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If you know me, you know that I love sầu gadgets. I especially love sầu smart gadgets, because so many of them have sầu the ability lớn make life better or easier.

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But there"s one corner of the smart sản phẩm market that I haven"t been able nail down yet. Wearables. I"ve sầu tried khổng lồ use a fitness tracker. I"ve tried to two different brands of smartwatches over the past few years. They all worked, but they didn"t match my style.

I love sầu wearing a watch. I feel lost when I"m not wearing one. But over the years I"ve sầu become picky over the style of watch I want khổng lồ wear. I don"t want anything cheap. I don"t want a silicone band or nhái leather.

Honestly, I recently decided that I only wanted to try another smart watch if I could find something similar to lớn my kim cương Swiss Army watch that I never take off.


Of course, once I decided that, the universe made a different decision for me. It was time to lớn try a Michael Kors Smartwatch!

When Best Buy offered khổng lồ provide me with the new Michael Kors Access Runway SmartWatch lớn Đánh Giá, I couldn"t bring myself lớn say no. I had lớn see if this was the watch that I could work for me.

About the Michael Kors Access Runway Smart Watch

Stay punctual và poised with the Michael Kors Access Runway smart watch.

It has a gold-tone or rose gold-tone finish that embodies timeless sophistication, and its smartphone connectivity lets you take selfies, ring your phone, access music & keep traông xã of personal goals.

The round 42mm case of this Michael Kors smart watch makes it easy lớn see the interface.


What I love sầu about the Michael Kors Access Runway SmartWatch

The style

This smart watch has great style. I love the round face, the chunky metal & the bracelet-lượt thích b&. While I received this Michael Kors watch in gold tinted stainless steel, it"s also available in rose gold. I actually wish I had the rose màu vàng instead of the gold stainless, but I"m not complaining.

Even better, I think the Michael Kors Access Runway watch style is great for both men và women. For women, I love sầu big watches on small wrists. This watch definitely delivers! The face with the bezel is 42milimet in diameter. Not only is it just my style, it"s also going to work for wrists of all sizes!


I also love watches that aren"t excessively feminine. This watch is sturdy và heavy. It doesn"t feel delicate. When I"m wearing it I don"t feel like I need lớn be extra-careful with it – it feels lượt thích it can take some of my personal br& of carelessness.

The touch screen on the Michael Kors Smartwatch

Maybe it goes without saying that this smart watch has a touch screen, but, when it"s lit up with the clochồng face, you have to lớn get cthua thảm to see that it"s not an analog watch. The touch screen makes every app and function accessible. It"s easy lớn navigate và responds quickly lớn the touch.

The functions


I also just love what the Michael Kors Access Runway smart watch can vì chưng. It"s running on the OS by Google operating system, which means it has a variety of features. Here"s just a sample of its capabilities:

Proactive sầu help from the Google Assistant: This keeps me ahead of my day with proactive, personalized help from Google Assistant, even before I need it.

Smarter health coaching from Google Fit: I can always st& khổng lồ be healthier, even though it"s my least favorite thing lớn think about. But Google Fit pushes me toward a healthy life with coaching & activity tracking based on guidelines from the American Heart Association và the World Health Organization.

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Maximizing time: Notifications that would usually show on my phone now only require a glance at my wrist. Plus, the Google Assistant helps me with travel times, countdowns and more.

Google Pay: I admit, I haven"t used this one yet, because I rarely use the phone-based pay systems I already have. But I love sầu that you can pay at most terminals that accept credit cards with just a wave sầu of a watch, instead of fumbling with anything in my purse.

Compatibility: You can use the Michael Kors Access Runway Smart Watch with both iPhones running on iOS and Android phones.

Your Android needs lớn be on version 4.4 or later. iOS needs khổng lồ be 9.3 or later. Note: keep reading khổng lồ see that this isn"t a perfect setup, but the ability to lớn pair & communicate with either type of phone is definitely a plus – especially when you"re giving it as a gift.


What I don"t love about the Michael Kors Access Runway SmartWatch

I only have sầu one issue in this Michael Kors SmartWatch Reviews. It"s the compatibility. You can use it with an iPhone as well as with an Android phone. It"s just that it has limited functionality when it"s used with an iPhone.

If you"re an Android user and you want to lớn integrate this smartwatch into your tech, then you are 100% good to lớn go.

If you"re an iPhone user you"ll want lớn keep reading. Depending on who"s using the watch and what her or she wants from a smart watch, a Michael Kors SmartWatch could still be the perfect gadget for you!

iPhone users who wear the Michael Kors Access Runway smartwatch will not be able to:

Respond to lớn text messages & emailsUse the watch as a receiver for phone calls.

With that being said, the iPhone users only have sầu limited functionality when it comes lớn calls, text messages và emails.

Here"s what can be done when the Michael Kors watch is paired with an iPhone. You can:

Receive sầu and read text messages.Receive sầu & read emails.Receive incoming Điện thoại tư vấn notifications và answer the phone.

Almost all the other functions of the Michael Kors Access Runway smart watch work just fine, regardless of what kind of phone you use.

Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch review: Conclusion

Overall, I think the Michael Kors Access Smartwatch significantly steps up the smart watch game in terms of style.

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If I could change one thing, I"d love sầu lớn see it work equally well with both operating systems, but that"s something Google và Apple have sầu to hash out.

If you want a smart watch that looks amazing và keeps you updated without checking your phone, the Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch could be perfect for you. Chechồng it out here!

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