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Release Date in SingaporeModelDateProcessorProcessor frequencyProcessor coresDisplayDisplay diagonalDisplay resolutionTouchscreenDisplay typeDisplay number of colourscảm ứng technologyPorts và interfacesUSB portUSB connector typeUSB versionHeadphone connectivityWeight và dimensionsWeightWidthDepthHeightNetworkSIM card capabilitymobile network generationSIM thẻ type3G standards4G standardWi-FiBluetooth2G standardsWi-Fi standardsCông nghệ Bluetooth versionCông nghệ Bluetooth profiles2G bands (primary SIM)3G bands supported4G bands supportedStorageInternal storage capacityCompatible memory cardsMaximum memory thẻ sizeNavigationPosition locationAssisted GPS (A-GPS)GPS (satellite)GLONASSSoftwarePlatformOperating system installedApp distribution platformCameraRear camera typeRear camera resolution (numeric)Front camera typeFront camera resolution (numeric)Rear camera flashFlash typeVideo capture resolution (max)Maximum frame rateVideo recording modesAuto lớn focusVideo recordingBatteryBattery capacityTalk time (3G)Standby time (3G)Standby time (4G)Browsing time (Wi-Fi)Browsing time (3G)Browsing time (4G)Continuous audio playbaông chồng timeContinuous đoạn Clip playbaông chồng timeDesignForm factorProduct colourSubscriptionSubscription type
Galaxy S4 (GT-I9515L)
Oct 2014
1.9 GHz
12.7 cm (5")
19đôi mươi x 1080 pixels
16.78 million colours
Micro-USB B
3.5 mm
130 g
69.8 mm
7.9 mm
136.6 mm
Single SIM
802.11a,Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac),802.11b,802.11g,Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n)
A2DPhường, AVRCP, DID, HFP.., HID, HSPhường., Map, OPPhường, Pan, PBAPhường, SAP
850,900,1800,1900 MHz
850,900,1900,2100 MHz
800,850,900,1800,2100,2600 MHz
16 GB
MicroSD (TransFlash)
64 GB
Android 4.4
Google Play
Single camera
13 MP
Single camera
2 MP
19trăng tròn x 1080 pixels
30 fps
2600 mAh
17 h
370 h
3đôi mươi h
10 h
8 h
8 h
62 h
11 h
No subscription

From the history of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Samsung S4 was forged to lớn become its predecessor. The thiết kế of the Samsung S4 is based on its older counterpart except that the S4 is a little smaller. Buttons and external features are exactly where you want them to be. With a 5-inch screen và a removable baông chồng cover, the S4 is lightweight và easy to lớn access. The small kích thước of the phone allows the user to use one hand while using the phone. Very rarely will you need to use two hands khổng lồ access it. The most obvious improvement from is the display. Samsung brought their SuperAMOLED tech display with a resolution of 1080p & 441ppi, making this one of the best displays on a smartphone. Colours are vivid và text is incredibly sharp. Samsung Galaxy S4 specs make it irresistible while the pricing is now unbeatable.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 – made with the future in mind

For its class, the Samsung S4 is one of the fasthử nghiệm devices in the market. It has the Quadcore Snapdragon 600 processor at 1.92GHz with 2GB RAM. Hardware is one plus point as Samsung S4 speakers are loud enough for you to play clear media. A bunch of new sensors include the IR Blaster to control a host of electronic devices such as TV, phối top boxes and players. Barometers và temperature gauge displays the temperature of your environment while a RGB light sensor helps lớn adjust the colour và White balance of the screen based on its detection of light. It even features an infrared sensor for all hand-to-air gestures so you don’t have sầu to lớn touch the screen to unlochồng or operate the Samsung S4. This really helps when your hands are wet or dirty. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth không dây, Samsung Power-saving mode và GPS capabilities all come standard và there is even a compass added in case you lose your bearing. Samsung’s much loved camera phầm mềm also comes standard in the Samsung S4 with added Burst-shot, animated GIFs, HDR và Panorama. You can also use the front and bachồng camera together to lớn get a view of your surroundings.

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Ultimately, the Samsung S4 is an all-rounded smartphone made with the future in mind. The Samsung S4 makes for the perfect smartphone.

nhận xét of Samsung Galaxy S4

If the HTC One was a glimpse of Android"s promising future of thoughtfully crafted hardware paired with elegantly designed software, the Samsung Galaxy S4 represents its poorly conceived and shoddily constructed past. Like countless Android handsets befor...
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Vibrant display, Excellent overall performance, Great camera, Removable battery, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS
Plastic build, boring design, Gimmicky software features, Most accessories not available yet, Not using Exynos 5 Octa processor, Not a big leap from predecessor
Updated as of 25th April 2013 - Originally published as a preliminary review on 24th April, we"ve sầu since completed all our tests và updated the article to a full Đánh Giá, complete with ratings. For those who"ve sầu read our article previously, you can jump di...
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Like many critics, I"ve sầu been cool to the unveiling of Samsung"s new Galaxy S4 last month , after rivals such as HTC had raised the competition a notch.Getting my hands on it, however, gives me another perspective. Actually, the much-awaited flagship in th...
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The Samsung Galaxy S4 certainly falls into lớn the pocket-stretching category, even if it is thinner than those old cell phones could ever hope khổng lồ have sầu been. Pleasingly, và despite having a larger display, that S4 is almost exactly the same overall kích thước as t...
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With Samsung reveling in the success of the best seller smartphone on the planet without any doubt, the Samsung"s Galaxy S3, it was time, to give sầu a refresh lớn their flagship phone, a bump up in terms of hardware, ease of use, looks và speed. And so appea...
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Great battery life, Excellent display quality, Good speaker unique, Easy to lớn type on, Portable, Easy khổng lồ read on, Easy to navigate
The Galaxy S4 does everything well: It contended for the top spot on nearly every kiểm tra we threw at it. The S4 offers great battery life; in our Good Housekeeping Research Institute tests, it streamed video clip for 10 hours on its beautiful 5" HD display. The...
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Quichồng TakeProsAbove sầu average image chất lượng in bright conditions Fast full-resolution burst modeShutter lag from auto focus is minimalFun photo modes 20 in-camera effects 8 color adjustment edit modesAMOLED screen is big, sharp và vividTouchscreen navi...
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Impressive Screen, Excellent Camera, Good battery life, Better Design than its predecessor, Almost lag-free,
No innovative features, Plastic thiết kế, A lot of bloatwares, Expensive (was $700 on Amazon, now around $400), In the last few years, the Samsung Galaxy series smartphones have sầu become the king of all Android phones and they are always the first thing to lớn co...
In the last few years, the Samsung Galaxy series smartphones have become the king of all Android phones and they are always the first thing to lớn consider. Honestly I am a tín đồ of Samsung & have sầu used all of the flagship Galaxy S smartphones in the last 4 ye...
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phonearemãng cầu.com
We"ve tested dozens upon dozens of điện thoại thông minh cameras over the past several years, and Samsung"s offerings have sầu always been among muốn the very best. The Galaxy S II, for example, was an excellent performer for its time, producing detailed images và even 1...
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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a year old, but it is still a great Android điện thoại thông minh for users that can"t or won"t spend $199 for a new Galaxy S5 or iPhone 5s .After using the Samsung Galaxy S4 for a year và using the recent Galaxy S4 Android 4.4.2 update for...
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phonearemãng cầu.com
The Samsung Galaxy S5 is probably the most anticipated refresh of a flagship Android device this year. How has it changed from the S4? First, the new Galaxy S5 comes with a redefined style: its new soft-touch dimpled plastic bachồng with a variety of fres...
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Stop, we know what you’re already thinking. Why are we comparing a year old smartphone against one that’s br& spanking new khổng lồ the scene? Obviously, the newer device will naturally have some hardware advantages, but seeing that Sammy’s upcoming flagsh...
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The day is February 19, 2013. Smartphone HTC is about to lớn announce its new Android flagship phone, & the tension in the air can be cut through with a butter knife. Rumors are suggesting that the company will introduce a new, revolutionary điện thoại thông minh camera techn...
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gottabethiết bị di động.com
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 4.4.2 update is rolling out now to Sprint và AT&T smartphones và likely in the works for Verizon và T-mobile. This new Android 4.4.2 update brings a small collection of new features lớn the Galaxy S4, but does not add the n...
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Nearly a year has gone by, và it’s hard khổng lồ believe that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is still in contention – its heart still beating profusely in light of the heavy competition around. Over on Verizon’s lineup, the Notê Lumia Inhỏ is giving the carrier a c...
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To say that the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is a remarkable device would be a huge understatement. It is a phone that boldly breaks the status quo among Android high-ends – a phone the very existence of which proves that a top-notch Android device can come...
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Phone manufacturers are putting a lot of money inkhổng lồ retìm kiếm & development of small, lightweight, and powerful batteries that should last all day. For light to moderate điện thoại thông minh users, companies have sầu finally achieved this goal, but heavy users may fin...
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Gigabit Wi-Fi is starting to appear in Smartphone devices, so we got our hands on three smartphones and two laptops running the 802.11ac standard and put them to lớn the kiểm tra. Though you won"t see anywhere near Gigabit speeds in real-world environments, our testi...
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Android has improved hugely, but as it evolved every year, the screen form size of the top Android devices also increased. We grew from having 4-inch phones lớn 4.7-inch devices, then 5-inch ones, only lớn arrive at a landscape of humongous gadgets dominating...
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Superb 1080p Super AMOLED display, Camera takes impressive daylight shots, Snapdragon 600 delivers solid performance, Battery life better than most flagships
Several new features are impractical & half-baked, Boring overall kiến thiết without premium look or feel
This is the story of a little smartphone series that grows up và, three years later, positions itself khổng lồ take over the world. The device in question, the newest addition khổng lồ that lineup, doesn"t really need much of an introduction thanks lớn some of the mo...

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