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The latest chapter of One Piece gave us a sneak peek into Wano’s past. The country’s culture, beliefs, & people, including Oden, Kinemon, Denjiro, and others were the main subjects. However, One Piece chapter 961 is just around the corner, và it’s not too early to lớn predict what might happen next.

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Here are some predictions that I can say are pretty obvious, given how the story ended in the previous chapter. Still, we can expect a turn of events as is often the case with Oda’s One Piece.


Kinemon might have Doomed the Capital

In the previous chapter, Kinemon was in a dilemma for having the mountain god’s offspring. He learned from a young Denjiro that an adult mountain god is big & powerful enough to cấp độ even a whole town. This got Kinemon worried sick that he might have just accidentally doomed the capital.

Kinemon is already known as a thug in Wano. Causing the destruction of the capital will only worsen his current state. He might even end up being executed if people learn that he was responsible for the attack of the mountain god.

Oden takes Kinemon’s place

An eavesdropping Oden, however, overheard Denjiro’s story. He finds it interesting & wanted lớn take the pig from Kinemon. Chances are Oden would use the pig khổng lồ lure the adult mountain god away from the capital khổng lồ save it.

It might still cause damage lớn the capital. But Oden would take the blame for it, saving Kinemon from further disgrace. A Reddit user BEWMarth thinks this so too.

The redditor suggests that Oden will say he took the pig khổng lồ eat it in order khổng lồ detract people’s attention from Kinemon. This would then make Kinemon forever indebted lớn Oden, and the two of them (and possibly Denjiro too) will begin to forge a bond that would later be known as the Scabbards of Oden.


Oden, a Similitude of Hercules

This story of Oden reminds me of the Greek demi-god, Hercules. In fact, Oden’s character is undoubtedly a similitude of Hercules. As we all know, Oda often takes inspiration from different mythologies for his characters và storylines.

The ancient weapons, Pluton, Poseidon and Uranus are examples of how Oda took inspiration from Greek mythology. Although not in totality, it is possible that Oda’s inspiration for creating Oden’s character is Hercules.

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Being a son of Zeus, Hercules had superhuman strength displayed since his childhood. Oden also had superhuman strengths & seems lớn be always ahead of his age.


Oden’s Herculean Labors

In Greek mythology, Hercules was given twelve tasks khổng lồ redeem himself from his previous acts involving the death of his wife và children. Eurytheus, king of Tiryns was the one who gave Hercules his tasks that came to be known as the Twelve Labors of Hercules.

One of the labors of Hercules was to capture the Erymanthian Boar alive. That boar was a giant creature, just lượt thích the mountain god in Oden’s story. It has caused people trouble as it destroys farmlands at its passing.

The mô tả tìm kiếm of Erymanthian Boar clearly depicts that of the mountain god. And Oden defeating the pig might win him the praise of some that will later develop love for the Shogun’s heir. Just lượt thích Hercules, defeating the mountain god may be the first step lớn Oden’s redemption.


One Piece Chapter 961 Release Date

One Piece chapter 961 will be officially released on November 1 in the weekly Shonen Jump issue. To lớn learn about spoilers of the upcoming chapter, stay updated by following

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