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Audiences can sit back & soak in a star-studded selection of new channels và shows, including exclusive access to America’s Got Talent 2022 – as well as the exclusive launch of Kevin Hart’s channel, LOL! Network, và the re-launch of TalkTV on TV Plus, featuring a new show from Piers Morgan.

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London, UK – 21st June, 2022 – Electronics Ltd has expanded its free nội dung entertainment offering lớn TV Plus audiences including exclusive access lớn America’s Got Talent. TV Plus has become one of the fastest-growing streaming services in the world following its debut in 2015, delivering instant access lớn, sports entertainment & more. Available in 23 countries and comprising of thousands of channels globally, TV Plus offers miễn phí TV nội dung for everyone to lớn enjoy.

New for 2022, the service is offering audiences access lớn some of the world’s most popular shows, such as American Idol launched on TV Plus in March this year và now America’s Got Talent and Music City. has also secured exciting nội dung partnerships with superstars such as Kevin Hart – as well as launching a wide range of owned và operated channels khổng lồ cater for every audience need.

America’s Got Talent 2022 season – TV Plus – UK Exclusive TV Plus will be airing America’s Got Talent 2022 season exclusively on TV Plus UK starting this June on channel 4001 via The Entertainment Hub channel. The 2022 season sees Terry Crews returning as the host, và Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum và Sofia Vergara as judges. TV Plus will launch a dedicated America’s Got Talent channel, showcasing 24/7 live và on-demand nội dung including the latest 2022 AGT season, as well as 2021 season và Americas’ Got Talent Extreme.

Richard Jakeman, European Head of Business Development for TV Plus, said: “When talented, amateur entertainers meet world famous judges in front of a live audience – you get world class content. Và TV Plus is dedicated to lớn bringing the best entertainment khổng lồ our audiences, whenever and wherever they want it.

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We’re delighted that America’s Got Talent’s quest to find the latest global superstar continues on TV Plus as the next generation of dreamers put themselves in the spotlight of one of the most iconic reality TV shows ever made.”

American Idol 2022 – TV Plus – UK Exclusive

American Idol 2022 is available exclusively on TV Plus UK. Và following the success of the show on TV Plus, it’s now getting its own dedicated channel on the streaming service. TV Plus has launched a dedicated owned and operated channel for American Idol, showing 24/7 live and on-demand American Idol season 5 (2022) and season 4 (2021).

New Partnerships

Enhancing its already stellar line up of entertainment partnerships, TV Plus has continued its push by securing two more partnerships with some of the biggest names in show-biz.

These partnerships include:

Exclusive partnership: TV Plus x LOL! Network

LOL! Network, owned by the iconic comedian, Kevin Hart, launches exclusively khổng lồ TV Plus in the UK, và also in Sweden and the Netherlands.

Audiences can enjoy the iconic stand-up series that launched the careers of legendary comedians including Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey, Martin Lawrence, DL Hughley, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock & more. TV Plus x TalkTV

After a lot of deliberation và anticipation, TalkTV has finally launched in the UK. The channel is trailblazing into a new era with its fresh, alternative take on the agenda.

Talk Radio TV rebrands on TV Plus as TalkTV – where TV Plus viewers will be able lớn access Piers Morgan’s brand new show Uncensored on channel 4316.

On TalkTV, Piers Morgan and other superstar entertainment figures deliver fearless debates & agenda-setting interviews – plus a packed schedule of programmes to entertain and excite.

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