Made my own addonsfeel free to use it.rear attack - F to LMB (only works for now in kfm stance)Iron shoulder - F to RMBglacial blast - F to VIce helix - F to RMBhope it helps some peops (^0^)/Extra note- this AINT simple mode someone else did that already
I might need to look at it some other time.

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FileName = xml.dat.files\\skill3_contextscriptdata_soulfighter.xmlSearch = skillbar-8="181123"Replace = context-2="181123"Search = skillbar-8="181122"Replace = context-2="181122"Search = skillbar-8="181121"Replace = context-2="181121"Search = skillbar-8="182120"Replace = context-2="182120"Description = Places Frost storm from V to RMB
You didn"t change the priority so you"ll cast right punch(?) over Froststorm. Pretty sure Froststorm is at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the priority anyways.
FileName = xml.dat.files\\skill3_contextscriptdata_soulfighter_contextsimplemode.xmlSearch = Replace = Description = Adds Frost storm/king fist and Ice helix/King stike to SF simple mode Awakening patch
This one is for simple mode to add V to RMB. You might be able to run it if you change the filename to normal mode instead of simple mode, otherwise you should be able to copy paste it into the XML manually if it doesn"t work.

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FileName = xml.dat.files\\skill3_contextscriptdata_soulfighter.xmlSearch = Replace = Description = Adds Frost storm/king fist and Ice helix/King stike to SF simple mode Awakening patch
I don"t play the game anymore so I can"t test.File name might be wrong, in that case change it, if it doesn"t work blame someone els.
On Z? It"ll work but not sure why you"d wanna do it. I"m pretty rusty though so you"re gonna have to do it yourself, also not sure if there are more skill IDs for the different anima talents. If you follow this guide you can do it, you just need to change context-1 to skillbar-5. If that doesn"t work then you need to move the anima surge " code block" up, you can easily slap it on top of my addon if you open it in notepad and edit it.
Hello friendsI got the addon that uses Anima automatically, which is made available on the website by one of the members to which he does all the melee attack rotation automatically just by pressing the RMB with the simple mode activated. But I added a modification to this addon so that now it also had the long-range attack rotation just by pressing the LMB key.Remembering that it is still necessary for the player to use skill Z to perform melee attacks and use the TAB key to switch to long-distance attack mode and then press the LMB. The following is the basic rotation: Z-RMB-TAB-LMB.Attention, these are just the rotation keys, each player must adapt the skills" time according to their equipment and server latency, for example I play with 200ms and even having an older equipment with my SF I can do a very fast rotation .Follow my SF link Tiamat&s=105 I hope it helps.

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