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Better YouTube experience. Provides "Smart Buffer" for slow connections; tự động hóa loop; buffer preferences; chất lượng selection; và more.


SmartVideo provides better control over YouTube buffering, chất lượng & playing options.Features:Works with all embedded/HTML5 YouTube videos. Be it a Facebook news feed video clip or a video clip directly from YouTube site.With global preferences, all YouTube videos can be mix to start on your wish.- As soon as the page loads.- When the Clip is buffered completely, or whatever buffer percentage you choose.- Let SmartVideo decide when it"s good to lớn start playing. SmartVideo"s "smart buffer" decides the buffer percentage based on your current tải về speed.- Or just make the YouTube videos khổng lồ start buffering when the page loads. You can play the video clip whenever you wish.Along with above sầu buffer strategies, you can opt to defer đoạn phim initialization Clip until you cliông xã on it.The buffer strategy can be mix for individual YouTube player or as the Global preferences. Just hover your mouse over any YouTube Clip.Calculates time left before the video starts playing. (Hover the mouse over the YouTube video)Once a video clip is buffered as desired, sound notification can be raised instead of playing the video clip.SmartVideo can default the video clip unique or kích thước based on the user preference."Loop" option on all YouTube videos.Enable/disable "switching lớn HD on fullscreen" option.Liên hệ me at: kinds of feedbacks are welcome :)Note:Quality selection is not available for HTML5 videos.

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Download SmartVideo For YouTube Mozilla Addon

Here is the SmartVideo For YouTube Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox website browser

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SmartVideo For YouTube Mozilla Addon Download

Hover the mouse over any YouTube đoạn phim
Status bar ibé. Cliông chồng khổng lồ open preferences dialog box

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