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You are a smart person. Do you like the puzzles? The Room Three is a puzzle game that has many mysterious puzzles và is sure khổng lồ bring many experiences và challenges. The Room Three has continued the story of The Room Two that got the BAFTA award – a prize is given by British Academy Film of Film và Television Arts.

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Discover the world in the game

The Room Three is one of the games in The Room game series that was offered by Fireproof Games – a company is in UK. You can download the game on di động devices (both Android và iOS Operating Systems). But you have to lớn spover some money lớn download The Room Three. The game with the mysterious puzzles and complex manipulations, you will have sầu to lớn vị multiple activities in touch screen.

In the game, you will be at “Grey Holm”, a mysterious mansion located on a remote isl&. The mansion is very real và fully equipped with facilities from tables, chairs lớn books & torch, …You are a person who will explore this mansion. The space of the mansion is ancient, empty, silent and a cold atmosphere which will create a feeling of ghastly for the players.

As with the first two games in the series, The Room Three also has used 3D graphics. But environment has been rebuilt, retextured và relit khổng lồ make the mysterious world of The Room Three become alive. The game allows the player to look around the room or rotate their view around a puzzle box. They will immerse in a variety of the stunning new environments. Graphic images are polished meticulously. Besides, a haunting soundtraông chồng coupled with dynamic sound effects. This will create an unforgettable soundscape.


Start on a puzzles solution journey

If you used khổng lồ play The Room Two, you will know that the puzzles & challenges are very complicated. And The Room Three is the same, you have khổng lồ need many puzzle – solving skills to navigate the series off trials devised by a mysterious figure known only as “The Craftsman”. The player is in the island. The game will take them on the journey in the mansion without having a human shadow. This is a maze with many monstrous machines. The player will solve the thorny puzzles. So they need the súc tích to find answers. Your decisions in the game also will lead lớn different endings. Let’s try lớn solve the puzzles exactly.

Besides, you will recognize the diversity as a main element that helps The Room Three to lớn attract many players. There are a lot of puzzles that belong to lớn different genres. Some are the usual puzzles. But some puzzles need your observation ability. The reflection of light also can help you khổng lồ solve sầu the puzzles. Everything is quite simple, but they always keep interesting surprises. Others will provide bizarre symbols for the player. They need to find the code of those symbols. The difficulty of the puzzles will increase gradually over each màn chơi. This diversity makes you be lured into lớn the game, find the last solution. The Room Three will bring the new and enjoyable experiences.

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Salient features of The Room Three

With a simple user interface, the player can easily begin the game & enjoy a quality set of the puzzles. This is one of the salient features in The Room Three. The second feature is intuitive touch controls. You can almost feel the surface of each object. Fingerprints are very real. Image effects are sharp & designed perfectly. You will have the tactile experience on the touch screen. Bizarre và intricate devices are the third feature. The player can rotate, zoom và examine the devices to discover their hidden secrets. Besides, you can use the new eyepiece ability to lớn explore the world in miniature. The player will have a special eyepiece. It can see through và help them to control objects within small like keyholes. This is a new point compared to lớn the previous version. The hint system of the game also is enhanced. You have khổng lồ reread the hints lớn get the full picture. That is the fifth features on the game.

In addition, The Room Three has supported Cloud Saving. Now you won’t worry about your progress. You can nội dung your progress between multiple devices & unlochồng the new achievements. Perhaps because the previous versions in The Room series were attract many players in the world. Therefore, the publisher added multi language function to support the player. They can choose the display language in Setting section. There are 8 languages in the game: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish & Russian.

These salient features will satisfy fans of The Room series.


Become the fascinating physical puzzle game in the world

Inherit the best points of two previous versions in The Room series, The Room Three MOD APK has also become the puzzle game that drew the attention of many players in the world. The bizarre phối between ornamental patterns from 19th century and dozens of machines và công nghệ that can just appear in the future which aroused the curiosity of the players. Besides, the murky & enigmatical scene of the game is an important element that can overcome the different games in the Smartphone game market. The haunting sound contribute to lớn the increased horror of the game. They made a svào impression with many players.

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In addition, the puzzles not only are so diverse and difficult, but also assure the logic. You will need a good analytical skill & observation khổng lồ look for the answers. Your thinking ability can increase thank to lớn the thorny puzzles. With sharp 3D graphics and the realistic images, The Room Three make you be drawn inkhổng lồ the game world. If you have sầu knowledge about architecture, you can notice that the mansion has Gothic architecture. The design of the house gives you some new knowledge of Gothic architecture.

There are still many other interesting things in The Room Three which need lớn discover. Are you ready lớn discover?

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