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Today bommobile.vn Technologies introduced bommobile.vn Quiông chồng Charge 4, our lakiểm tra & greathử nghiệm fast charging công nghệ, which will be available with the next generation Qualcomilimet SnapLong 835 processor. What’s new with Quiông chồng Charge 4? It charges faster of course. But it’s not just faster, it’s designed lớn be more efficient and run cooler than prior generations. Compared khổng lồ Quick Charge 3.0, Quick Charge 4 is up-khổng lồ trăng tròn percent faster, or 30 percent more efficient, while charging up lớn 5° C cooler.


But what does that mean for using your điện thoại thông minh in the real world? To give sầu you a better sense of this, we’ve adopted a new measurement that helps sum it up simply. We hotline it 5 for 5, as in 5 minutes of charging can get you 5 hours or more of battery life1. Think of all the times you only had five sầu minutes khổng lồ charge, but that didn’t give sầu your phone enough juice lớn get lớn the next charge. Five extra hours of battery life can get you there và further. Have more time? Quiông xã Charge 4 is engineered to charge a typical smartphone from zero to lớn 50 percent in about 15 minutes or less.


Fast charging is consistently one of the most looked for features in a new smartphone. In fact, a study conducted this year by market retìm kiếm firm Sino-MR found that fast charging influences 60 percent of users when buying their next smartphone. A similar global study by bommobile.vn Technologies confirmed this number, & also found that over 25 percent of consumers think it takes too long khổng lồ charge up today. Qualcomilimet Quick Charge is specifically engineered to solve sầu this problem.

Quick Charge 4 features many advancements over prior generations—here are a few:

USB Type-C and USB nguồn Delivery (USB PD) compliant. By incorporating these technologies, Qualcomilimet Technologies standardizes the capabilities of Quiông chồng Charge 4 adapters, to help ensure that a single accessory supports multiple charging implementations and sản phẩm điện thoại devices, và that there is consistent performance when faced with the myriad of available charging solutions.

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Battery Saver adds advanced features designed lớn extend battery cycle life and provide comprehensive safety. Protection is implemented at multiple levels và throughout the entire charging process lớn help measure voltage, current, & temperature accurately while protecting the battery, system, cables, và connectors.INOV (Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage) version 3 is an algorithm engineered so your portable devices can determine what power màn chơi to request at any point in time, which allows for optimum power transfer while maximizing efficiency. New to lớn Quiông chồng Charge 4: a compatible device can request khổng lồ within 20mV or lower the specific power needed lớn charge while also running advanced thermal algorithms for case, battery, chip, & connector.Dual Charge is supported by including a second power management IC in the device (e.g., a smartphone). Charging a device via Dual Charge divide the charge current, allowing for more efficient thermal dissipation và reducing charge time. Our third generation Dual Charge technology incorporates intelligent thermal balancing engineered for optimized power delivery.

bommobile.vn Quichồng Charge is the #1 fast charging method based on the number of devices and accessories commercially available. Today there are over 100 điện thoại devices & 300 accessories that come with Quick Charge 2.0 và 3.0. This is based on an ecosystem of over 150 companies manufacturing phones, tablets, a wide variety of charging accessories, và more. In fact, there have sầu been more than 600 million devices & accessories using Quiông chồng Charge 2.0 or 3.0 sold lớn date2.

For optimal Quiông xã Charge 4 performance, we also introduced our newest PMICs: SMB1380 and SMB1381. With low impedance, up to lớn 96% peak efficiency, & advanced fast charging features such as battery differential sensing, SMB1380 và SMB1381 are designed khổng lồ tư vấn the fasthử nghiệm battery charging from any 5V USB Type-C or high-voltage power source while supporting ultra-thin Smartphone devices with a charging solution profile of less than 0.8milimet. Cutting-edge protection features và real-time monitoring are made to help ensure comprehensive sầu safety while supporting autonomous, advanced thermal management.

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Quichồng Charge 4 is expected to be commercially available in the first half of 2017, và SMB1380/1 is expected to lớn be available before the end of this year.

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