How to stress test your pc: ram & cpu stress tests available online


Whether you’ve sầu just built or bought a brand-new PC, or if you’ve got an older computer, you need lớn stress test your CPU regularly. Stress testing ensures maximum stability và helps you learn your PC limits. Ensure your áp lực kiểm tra goes as smoothly as possible by detecting và hibernating all background applications with TuneUp.

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What is a CPU áp lực test?

Stress-testing a CPU means running it at maximum capađô thị for a sustained period of time to evaluate its stability. Stress testing software uses a variety of techniques to lớn push your CPU to 100% capathành phố for an hour or more, then analyzes its performance. CPU ức chế tests are also known as CPU load tests.

We’ll show you how lớn use the most popular PC bít tất tay testing tools, then explain how bao tay testing helps maintain your computer’s health.

How vì I bao tay thử nghiệm my PC?

Follow this procedure khổng lồ ức chế kiểm tra your PC:

Choose and tải về a găng tay testing tool.

Run the căng thẳng demo while monitoring your CPU temps.

The results of your computer găng test will give sầu you an idea of your PC’s overall health and stability. It’s important khổng lồ persize a CPU bít tất tay kiểm tra before overclocking your CPU — otherwise, you might push things too far.

How lớn prepare for a computer ức chế test?

To make sure your CPU căng thẳng kiểm tra runs properly, prepare your PC by shutting down any programs that won’t be used during the thử nghiệm. Then, monitor your CPU temperatures. Here’s how:

Open TuneUp, go to Speed Up, and click Background và startup programs. Sleep Mode will detect unnecessary programs & temporarily deactivate them lớn ensure your thử nghiệm delivers the most accurate results possible.


Monitor your CPU temperatures: Don’t let your CPU temperature exceed 90°C for prolonged periods.

What are the best tools for a CPU load test?

Our recommended CPU bao tay testing tools are Prime95, AIDA64, HeavyLoad, & Hãng Intel BurnTest. These all work similarly to one another, with minor differences. Here, we’ll show you how lớn use some of the best tools khổng lồ bức xúc chạy thử your PC.


Prime95 is one of the most popular CPU ức chế testing tools out there. It uses the Mersenne prime technique, which makes nonstop use of your processor’s FPU (floating point unit) & integer capabilities while also testing its various caches (L1, L2, L3).

Here’s how khổng lồ use Prime95 lớn persize a PC găng test:

Launch the tool and select Just căng thẳng testing. Choose the Blover option, which áp lực tests all cores and caches. Then click OK.


At this point, the demo will begin. Your processor and all its cores will immediately reach 100% capathành phố, & your computer’s fans will kiông chồng inlớn action.


As with other stress testing tools, you should let this one run for about an hour (or if you really want lớn know the maximum limits: a day).


With 25 years in the industry, AIDA is a massive suite of tools lớn display & diagnose your entire machine. It’s available as a premium product, but you can also download a không lấy phí trial for a quiông xã PC stress demo.

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AIDA64’s system stability chạy thử simulates a realistic workload for your computer. Here’s how khổng lồ launch it và persize a CPU load test:

In the Benchmark category, you can kiểm tra your system and compare it to lớn other PCs.

To launch the computer bít tất tay chạy thử, clichồng on Tools & select System Stability Test. When you’re ready, clichồng Start.

During this chạy thử, you can easily switch bachồng khổng lồ the main AIDA64 window & go lớn Computer & Sensor. Here, you can watch over the CPU temperature and see how fast your fans are rotating.

As long as the temperature stays below 90°C, you should be fine. Let it run for a few hours & see if your PC remains stable.


Another good găng tay testing tool is HeavyLoad. It doesn’t just găng test the CPU, but it also lets you monitor your GPU temp as your computer is put through its paces.


Just launch the app, select CPU Usage, & hit the Play button at the top khổng lồ begin the PC stress thử nghiệm.

Hãng sản xuất Intel BurnTest

Hãng sản xuất Intel Burn Test isn’t an official Intel tool, but it’s one of the easiest computer bao tay tests out there to lớn use.


mở cửa the app, cliông xã on Stress Level, và select Maximum. Hit the Start button to lớn begin the CPU load demo. Let it run for a while and see if your PC can handle the stress.

Why should I áp lực chạy thử a CPU?

You should bức xúc test your CPU to lớn evaluate the stability of its performance — a PC áp lực chạy thử runs your CPU at full speed and subjects it khổng lồ high temperatures. Always găng chạy thử your CPU before overclocking it — if your CPU fails the bao tay kiểm tra, it won’t handle an overcloông xã.

Don’t try this at home page. There are better (and safer) ways lớn bao tay demo your CPU than by putting it in a frying pan.

Comtháng reasons lớn áp lực demo your CPU

The best reasons lớn perform a computer áp lực demo are:

You bought a new PC or máy vi tính. Just got a brand-new machine? Run it through some ức chế testing and see how it performs. This is important if you have sầu a super-sllặng máy tính xách tay with little to no cooling.

New & old computers alike can always benefit from regular maintenance and cleaning. TuneUp automatically removes unneeded files & software, minimizes background activity to conserve sầu CPU power & RAM, & keeps your PC running fast.

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