Should you use a thank you slide to end your powerpoint presentation?

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It"s easy to spover all your time on the intro và main body of your presentation. You"re wrapped up researching statistics & data and prepping your slides khổng lồ wow an audience.

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But, have sầu you ever considered how vital the conclusion might be? Many presenters automatically use a thank you slide for PPT as their conclusion. Is a thank you presentation slide the best way khổng lồ conclude your presentation?

A thank you slide for your presentation is one way to finish your presentation - but is it the best way to lớn conclude?

In this article, we"ll discuss the use of thank you slides in PowerPoint. You might be surprised that it"s not always the best way to lớn cđại bại out a presentation. You"ll learn how to lớn thiết kế other slides khổng lồ kết thúc your presentation in success. 

I"ll also include top-unique premium templates that include slide layout options other than a thank you slide for your final slide.

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Before we dive inlớn our discussion on whether a thank you PowerPoint slide is good idea, we"ve sầu got the resource for you! We"ll take you through the complete process to get you ready for your next presentation—from start to finish.


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Now, let"s take a closer look at a thank you PowerPoint as the over slide.

Should You Use a Thank You Slide for PPT?

You"ll see thank you slides at the end of many PowerPoint presentations. It"s a classic way khổng lồ show that your presentation is complete & thank your audience for their attendance.

A thank you slide for PPT is a good choice for the following hypothetical scenarios:

At a celebration sự kiện, cchiến bại out the presentation event by thanking the team for their contributions & hard work on a thank you slide.If you asked your guests khổng lồ travel lớn attkết thúc your presentation, a "thank you" goes a long way khổng lồ showing gratitude for the extra time và expense.If your audience has assembled voluntarily, lượt thích offering their time to lớn help on a project, a "thank you" is a good idea to build momentum for the project. Cthua trận with a thank you to show real gratitude. 

But, is it the best way to kết thúc your presentation? We all know that many presentations over in thank you, & it often feels like the mặc định option.

A thank you slide for presentations is often "good enough." But there are usually better choices. Read on khổng lồ find out more about alternatives.

When lớn Avoid a Thank You PowerPoint Slide

There"s nothing wrong with expressing gratitude at every chance you get. But it might be better to lớn avoid thank you slides in these situations:

If you"re delivering tough news lượt thích layoffs within the company or changes to benefit plans, saying "thank you" might feel insensitive sầu. If you want to lớn engage your audience, a "thank you slide" for PPT might feel like a premature conclusion. Your audience might start to lớn leave the meeting room before you"re finished.

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If you"re asking the audience to do something, then use your final slide lớn remind them of that ask. For example, ask them lớn finish their benefits enrollment or complete assigned training.

In the rest of this tutorial, you"ll see smart alternatives to the traditional thank you PowerPoint slide. 

Should You Use a Thank You Presentation Slide?

As always, the answer is "it depends." As you saw in the section above, a "thank you" PowerPoint slide doesn"t fit the dignity of every situation. If you"re wrapping up your presentation and want to lớn show sincere gratitude, go with a thank you PowerPoint slide.

Most presentations should bypass using a "thank you" slide as the conclusion. In the section below, you"ll see alternatives to a thank you slide for PPT as the over slide. Depending on the situation, these slides can create much more of an impact.

A "thank you" concludes a presentation, but don"t mặc định to lớn it as your only option. (Image source: Envato lớn Elements)

In general, "thank you" slides are often seen as weak because they aren"t asking for anything from the audience. Often, it"s better to lớn write a conclusion with a Hotline to lớn action that encourages the audience lớn take the next step.

There"s no universal answer lớn whether you should use a thank you presentation slide. But, don"t default lớn it because you don"t have sầu ideas for a conclusion. Throughout the rest of the tutorial, you"ll get ideas for creative sầu conclusion PPT slides.

In short: don"t use thank you PowerPoint slides because they seem to lớn be the only option. Use them when the occasion calls for it. 

3 Alternatives to lớn Thank You Slides for PPT

Presenters have plenty of choices when concluding a presentation. If you"re feeling like the traditional "thank you slide" for PPT doesn"t fit the content, here are some other options. 

The over slide can inspire your audience or action or create a dialogue with the right thiết kế. Let"s look at alternative sầu thank you PowerPoint slides:

1. The "Any Questions?" Slide

When you"re looking for ideas for the last side of a presentation, one approach is to involve the audience!

An "any questions" slide can help you engage an audience. It can start a dialogue & open the floor for a good discussion. 

If you want lớn start a discussion, ask for it with a simple slide like this one!

Every presenter"s worst fear is having an "Any Questions?" slide go unanswered from the audience. Here are three tips that can kiông xã off a discussion with your audience:

Ask for questions ahead of time. Sover your audience some necessary details or concepts about the presentation và ask them khổng lồ consider asking a question.Ask a question yourself. Sometimes, it just takes a single ice breaker moment to kickstart a discussion. You could phrase this as, "One question you might be wondering after my presentation is..."Seed a question in the audience. Ask a trusted friover to ask a question as an ice breaker.

On Tuts+, we created a complete guide to lớn creating an "Any Questions?" slide. It"s one of the many alternatives lớn thank you slides for PPT. Make sure to kiểm tra it out if you"re interested in this format:

"Thank you" PowerPoint slides are a definite kết thúc to a presentation. But asking for questions can start a conversation. Instead of an abrupt kết thúc, they give you a chance to engage. Use an "Any Questions" slide to reverse the traditional speaker/audience presentation structure.

2. The "One More Thing" Slide

Apple has always been known for dramatic reveals. They started the trend of holding events that tech enthusiasts would tune in for. Every event seemed to lớn unveil a new generation of products that spurred purchases.

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As CEO, Steve sầu Jobs was a master of the dramatic. He always saved a big reveal for the end of a presentation. He made the phrase "one more thing..." synonymous with Apple.

For a great reel of these "one more thing" moments, make sure lớn check out the YouTube video below. 

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