Asus rog phone 3 global vs tencent edition


Just lượt thích last year, the asus ROG Phone 3 & Strix Edition will come in two variants: there’s the Global version và Tencent edition.

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Now, you might be wondering, what’s the difference between the hãng asus ROG Phone 3 Global Edition and ROG Phone 3 Tencent Editions?

Well, asus Philippines has given us the information. Although, their hardware & specs are pretty much the same — but they vày have some features that are missing from each other.

ASUS ROG Phone 3 & StrixGlobal EditionsASUS ROG Phone 3 & StrixTencent Editions
Official 1-yearlocal warrantyYesNo
Free AeroActiveCooler 3YesNo
Armoury Crate withWW CustomizationYesNo
Theme StoreYesNo
Preloaded Google Playand AppsYesNo
Third-party LauncherSupportYesNo
Preloaded China-basedAppsNoYes

Official local warranty


The Tencent Edition of ROG Phones is exclusive to lớn non-domestic markets. Chances are, if you’re in the Philippines, you have lớn get the ROG Phone Tencent Edition abroad.

Going this route is unadvisable as warranty claims abroad can be a real hassle. With that, you might have khổng lồ wait for the asus ROG Phone 3 Global version instead. That’s the one launching in the Philippines or on your market. This will allow you lớn easily claim after-sales services from asus and ROG stores across the country.

Get không tính tiền AeroActive Cooler 3


The ROG Phone line is known for its proprietary gaming accessories. The most popular of them is the AeroActive cooler — which comes with an actual cooling fan hâm mộ to keep the temperatures down when gaming. The AeroActive Cooler 3 comes with RGB-lit ROG logo & a kickstand.

What’s interesting is, it comes as a freebie with the asus ROG Phone 3 & Strix Global Editions.

Armoury Crate with WW customization


Armoury Crate with WW customization has always been a huge part of the ROG Phone experience. It’s a special portal built on the Global editions, which allows you to configure the device’s hardware for gaming.

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ASUS said that the Tencent editions can flash WW version of the portal, but expect warning notifications khổng lồ pop-up constantly.

Theme Store


The asus ROG UI can be overwhelming for some. So if you want a cleaner look, the ROG Phone 3 Global editions come with a Theme Store.

Preloaded Google Play Store

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The ROG Phone 3 Tencent edition appears to be exclusive khổng lồ China. & just like all android phones in China, it doesn’t have Google Play Store built-in. A problem that you wouldn’t face on the Global edition.

Third-party Launcher Support

Being the Global version, you’re không lấy phí to use third-party launchers in the worldwide version of the ROG Phone 3 and Strix — a limitation you’d get if you go with the Tencent editions.

Preloaded China-based apps

Being the for-China-only model, the asus ROG Phone 3 và Strix Tencent editions will come pre-installed with the regular China-only apps.

Bottom line is, if you’re based in the Philippines — or any other country outside trung quốc — you should just wait for the asus ROG Phone 3 classic & Strix Global versions lớn arrive in your country. This will save you from the hassle of warranty claims, software limitations, & more.

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