Tentacle là gì

one of the long, thin parts like arms of some sea animals, used for feeling and holding things, catching food, or moving

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Moreover, for technical convenience the hyperedge is assumed khổng lồ have exactly one tentacle lớn the replaced node.
like an aggressive carcinoma, realizability stretches out its tentacles to lớn ever more remote fields: linear logic, complexity theory and rewrite theory have already been infected.
The guardian state has increasingly extended its tentacles over international monetary policy options such that no viable international regime could ever compromise national economic autonomy.
Networks and their tentacles are exposed throughout the book, which illustrate how much business was transacted through the auspices of civil society.
Tentacles ribbon-like, 0.120 (0.112 - 0.136) wide, the longest tentacle not totally extroverted, 1.68 long.
They also interpreted this species as a sessile benthic cnidarian và depicted tentacles in the reconstruction.
A single moon ray, which breaks through the horizontal bars of the glass dome, sheds its magical light on the main switch, which glitters lượt thích a tentacle.
Another tentacle stretches out và with infinite tact, but great firmness, entwines itself round the sturdy limbs of the local authorities.
But there are other areas where the octopus is gently putting its tentacles round our unsuspecting constitution.
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