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Billy Batson has finally been chosen as the new Shazam, champion of magic in the DC movie universe. So with all the powers of an Olympian god... Why wasn"t he chosen BEFORE the events of Justice League, when Earth"s heroes could"ve used him?

It"s a fair question, even if many Shazam fans will be too excited after the new TV spot to ask it. In fact, some might not even have noticed the evidence that Shazam! is mix after Superman"s return in the Justice League movie. The movie"s place in the DCEU timeline is set, but thanks lớn even more footage released in the latest Shazam! TV spot, the filmmakers may have confirmed the reason why a new magical champion was needed now. Why is Billy worthy? That"s a question the film will have lớn answer. But the new threat in the DCEU that he"s been recruited to lớn fight? That seems khổng lồ finally be mix in stone... Or released from it, anyway.

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Shazam Begins After Justice League Ends


To confirm that Shazam! does, unequivocally, begin after Justice League, viewers need look no further than the various superhero souvenirs, memorabilia, & DC Easter Eggs in Freddy Freeman"s bedroom. While some of these items could have been created and sold prior to Batman v Superman - like a bullet bounced off the Man of Steel"s chest, or even a replica Batarang - others are restricted to a later time. There are shirts emblazoned with the insignia of Wonder Woman, Batman, and Aquaman--all of which would be unrecognizable before they emerged into the public eye post-Justice League.

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Newspaper headlines can also be seen in Freddy"s room addressing the return of Superman, which means the world is (relatively) safe when Shazam! begins. However, both Lex Luthor"s metahuman theory and Suicide Squad"s Enchantress speak of a "rise" in superhuman magic events và forces--a return khổng lồ an Age of Magic, if you will. Và now, the new Shazam! TV spot shows how The Wizard has been preparing for it behind the scenes.

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The Seven Sins Confirmed By Statues


As with most of the Shazam! movie khổng lồ this point, the story và its principal characters haven"t been hard khổng lồ deduce, since it is following the New 52 comic origin of Shazam closer than any origin movie before. That story begins thousands of years earlier, when Pandora accidentally released "the Seven Deadly Sins" into the world. She was punished by the world"s magical leaders, and the Seven Sins were hunted down & captured. The new footage offers a longer look at the movie"s version of the Rock of Eternity, trang chủ of The Wizard Shazam... Và just like in the comics, statues of the Seven Sins stand frozen before him.

It"s unclear if the Seven Sins of the DCEU were originally in the monstrous forms of these statues (some resemble humans in the comic version) or if it"s artistic license at work. But it"s safe to assume that the same mythology as the comics is being adapted. In which case, these statues may actually be the prisons for the Sins themselves. The shot of an unidentified boy being called to the Rock of Eternity matches the comics as well, in which Billy was one in a long, LONG line of people tested for the job.

So why does Billy get to lớn become Shazam"s new champion? Well, comparing this shot lớn the previous trailer now seems lớn reveal the answer. But beware, potential SPOILERS lie ahead...

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