Sjcam sj6 legend action camera review


Of all the action cameras that I have sầu used, the SJCAM SJ5000X Elite is probably the one I liked the most. The đoạn Clip quality was top-notch, it was well made và it also got lots of updates. The SJ6 Legover has replaced it, but does it live up lớn its predecessor?

The new action camera is similar in terms of specs, but thanks lớn some key changes it makes for a much more interesting proposition. But how does it perform? I"ve sầu tested the SJ6 Legover lớn find out.

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What"s in the box

Not much has changed in the accessory department since the last time I reviewed an SJCAM sản phẩm, namely the SJ5000X Elite. In the box, you will find the SJ6 Legend in a waterproof case alongside different mounts and joints, a plastic cover for the lens, the USB cable to connect it to lớn a PC & charge the battery, a drilled cover for the case that lets more sound through, a cleaning cloth & other bits & bobs.

It is worth pointing out that the waterproof case is fully compatible with GoPro mounts. It takes little effort to lớn align the case with the mount and push the screw through all the holes until it reaches the nut, which isn"t always the case with action cameras in this segment.

Design and ease of use

The SJ6 Legend is really well thought out. On the front, you have sầu a small display that lets you know how much battery you have sầu left, what time it is, for how long you"ve been recording, what mode you are using, and more. And, on the baông chồng, you get a touchscreen display -- which is uncomtháng in this segment.

The touchscreen display on the baông xã works great & it makes navigating through the menus and changing the modes super easy. When you have sầu the SJ6 Legend in the case there are three physical buttons that let you control it. One is at the top, which works for selections and recording, and two are on the side. One turns the camera on & off, lets you change the modes và scroll though the thực đơn, & the other is for opening the settings menu.

The settings thực đơn is easy khổng lồ navigate. You get two tabs, one for đoạn phim và pholớn settings & the other for camera settings. Every setting that you might want lớn change is there.


On top of all this, there are also status lights that let you know when the action camera is on & whether you are recording or not. Coupled with the front display, it is easy to figure out what the SJ6 Legend is doing without looking at the bigger screen on the bachồng.

In terms of battery life, the SJ6 Legend lasted over an hour the last time I used it before it turned itself off. That"s decent for a camera sporting this hardware.

What is really interesting here is that you also get tư vấn for an external microphone. SJCAM offers one, and it can be had for less than $trăng tròn. If you want lớn record your voice, it is a much better option than the built-in microphone. The case is not pre-drilled for it, but you can easily drill a hole if you want to lớn take this route. I have done this in the past to lớn power the camera from an external battery.

As with other newer action cameras, the SJ6 Legover uses a USB Type-B connector for charging và the microphone. This means that you might need lớn carry a cable with you, as this connector is pretty uncomtháng these days. It"s only a niggle though.

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True 4K?

Like its predecessor, the SJ5000X Elite, the SJ6 Legkết thúc uses an older Novatek chip, the well-rounded NTK96660. That means that it does not natively tư vấn 4K Clip recording, which is a shame considering just how modern it looks & feels. To get 4K, you need to step up to lớn the SJ7 Star or the upcoming SJ8.

Video quality


The SJ6 Legover does not disappoint. It has the best Clip unique at 1080p 60FPS of all the action cameras that I have sầu tested. This is my model of choice for non-4K cameras, as it offers a nice balance between quality, smoothness and storage space.

In its highest-chất lượng setting, the action camera has a bitrate of 30Mbps, which is on par with the SJ5000X Elite. That means that an hour of đoạn Clip will require about 13.2GB of space on the microSD thẻ.

Video samples

The đoạn Clip samples that you can watch below were uploaded to YouTube without any editing after the fact. You may notice that, for some videos, the time stamp is wrong; that"s because I did not sync the time before recording.

It is also worth mentioning that YouTube has applied compression algorithms lớn the video clip, which do affect the unique khổng lồ some extent. I recommover watching at 1080p 60FPS khổng lồ get the best experience.

Software support

SJCAM is among mỏi the few players in this market that stands behind its action cameras after launch. It regularly releases firmware updates lớn improve sầu the user experience & fix problems, even in the case of older products.

The SJ5000X Elite was my favorite action camera for a long time in part because of the numerous firmware updates that have kept it fresh. At one point, the whole UI was overhauled, which isn"t something that you can say about many of its rivals.

The SJ6 Legkết thúc appears khổng lồ be no different, having received three major updates -- the most-recent of which arrived in September -- so far. And you can expect more.


The SJ6 Legend is one of those cameras that are really easy to lớn recommkết thúc. It works really well, it offers great Clip chất lượng at 1080p, and it gets solid tư vấn from SJCAM. How much does it cost? It"s currently available for just over $100 on Gearbest.

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