Reproductive neuroendocrinology and social behavior

Confused Feelings (CoAi Story)


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"What you did was selfish!" She breaths deeply. "We all knew, all of us here knew that you and Ran are in lo--"

"Sonoko!" Ran finally stood up. "Enough!" She roughly grabs Sonoko's arm.


Ran is trembling, she didn't know if its because of anger or disappointment she feels for Sonoko with her sudden action.

"You have no right.." This time its Ran's turn to breath deeply. " right to say those words. You have no right to disrespect Shinichi in his house. No rights to embarass me lượt thích this." Ran's tear threats lớn fall down.

"Both of you, calm down." Now this is Araide. "I-im very sorry Shinichi, Sonoko- lets talk." He stands up và Kazuha followed. Sonoko hesitated but she knew she really needs lớn calm down.

Ran didn't even look at her when she let her best friend's hvà go our of her tight grip.

"Im sorry.." Ran finally talks after a minute. She calmed herself in that small time she had but her hands are still trembling under the table.

Kailớn softly looks at her, he cant help but felt pity towards the girl. He understands where Sonoko was coming from earlier, and yet she knows nothing.

Sonoko didn't know that Shiniđưa ra has been through hell. He almost died. He got amnesia. His life is in danger.

Now thats more than hell.

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But then, it was Shinichi's decision why they cant let Ran and the others know whats the real reason. They will be in danger as well, they will be in the dark side of his life. Of their lives.

Besides, he's in love with someone else.

What a really fùchồng up situation they are in.

Kaito gave Heiji a knowing stare. Like he needs lớn go for now so he can talk to lớn Ran for a while.

Heiji understands & sigh before standing up. He then stopped near Ran's location, he has this urge of holding her shoulder khổng lồ give at least a little comfort but he knew, he needs khổng lồ go now. Heiji then shook his head a bit.

This is not their plan. Kaito lớn deeply sighed inside his head. The plan was just to lớn occupy Ran's head and then wait for them khổng lồ leave sầu the Kudo's mansion. But look what they ended up khổng lồ.

"Shinichi.." Ran directly stare at Kaito's eyes, he then saw determination & nervousness in her face.

All of a sudden, he knew already what shes going to lớn say.

Ran fidgeted.  "What Sonoko said that we are--" in love with each other.

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"Shes right." Kaito.

Ran bliên kết, as the realization hits her- her cheeks brightens up with a pinkish red. Was this it? They are going khổng lồ finally said those words? After what just happened?

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