Rumor: pokemon in development for universal orlando

Six years ago, when Universal confirmed it would be partnering with Nintenbởi vì for new theme park attractions, fans immediately began speculating if Pokétháng would be included. The popular series involves multiple parties, so launching an attraction based around the games wouldn"t come as easy as other Nintenvị properties. Still, signs of success were around.

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The augmented reality sản phẩm điện thoại game Pokémon Go launched the same year lớn huge popularity. That, along with growing interest in the then-upcoming live-action Pokémon feature film Detective sầu Pikachu, proved the 1990s franchise was amid a second resurgence.
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Now, new details are emerging on how Universal is potentially planning to lớn introduce the franchise inkhổng lồ its theme parks. Josh Young of Theme Park University noted in a recent post, that he has heard of an interactive Pokémon attraction currently under development for Universal Studtiện ích ios nhật bản. The Japanese theme park has become a major focus of Comcast’s theme park holdings since they acquired full ownership of it in 2017. Numerous new investments have occurred at the park, including the debut of the world’s first Super Nintenvì World theme park land. Orlanvì chưng Weekly has not independently confirmed Young"s report. However he did offer us more details on what he"s been told of the still-confidential project. “I think Universal wants to prove sầu that Nintenvì is a viable property worthy of several spin-offs (lượt thích Harry Potter) before opens," he said. "In Japan, Nintenvì chưng is more of a no-brainer as the company has deep-rooted origins there.” Young warns that pandemic-related travel pauses và closures in Japancould harm the prospects of future Nintenbởi vì parks. “Is Nintendo the new Harry Potter for Universal? It’s not easy lớn tell. With travel and capacity restrictions, you can’t really Call Super Nintenvày World at hit or miss at USJ," he said. "Plus, American và Japanese audiences are very different in their reaction to different attractions. The jury is still out!” Some theme park fans have sầu criticized Universal’s reliance on screens. With the recent Mario Kart attraction, Universal Creative introduced augment reality glasses. The new Pokémon attraction is thought lớn use similar giải pháp công nghệ. This dependency on tech to drive sầu the attraction narrative concerns Young. “Personally, I think Universal is overly obsessed with new công nghệ. Since Mario Kart is the first use of the tech on a ride vehicle, it’s a little clunky,” he said. But he notes a new attraction with AR giải pháp công nghệ could show how much it has improved over the past few years. “If Universal were lớn use AR tech available now (3+ years after the Mario Kart project started), it will look a lot cleaner & can be more interactive sầu," he said. "There are definitely benefits to using AR now versus what has just opened at USJ." One of Universal’s most successful recent attractions is the Secret Life of Pets dark ride at Universal Studgame ios Hollywood. While filled with công nghệ, that attraction is more akin khổng lồ a typical Fantasyland-style ride that Disney is known for. Young believes Pokémon will be replacing the park’s Spider-Man attraction. The 3 chiều dark ride is a clone of the award-winning ride found at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure. Unlike in Orlanvị, where Universal holds the Marvel rights in perpetuity, their rights for the use of Spider-Man in nhật bản are coming up for renewal in a few years. Disney, who purchased Marvel in 2009, is likely uninterested in continuing to lớn allow Universal access khổng lồ the Marvel franchises. Instead, Disney has been cashing in on Marvel at its own parks, including multiple new attractions at its parks in California, Hong Kong, & Paris. There are also plans for a Marvel-themed hotel và a Marvel dining experience on the upcoming Disney Wish cruise ship. It should be noted that if Pokétháng does make its way lớn Orlanbởi vì, it’s highly unlikely to replace Universal Orlando’s Spider-Man attraction. Universal’s contract, made with Marvel before Disney purchased the studio, allows Universal khổng lồ use the characters at Islands of Adventure indefinitely. Talks between Universal and Disney have sầu been reported over the years, but so far, Disney has yet lớn offer Comcast anything large enough for them khổng lồ willing handover the theme park rights to lớn Marvel characters. “I would give sầu Marvel leaving Islands of Adventure a less than 5% chance of happening,” explains Young. “Marvel is just as popular as ever & it brings in money for both Disney và Universal. Universal has the power position here.” From the first indications that Universal was pursuing a Nintendo-based land, there has been speculation that it would be replacing Kids Zone at Universal Studquả táo Floridomain authority. The lvà is a hodgepodge of dated intellectual properties. Permits showing plans for Super Nintenbởi vì World in the space were filed, and construction walls went up around the land, but Comcast then shifted gears with plans for a new theme park, now known as Universal’s Epic Universe.
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Orlando"s Epic Universe park reportedly delayed until 2025 as Super Nintenvì chưng World eyes opening in Osaka
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Image via NBCUniversal Early concept art shared by NBCUniversal showing the Super Nintenbởi vì World. Despite many details missing, both the Mushroom Kingdom and the Donkey Kong areas can be seen. The Yoshi ride path can also be seen in the middle of the picture.
One of the five opening day lands for the park will be Super Nintenvì World, but Young doesn’t think this is any indication of where Pokétháng would be added if it does come lớn Orlanvày.He explains, “It’s highly doubtful will be included in Universal’s Epic Universe. Most of the Nintenvì chưng lvà is already built.” Universal created props for all three Super Nintenvì World lands at the same time, a move not uncommon in the industry when multiple clones of an attraction or lvà are in development. The original plan, as explained by previous Universal employees who helped on the project, had Orlando"s version opening not long after Japan"s. It will now be the third after the Hollywood version, now under construction, opens within the next year. Young also doesn’t believe sầu that Kids Zone will see Pokémon. Instead, he points to lớn the rumors of Trolls potentially coming lớn the area, noting reports he has previously shared regarding a Trolls-themed show potentially in the works for the theater where Barney was once located. In the meantime, Universal is focused on bringing Super Nintenvì World to lớn Orlanbởi vì. After delays last year, Epic Universe is now expected to open in 2025. At its existing Orlanbởi vì parks, rumors point to lớn Universal adding more family-friendly attractions in the coming years. – Stay on top of Central Florida news và views with our weekly newsletters, & consider supporting this miễn phí publication. Our small but mighty team is working tirelessly to lớn bring you Central Floridomain authority news, và every little bit helps.

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