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One Piece: 5 Strongest Zoan Type Devil Fruits (& 5 Weakest) In One Piece, Zoans are one of the three main classes of Devil Fruits. However, some Zoans are stronger than others.

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Zoans are one of the three main classes of Devil Fruits in One Piece. Unlượt thích Paramecia & Logia types, these fruits allow the users khổng lồ transform inkhổng lồ various creatures, making them the most chất lượng type as well. Zoans are the most diverse class of Devil Fruits and they range from regular Zoans, khổng lồ Ancient & even Mythical Zoan types.

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With One Piece focusing on Zoan Devil Fruits quite a lot, thanks lớn the Wano Country arc, it is time lớn go through the five strongest Devil Fruits of this class & also the five weakest.

This Devil Fruit belongs to the Mythical Zoan class of Zoans which automatically makes it one of the strongest that we"ve seen in One Piece. It was eaten by none other than the First Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco the Phoenix.

As the name suggests, this fruit lets him transsize inlớn a Phoenix at will, increasing his fighting prowess drastically. What"s more, Marco can also regenerate from any injury inflicted upon hyên ổn.

Hito lớn Hito lớn no Mi is the Devil Fruit of Chopper, the Doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. This Devil Fruit grants him the abilities of a human, và although they"re useful for him, a reindeer, they"d be useless for a regular human.

To make this Devil Fruit more useful, Chopper developed Rumble Balls and gained a seven-point transformation.

Although the official name of this Devil Fruit hasn"t been revealed to lớn the fans yet, it is known to lớn have sầu been eaten by Kaivày of the Four Emperors.

Thanks lớn its powers, Kaivị can transsize into lớn an Eastern Dragon at will. It also grants hyên immense durability, as seen during his fight against Luffy, và Oden before him. Like all Mythical Zoans, this Devil Fruit is easily one of the strongest out there.

Eaten by Mr. 4"s pet bazooka named Lassoo, this Devil Fruit grants it the power lớn turn inlớn a Dachshund at will. It also allows it to turn inkhổng lồ a bazooka-dog hybrid and utilize the powers of both.

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As evident, this Devil Fruit is one of the weakest ones fans have seen in the story so far. It offers nothing noteworthy khổng lồ the user, which is what makes it useless.

The Hito lớn Hito lớn no Mi, Model: Daibutsu was eaten by none other than Sengoku the Buddha, the former Fleet Admiral of the Navy.

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Its powers allow hyên lớn turn inkhổng lồ a Buddha at will và along with that emit shockwaves from the palms of his hands. Thanks lớn its Mythical Zoan ability, Sengoku was able khổng lồ fight the entire Blackbeard crew on his own during the war of Marineford.

5 Weakest: Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Albatross

Eaten by Big News Morgans, this Devil Fruit allows him to turn himself into lớn an Albatross at will. Unlike other Tori Tori no Mi fruits, it doesn"t grant the ability of flight, as seen during the Whole Cake Islvà arc of One Piece.

It also doesn"t seem khổng lồ offer any special fighting capabilities and remains to be one of the weakest Devil Fruits ever seen in One Piece, if not the weakest.

This Devil Fruit was eaten by Queen the Plague, one of the three right-hand men of the Yonko of the Sea, Kaido. As evident from its name, this Devil Fruit belongs to the Ancient Zoan class and it allows the user to lớn transsize inlớn a Brachiosaurus at will.

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Being an Ancient Zoan, it boosts the recovery rate of the user significantly & also grants tremendous physical power and endurance.

3 Weakest: Mole Mole Fruit

The Mole Mole Fruit, or the Mogu Mogu no Mi, is a Zoan type of fruit that debuted during the Alabasta arc of One Piece. It was eaten by none other than Miss Merry Christmas of the Baroque Works organization.

It grants the user the power to transform into lớn a full-blown mole or a mole hybrid at will. Thanks to them, Miss Merry Christmas was able to put up quite a fight against Usopp and Chopper.

This Devil Fruit was eaten by King the Wildfire, the strongest of the three right-hand men of Kaibởi vì. Just like Queen"s Brachiosaurus mã sản phẩm, this one belongs to the Ancient Zoan class as well.

It grants King the ability khổng lồ turn himself inlớn a Pteranodon at will. Along with incredible recovery rate and strength, it also grants hlặng the power lớn fly, making it an overpowered Devil Fruit.

1 Weakest: SMILEs

SMILEs are Devil Fruits created artificially through a chemical known as SAD. A huge chunk of Kaido"s army possesses the power khổng lồ use SMILE Devil Fruits. Instead of granting the complete ability of an animal, SMILEs only grant partial animalistic features khổng lồ the user.

What"s more, more often than not, a SMILE Devil Fruit turns out to be a failure, significantly harming the consumer in the process.

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