Download redmi 5 (rosy) v9

Update:MIUI 9 Global Beta ROM Released to lớn Second Batch of DevicesWelcome lớn bommobile.vns, In this article, we are giving a brief information about the release date ofMIUI 9and features of it và the devices which are getting it.So let"s start.First talk about the MIUI.

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On the very basic, it is a Chinese customisedversion of the apk OS, built from stock with additional goodies taken from manufacturer modifications lượt thích Samsung’s TouchWiz launcher, iPhone’s looks và the full potential of apk 2.2 platform.

Rom Download, Supported Devices, Features & Release Date If you were khổng lồ translate the name ‘MIUI’ to English, it would probably sound something lượt thích ‘meeooee’. This ROM was initially developed only for Chinese users, based on the FroYo build of Android and totally localized with Chinese locale and language. The group behind the ROM had no intention of bringing it to lớn other devices at the beginning, but as of now, several ports have surfaced for various other devices and with translations.

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#Features Of xiaomi mi MIUI 9

MIUI 9 will be based on app android Nougat According to some reports MIUI 9 will come with android Nougat.Almost every xiaomi phone will get MIUI 9 but not Devices such as Redmi 2 prime will get Update of MIUI 9 but not app android Nougat.

Devices các mục getting and not getting Miui 9

MIUI 9 Global Public Beta ROM Supported DevicesThe first batch of supported devices:
1.Redmi chú ý 4 Qualcomm/ Redmi lưu ý 4X.2.Mi 6.
The second batch of supported devices
: 1. Mi MIX2. Mi chú ý 23. Mi 54.Mi 5s4. Ngươi 5s Plus5. Mày Max 26. Ngươi Max7. Redmi 4/4X. The third batch of supported devices: 1. Redmi 22. Redmi 2 Prime3. Mày 34. Mày 45. Redmi chú ý 3 Qualcomm6. Redmi cảnh báo 3 Special Edition7. Redmi chú ý 4 MTK8. Mày 4i9. Redmi chú ý 210. Redmi chú ý Prime11. Ngươi 2/2S12. Mi Note13. Redmi 3/Prime14. Redmi 3S/Prime15. Redmi 4A

Download MIUI ROM (Fastboot/ Recovery flashable zip)

1. Mày 5
Recovery (1230M) 2. Mày Max 32G
Recovery (1380M) 3. Mày 2/2S
Recovery (729M) 5. Mày Note
Recovery (800M) 7. Redmi 3
Recovery (894M) 8. Redmi 3S/3X
Recovery (1377M) 9. Redmi 2 (Android 4.4)
Recovery (490M) 10. Redmi 2 (Android 5.1)
Recovery ( 608M) 11. Redmi note 3 Qualcomm
Recovery (1215M) 12. Redmi lưu ý 3 Special Edition

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