- Usual weapons;- Joke weapons (crazy ideas implemented into lớn life, find them here - );

I try lớn make each release quality, so you may see everything for yourself. You may have seen my works on GB before, but from now on - my lademo creations would be released here. My previous works were added & are free for downloading.

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I"m not a PRO-modder, as it"s just a hobby of mine, so some mistakes take place, but I"m trying to exclude them when I can.

So have sầu fun with them và I hope you"d like"em.


It"s first newsletter since pretty long time, so I welcome you here!

I decided lớn change my policy of making separate weapon releases in order khổng lồ release a few mini-paông chồng of weapons. Main idea - to lớn make a limited number of guns, that would make an armory of some specific soldier or mercenary class. You could"ve sầu already seen, that I made a pair not long ago:

- Cthua thảm Combat Specialist - with shotguns and PM as sidearm;- Assassin Armory Set - with suppressed xạ thủ rifle, Smartphone SMG for cthảm bại encounters & sidearm;

I received very nice feedbaông chồng on them và decided to lớn make more. Now I make packs with russian weapons, but later I may vì alike ones but with NATO weaponry. Not sure, but we"d see.

What lớn wait now - class + approximate weapon list:

- Saboteur weapon mix. TKPD modular carabine with both xạ thủ & rifle settings for G3SG1 and sg552. And PP19 Bizon for MP5 or P90.


- FSB spetsnaz armory. Would include AS VAL for FAMAS slot và its highly modified version - VAL.mod3 - for AUG.


- Contract soldier armory. More or less simple paông xã of private soldier weapons. Would consist of AN-94 Abakan for GALIL & AEK-971 for AK47 slots.


- Navy Seal Armory. Some modular rare and special purpose weapons shall be used here. Would consist of VSS 9A91 complex, that may be used both as rifle và sniper for 500m efficency depending on attachments used. For FAMAS và SG550 slots. And it would be complimented with SR-2 Veresk SMG, made khổng lồ penetrate armored tergets with ease - for TMP slot.



- Destroyer Armory.

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Heavy weapons like RPK & its modified version - RPKT would be used lớn make a Destroyer phối.

I either think of remaking some of my old works, so maybe there would appear new pack with xạ thủ themed weapon menu of ORSIS T5000 and sidearm MP443 Grach. But that"s not certain =)

Just in case - I remind you that I use new gloves now, và in addition - UV-chopped. In order to lớn make my previous works have new ones - I added new texture of 512x512 size in VSS Vintorez release HERE. Just replace the old one with new in any mã sản phẩm viewer.


First gattling gun for CS 1.6Jul 30 2018News 2 comments

I know, that there"re some super old m134 skins, but I don"t take them into lớn account, as they are outdated as hell.

My first release at bommobile.vnJul 25 2018News

My first work, made for & its community. ORSIS T5000.

Starting new projectsJul 21 2018News

I"ve sầu finally added all the necessary models here và next monday would start working on new "toys".

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Unknown Mercenary Weapon Pack V1.0Jul 16 2021Weapons Skin 2 comments

SLOT: DEAGLE, P90, SG552. Some random weapon pachồng.

Cobra Kai PackJul 1 2021Weapons Skin 2 comments

SLOT: M3, XM1014, MAC10, FAMASStrike first, strike hard, no mercy.

GSG-9 Squad ArmoryAtruyền thông quảng cáo 5 2021Weapons Skin 2 comments

SLOT: P228, P90, SG550. HD remake of my old works with new twists.

The Berserk PackMar 26 2021Weapons Skin 2 comments

SLOT: DEAGLE, XM1014, TMP, MP5. Oldies" remake in new shine và glory.

SAS Squad Weapon PackMar 3 2021Weapons Skin

SLOT: USP.., FIVESEVEN, UMP45, AUG.Last drop before next break, guys.

Rock"n"Rolla packFeb 25 2021Weapons Skin 8 comments

SLOT: USP, P228, MP5, M3, XM1014.All the rocking animations included.

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