Nokia 6


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Get closer to lớn the action with the Full HD+ 5.8’’ display and an 19:9 aspect ratio. The stunning edge-to-edge thiết kế means that watching your favorite shows on the go feels more immersive sầu, but it also offers a sleek, stylish form that easily slips in to lớn your pocket. For photos you can't wait khổng lồ nội dung, the dual rear camera with depth-based imaging and HDR mode won't let you down. Plus, features like Portrait lighting and Bokeh let you make those little creative adjustments. Then there's Dual-Sight mode for capture what's happening on both sides of the phone at the same time.


* 6.1 Plus instantly grabs your attention. The stunning edge-to-edge thiết kế looks sleek và lets you see your favorite shows và games in better detail. Thanks to the curved thiết kế, it fits right inkhổng lồ your palm và nicely in your pocket.

MicroSD support up lớn 400 GBQualcomm Snaprồng 636


Snap the photo lớn whenever the feeling takes you – let your phone bởi the work. The highly sensitive sầu dual rear camera with depth-based imaging gives you photos you can’t wait lớn tóm tắt. And with features lượt thích portrait lighting và bokeh, you’ll capture studio-style shots without the studio.

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Capture what's happening in front of và behind the camera simultaneously with Dual-Sight mode. Then broadcast every split-screen side-splitting moment straight khổng lồ Facebook Live™ or YouTube Live.

Those picture-perfect moments don’t wait for the perfect lighting – neither does the 6.1 Plus. Whether you’re out all night or soaking up the sun, HDR mode helps you capture images with greater vibrancy and color contrast.

Like what you see? Capture it in high detail with the perfectly balanced 16 MPhường front camera – it’s lượt thích looking inlớn a mirror.

16 MPhường selfie camera

At trang chính or on the road, the full HD+ 5.8’’ display & immersive sầu 19:9 ratio brings you closer to the action. Whether you’re watching a đoạn Clip or messaging a friover, the high display-to-body ratio lets you see the whole picture.

5.8” FHD+19:9 screen ratio

Privacy settings made easy, replies written faster và all-round improvements that make using your phone feel more natural - Android 10 comes with heaps of new features that will help you get the most out of your Nocơ smartphone.

Dark ThemeSmart Reply

“Nocơ lead the Trust Rankings Based on Software, Security Updates và Build Quality”

Delivering monthly security updates for 3 years và Android™ software upgrades for 2 years means that once again, Nocơ smartphones top the 2020 Counterpoint Research trust rankings. And with device testing that exceeds the industry average, we’re also ahead of other điện thoại thông minh brands for build unique. Cheông xã out the study khổng lồ find out more.

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Android is a trademark of Google LLC. Oreo is a trademark of Mondelez International, Inc. group. Qualcomilimet Snapdragon is a sản phẩm of Qualcomilimet Technologies Inc. and/or its subsidiaries. USB Type-C™ is a trademark of USB Implementers Forum. Variations on offering may apply. Cheông xã local availability. All specifications, features và other hàng hóa information provided are subject to change without notice. Images are for illustrative sầu purposes only.

1 Testing done in lab conditions with no background apps running. Video playback time based on based on 1080P/H.264.

2 Pre-installed system software and apps use a significant part of memory space.

3 Battery has limited recharge cycles and battery capađô thị reduces over time. Eventually the battery may need to be replaced.

4If delivered with Android Oreo or Android 9 Pie, upgradeable khổng lồ Android 10. Please note this might consume thiết bị di động data và operator fees may be charged.

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