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After mastering all the Six Powers, the user can become extremely powerful và a challenging foe for anyone to giảm giá with.

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Rokushiki, also known as Six Powers, are super-human abilities that select people in the One Piece world can utilize after going through a specific, rigorous training regime. This power was first introduced to the fans during the fights in Water 7 arc through the Galley-La shipwrights, who later turned out khổng lồ be members of the World Government intelligence agency, Cipher Pol - 9.

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After mastering all the Six Powers, the user can gain abilities such as flight, moving at high speeds, and greater defensive capability, among others, & thus become extremely powerful và a challenging foe for anyone to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with.


Kami-e is one of the least used abilities from the Rokushiki techniques, although it is quite impressive nonetheless. It allows the user khổng lồ dodge any incoming attack by making their toàn thân flexible & float lượt thích paper in the air, thus avoiding nearly all the blows.

This art was used by Rob Lucci, Fukurou, Kaku, Blueno, & Nero and they all showed great skill in its usage. Other members, such as Jabra, Kalifa, & Kumadori were likely just as good members of this skill, however, they weren"t seen using this power nguồn at all.


Also known as Tempest Kick, this nguồn specifically exists for making kicks a dangerous weapon against anyone. Using their legs, a user of Rankyaku can generate a flying slash-like projectile that can slice apart anything in its way.

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This technique was used by nearly every thành viên of the CP-9 during the Enies Lobby arc, however, the one who showed great mastery in it was none other than Kaku. With his Ox Ox Fruit Model, Giraffe, he could generate Rankyaku that was strong enough to slice entire buildings in half.


Shigan is also called Finger Pistol và is a great ability to lớn use in close quarters combat as it tremendously increases the arm strength of the user and thus, gives them the ability to pierce the bodies of other with sheer force using just their fingers.

These wounds are known to be much more lethal than even bullet wounds, which just goes to lớn show how ferocious Shigan is. Out of all the users, Rob Lucci excelled at Shigan the most, thanks to being a Zoan user of the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard. He could also use a variant of this technique known as Flying Shigan which could be used from a distance.

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Easily one of the most used Rokushiki abilities, Geppo, also known as Moon Walk, also works by building up great amounts of leg strength, like Rankyaku, however, its usage is completely different. Geppo allows the user to kick the air so hard that they can jump higher using it and give off the impression that they"re flying.

This power is tremendously useful & makes the air a dominant fighting area for a master of this art against most people. Out of all the CP-9 members, Fukurou seemed to lớn have the greatest hold on this power, however, Lucci was, once again, also great at using it. Luffy can use a similar technique in Gear Fourth while Sanji can use a variant of it, known as Sky Walk instead.

Tekkai is an incredibly useful ability that allows the user to make their bodies as hard as iron, thus, negating the effects of most incoming attacks. Khổng lồ master this technique, the muscles must be trained to lớn harden instantly, which makes it one of the most difficult powers to learn.

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The strength of Tekkai varies from user khổng lồ user as Nero"s Tekkai was seen to be significantly weaker than that of others. Blueno"s was nearly broken through by Luffy"s base attacks while Lucci remained unharmed. The best user of Tekkai in CP-9 was Jabra, whose defense was ultimately broken through by Sanji using his Diable Jambe technique.

Also known as Shave, Soru is arguably the most useful ability from the Six Powers. It grants its user the power to move their feet several times in the blink of an eye, thus allowing them to move at blinding speeds in the process. All the members of CP-9 were great at using this power, however, Fukurou seemed lớn be a specialist of it.

Luffy was able lớn use his Devil Fruit khổng lồ push himself to lớn similar heights with Gear Second in terms of tốc độ by pumping blood faster through his body. Meanwhile, Captain Kuro, the captain of the đen Cats Pirates, was also a user of a similar technique that allowed him lớn move just as fast, however, he lacked any sort of control over his movements.

Known lớn be a secret technique, Rokuogan is the seventh power that only Rob Lucci can utilize from all of the CP-9. It is said to lớn be the pinnacle of the Rokushiki style and thus, the most dangerous ability that this style possesses. Only an absolute mastery of the other six skills can give a user the chance khổng lồ learn Rokuogan.

It allows the user lớn concentrate all their physical strength in their fists & then release a powerful shockwave that is capable of doing a tremendous amount of damage khổng lồ anyone in the way, even bypassing the exterior defenses of the user.

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