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PolitiFact California

Can Californians Charge Electric Cars During Summer Heat?

Facebook posts stated on June 18, 2021: “California literally just told everyone to not charge their electric cars due to lớn power shortage.”


Sacramenkhổng lồ Spanish Teacher Recorded Allegedly Using Racial Slurs In Class. Now, Community Organizers Are Demanding She Be Fired



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California Is Betting $61 Million That New Highway Crossings Will Keep Wildlife Safe

Large animals cause đôi mươi crashes a day on California highways. Experts say special bridges and tunnels can prsự kiện them và protect endangered species.

Mothers Struggle To Return To Work As California Reopens

Moms who lost their jobs during the pandemic are still shouldering most of the child care.

In Nevada, Mutual Aid Efforts Fill Gaps Left By Government COVID-19 Response

When COVID-19 arrived in Nevada, government officials scrambled to respond. Community organizers in Reno say that left people in the lurch.

Wildfires in California: We Would Like To Hear From You

Do you have questions or thoughts about this year’s wildfire season? Share with us, & we’ll have our reporters or other experts answer or explain solutions.

Republicans And Democrats Agree: California’s Future Is At Stake In The ReGọi Election

How the state addresses housing, homelessness, voting rights, the cost of living, undocumented immigrants and more are all on the line as voters choose whether khổng lồ regọi Gov. Gavin Newsom, his supporters và critics say.

Gil Shađắm say Finds Friendship In Two Violin Concertos

Violinist Gil Shamê man teams up with cellist & conductor of the Knights, Eric Jacobsen, lớn forge a friendship through their new album, Beethoven, Brahms: Violin Concertos.

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Caroline Shaw Is Not Here To Save sầu Classical Music

The Pulitzer-winning, Kanye-collaborating composer began her career with a creative sầu blank check, but she"s spent much of the past decade moving sideways. Her lakiểm tra trick: reinventing as a songwriter.

Supreme Court, NCAA Decisions Embolden Advocates For College Athlete Compensation In California

California’s landmark law allowing college athletes lớn sign paid endorsement deals started a national movement.

Shaking Up The Classical Canon: Randall Goosby Talks With Lara Downes

The rising young violinist discovers his musical roots & questions the traditional borderlines of the repertoire.

As Western Wildfires Worsen, FEMA Is Denying Most People Who Ask For Help

An investigation inlớn FEMA claims after 2020"s historic wildfires in Oregon và California reveals wide fluctuations in approval rates & denials of people who met aid criteria.

July 7, 2021

It"s the lachạy thử government challenge over how Big Tech controls tiện ích stores. Officials say Google acts lượt thích a monopoly by abusing the power it has over how people pay for apps on Google devices.

July 7, 2021

Political instability, the lasting effects of a devastating earthquake và a cholera epidemic, foreign political interventions and gang violence have all taken their toll on this nation.

July 7, 2021

After 14 days of searching, the operation now turns khổng lồ a "recovery" phase. None of the victims recovered from the wreckage as of Wednesday morning survived the initial collapse, authorities said.

July 7, 2021

Oil prices were surging, but a dramatic meeting of many of the world"s crude producers has thrown things into lớn a bit of turmoil.

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July 7, 2021

Team USA has announced that the daughter of the legendary rocker will be one of four members of the equestrian jumping team at the Tokyo Games. Jessica Springsteen is ranked 27th in the world.

July 7, 2021

NPR"s Ari Shapiro speaks with Constance Hauman about her new album, Tropical Thunderstorm, her experiences as a multi-genre musician và an artist she"s grateful for: Daf player Asal Malekzadeh.

July 7, 2021

A statue of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in a park in Southern California was vandalized with racist images. Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia called the graffiti "horrific."

July 7, 2021

The skyscraper-sized vessel was on its way to The Netherlands in March when it slammed inkhổng lồ the ngân hàng of a single-lane stretch of the canal, shutting down the key global trade route for days.

July 7, 2021

Elsa briefly hit hurricane strength in the Gulf of Mexico, but moved ashore as a tropical storm. Despite heavy rains, it appears to lớn have sầu spared Floridomain authority major damage or widespread power outages.

July 7, 2021

The Comstochồng Act, which passed in 1873, virtually outlawed contraception. In The Man Who Hated Women, author Amy Sohn writes about the man behind the law — và the women prosecuted under it.


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