now be hidden from your friends when you go online.

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Turn-off Facebook Active sầu Status on iOS

Open the Facebook phầm mềm on your iPhone or Máy tính bảng iPad and tap on the hamburger menu at the bottom-right corner of your home page page.Now, tap on the “Settings và Privacy” and then select “Settings“.Here, under the Privacy section, tap on “Active Status” và then switch off the “Show when you’re active” toggle on the next page.
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On the next page, tap Ok on the pop-up confirmation. That’s it.

So, these were the ways to hide your online status on Facebook using the app or website. After turning the feature off, your Facebook friends will not be able to lớn know even when you are online và active on the social media platkhung.

For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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