‘naruto’ cosplayer recreates sexy no jutsu and we already have a nosebleed

Naruto: Sexy Jutsu & 9 Other Jutsu That Barely Serve A Purpose Sometimes Naruto lớn contains moments with true emotional depth & heart and other times it really reminds you exactly who the target audience is.

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Narukhổng lồ is an anime full of Ninjas và how different cultures lead to vastly different fighting styles. Be it Ninjutsu or normal Taijutsu, fans can never seem to get enough of the different attacks a Shinobi can instigate using his or her Chakra.

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The fact that there are so many characters displaying a vast array of attacks means there are bound to be some Jutsu that barely serve sầu any purpose. If the purpose of a technique is to harm the opponent & it never really achieves the target, then what is the point of wasting any kind of energy on it. Naruto is full of such moves.

While it is funny whenever Narulớn pulls this off, it serves no purpose other than having a laugh. This technique was used by Narulớn in the very first episode. This Jutsu doesn"t reveal any of Naruto"s speciadanh mục fighting abilities, instead, it just tells the fans how Narukhổng lồ loves to get under the skin of his elders.

Who can blame hyên ổn, though, as he never had his parents khổng lồ learn from. It is something quality but worthless in the game of Ninjas.

This is an extension of the Sexy Jutsu but a bit more effective when it comes khổng lồ banter. Naruto"s trademark skill is the Shadow Clone Jutsu & he has applied the technique to lớn various other Ninjutsu. One of them being in the Shadow Clone Sexy Jutsu, where Narukhổng lồ transforms into lớn a good looking woman in an inappropriate fashion.

Again, this Jutsu has no use on the battlefield. It can only be used as a joke amuốn friends.

Rooftile Shuriken
There are a lot of knives lớn go through in the anime. Be it a Katamãng cầu or a Shuriken, a Shinobi needs to get very creative if he wants any of his attacks khổng lồ make sense. One such Shuriken Jutsu that doesn"t make any sense involves Roof Tiles.

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Hokage Hiruzen uses this technique against Orochimaru và any người would"ve predicted that it won"t vì any damage. When genuine Katanas aren"t doing anything, what would a converted Shuriken accomplish?

7 Water Shuriken Jutsu

Another extension of the Shuriken Jutsu involves water. As mentioned above, Shurikens are good only when they are used as a surprise factor & not when they are carved out of water of all objects.

Moreover, for Shurikens made out of liquefied stuff, everything depends on the sheer control of the Ninja over his or her Chakra for the Shuriken to lớn be remotely effective sầu. Regardless, Water Shuriken Jutsu does nothing for a Shinobi.

When Roông chồng Lee first appeared during the Chunin Exam, a lot of hype was leveled at his hidden Jutsu that apparently his teacher had prohibited. But when Lee used the technique, it underwhelmed and by a margin.

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It is a form of Taijutsu & the fact that it takes away a lot of Chakra from the body toàn thân makes it even less worth it. If something is draining a Ninja"s stamimãng cầu as rapidly as the Hidden Lotus Jutsu, one would expect quite an impact, which simply isn"t present.

5 Fireball Jutsu

Fireball Jutsu is a technique that should be effective sầu in certain situations but for some reason, it isn"t. It"s as if every Nin-Ja is immune khổng lồ fire attacks. Maybe it is due lớn the slowness of the attack but the point remains.

Again, the Chakra used to lớn summon this Jutsu is simply too much. Sasuke has used this quite a few times but as expected, it has been dodged rather too easily by his opponents.

While the name of this technique makes the Jutsu sound lượt thích something deadly, in reality, it"s anything but. Kakashi displays it to put Narulớn in place & again, this Jutsu is simply an air of energy striking the opponent.

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This Jutsu can neither be used effectively against top-class Shinobis nor can it be a surprise attaông xã as it can be easily dodged. Naruto"s writers need lớn come up with a better name for this Jutsu as it is highly misleading.

3 Fart Jutsu

Yes, there exists a Fart Jutsu & it can be quite easily guessed who introduced everyone to lớn this technique. Narulớn faced off against Kiba and Akumara, và once he realized he cannot keep up with his opposing Ninja, he began to lớn get creative.

He knew both Kibố và Akumara have a very svào sense of smell và in order to lớn put them off, he used the Fart Jutsu. It was quite effective on the day but let"s be honest, this Jutsu is nothing but a laughing stochồng.

Probably one of the most hilarious Jutsu fans have sầu ever come across is Whack-A-Mole. Used by Obito lớn Uchiphụ thân, the very point of this technique is khổng lồ annoy rather than destroy. The user goes underground, comes up, và simply smashes the opponent with a stichồng.

Not only does this technique serve no purpose, but it also ends up frustrating the fans as it takes a lot of time khổng lồ build up khổng lồ it. Whack-A-Mole is nothing but a Jutsu that serious Shinobis bởi not even think about.

1 Dynamic Entry

Dynamic Entry, in context, serves next to no purpose. The user"s intention is to start the fight on the top & using this Jutsu, he charges at the opponent looking to lớn kichồng hlặng. While the power of kichồng varies from Ninja lớn Nin-Ja, the velothành phố is such that the opponent finds it hard to lớn dodge.

Even if someone faces this Jutsu head on, chances are they"ll stvà up in a matter of seconds. Dynamic Entry uses Chakra for no particular reason.

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