Tải apktool cho pc


When you feel so interested in the fact of a new type of application which is known as game android tool for windows. You will need lớn try on using a reversed apk application that can be used for the android application especially on the build process. You may consider this application as an app android application with a parallel model.

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Further Information about ApkTool for Windows

This application can have a clear mô tả tìm kiếm for any kind of assets và it can be translated to lớn the khung of a specific type of framing and even it can have a possibility for you lớn try khổng lồ make another version of it with the new adjustments. By using this application, you will always get a chance to vị further investigation regarding the specific ordered type of small codes.


You can get the không lấy phí download ApkTool here, và start to try it. Once you try lớn run this application, you will realize that it is always easier to lớn work with kinds of application types since it can make the documents structure into the extended version. Not only the structure of the document but also the dull undertakings of computerization such as when you want lớn try on establishing the apk.

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Try on game android Tool for Windows

The essential benefit of using the app android Tool is lớn make sure that you get the full assistance lớn rebuild the complex compilation. There is an interesting fact about this tool since it is one of the favourite applications by most developers. They intend to vì chưng more investigation on how a certain type of application is established and they can make their similar type of application.

Another ability of the game android tool for windows is how they can always have a reverse process into a certain similar type of code with the original one. You may try on ApkTool decompile game android if you want lớn start on trying the decompiling process.

You can also have another choice by trying khổng lồ install ApkTool Github when you want khổng lồ try on this kind of application. You will surely get the resource lists followed by the complete information about the configuration in the app. This is the most intuitive kind of application which can help you lớn get to know about kinds of information related to all the complete data of making a new application with almost the same style. In short, this is such a great application which is worth trying.

How lớn install Apktool for Windows?Download Windows wrapper script (Right click, Save link As apktool.bat)Download apktoolRename downloaded jar lớn apktool.jarMove both files (apktool.jar & apktool.bat) to lớn your Windows directory (Usually C://Windows)If you vì not have access to C://Windows, you may place the two files anywhere thenadd that directory to lớn your Environment Variables System PATH variable.Try running apktool via command promptDone

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