I slowly woke up in what seemed lượt thích a small eternity. I held my head as it pounded with pain. The first thing my eyes were drawn khổng lồ, was the light at the top of the small confinement cell. Everything was White in the cell. It had a nhà wc, a sink, a desk, and a bed. Suddenly, the weird door opened up to lớn a heavily armored guard standing in front of it.

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"OUT! NOW!" He yelled at me. I quickly sprawled out of the small, hard bed, standing right in front of hyên.

"Y-YES SIR!!" I yelled at hyên ổn, saluting hyên instantly. He only sighed in frustration.

"Where am I?" I asked hyên, having no clue of my surroundings.

"Welcome to the SCP. Facility." He said plainly. My eyes widened in shoông xã.

"W-What? Y-You're kidding, right? This is all some staged joke, right?" I asked hyên ổn hysterically. He looked at me with silence behind his closed helmet, which made me worry even more.

"S-So what you're saying is... Y-You've sầu taken me khổng lồ the secret foundation where you guys keep the most dangerous entities that could kết thúc the world..." He paused for a couple more seconds before speaking.

"Come with me.." He said plainly, without answering my question. I slowly crept out of the small room. The hallway was a long one. It was White & had many, many other doors. The man walked behind me, his boots hitting the ground as he took each step.

"Turn left." He pulled me to the left as another hallway came with a metal door at the end. When we got up lớn the door, he stopped me.

"Tell me, how did you find us?" He asked me. I could see some general sincerity to his question.

"I've sầu always been interested with spooky stuff, though I know they don't exist. I am very good at hacking into websites on the deep and dark website. I did a lot of searching. I wanted lớn see if the SCPhường Foundation was actually a real place và not just a big thing that everyone in the world just wrote about. I ended up finding the actual site, hacking into lớn it, and researching a lot of different specimen." I explained to him calmly. I put the fact that they had world-ending monsters here in the back of my head for now, so I could stop the small time panicking. He started with a light chuckle, then it grew khổng lồ a large guttural laugh.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

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"Do you expect me to believe sầu... You.. A what... 15-16 year old Boy, to be able khổng lồ learn how to get into the dark/deep web & stumble upon our website, & haông chồng inkhổng lồ its mainframe just to retìm kiếm what we do?" He laughed even harder. I could tell he didn't believe sầu me.

"You did sover your men after me, didn't you?" I said with a smirk. He stopped laughing, catching himself of his own mistake. I chuckled a bit on my own, knowing that I stumbled hyên ổn.

"Sh-Shut up and get moving!" He yelled.

"I can't." I shrugged.

"Why not?!"

"The door won't open." I looked bachồng at hyên. He groaned in annoyance và pulled out a thẻ và scanned it against the pad next to lớn the door. He pressed the door button, opening the door. We both walked in khổng lồ a walkway overlooking a large containment door. On the side, it read, SCP-173, Object class: Euclid.

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"Th-That's... The Sculpture... SCP-173.... You cannot avert your gaze or it will snap your nechồng. God, it's terrifying to lớn even think about."

"We're going khổng lồ run some tests with three D-Class personnel in a couple days. I'm hoping all goes well."

"So... how vày you get these personnel? I don't believe that they personally volunteer to be here to be tested on these entities."

"Most of them are criminals. They don't have anything else khổng lồ live for, so we piông chồng them up from death row & bring them here. They'll eventually die here, so no word is spread about the place." The guard said.

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