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Our studio is SUITABLE for SIMPLE TRAVELLER. It is rented at reasonable price. It is also rented on another plateform và rated 4.2/5. Please consider the value for money relationship and read its conditions below before bommobile.vn:➡Studio 18mét vuông, private entrance on ground floor of a two-level house, clean & secure residence. ➡Double bed with full bedding, wardrop, iron, small table, chair, kitchen corner with dishes, microwave sầu, fridge, kettle, shower room, towel, nhà vệ sinh, không lấy phí wifi➡250m to lớn metro station (Laplace station), 1km lớn Paris 14; 2km to Paris 13; 15 minute to lớn Orly airport; 5 minutes walk to SIEC; 1h direct train to lớn Charles de Gaulles airport. All sightseeing nearby.➡CEILING is SUITABLE for under 1.85m HEIGHT PEOPLE, style mở cửa Ceiling➡ONLY 1 PERSON/studio ➡3 minutes to lớn metro station, cthua kém khổng lồ all shops.

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DISADVANTAGE: A LITTLE NOISY. ➡NO SMOKING ➡Only 1 WINDOW ➡VISIT the studio on youtube - đoạn phim clip name Studio No3 avec cour et jardin à Paris 14 (Arcueil). ➡NO CLEANING FEE. Please keep the studio CLEAN & WELL ORGANISED at check-out to lớn save sầu the cleaning fee. ➡NO NOISE, day & night. ➡NO PARTIE Eventual penalties if violation.Hope welcoming you soon!

FAMOUS SIGHTSEEING NEARBY➡37 minutes khổng lồ tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, 19 minutes lớn Notre Dame Cathedral, trăng tròn minutes lớn Galerie Lafayette, 40 minutes to lớn Montmartre, 15 minute to Jardin Luxembourg.➡ 30 minutes lớn famous Pont Alexandre III connecting the two banks of the Seine, one of the best tourist sites in Paris.➡12 minutes to lớn the pedestrian street Rue Daguerre in Paris 14, very popular with tourists with shops, restaurants (especially Asian), cafeteria, bar ...➡ 1 hour by metro khổng lồ the Palace of Versailles with a single connection➡ 7 minutes to Les Catacombes de Paris (Paris 14)➡ 30 minutes at Canal Saint-Martin (inaugurated in 1825)➡ 1h15 ’at La Valée Shopping Outlet-Very renowned shopping center with branded products at discounted prices (Only one connection)➡ 1h10 ’at Disneyland (only one connection)➡ Near the University of Paris Saclay (trăng tròn minutes by metro), SIEC Arcueil (250m, 5 minutes walk), Cibửa Universitaire in Paris 14 (7 minutes by metro).➡ 2.5km khổng lồ Paris 13 with Asian supermarkets và restaurants➡ 1km to Paris 14 ➡ Supermarket, shops, bakeries, restaurant, automatic laundromat nearby

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