Xiaomi router ax3200


MiWiFi.com is the web interface for mi MiWiFi Routers where you can manage the settings và configurations of both your router & WiFi network.

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MiWiFi.com Login Login

How to login lớn MiWiFi?

To be able to lớn log into the website interface of the xiaomi MiWiFi Router, your PC should be connected to the router. You can connect your PC lớn the router by using an Ethernet cable by plugging one end of the cable into the router and the other end into your PC or you can connect lớn the WiFi network of the router, either way, you can connect your PC to the mi MiWiFi Router. Once a connection has been established between the router và PC, you can follow these steps below to log into the web interface of your MiWiFi Router:

Open a web browser on your PC such as Google Chrome or Firefox.You will be taken khổng lồ the MiWiFi router login page. You will have khổng lồ enter the login username and password to lớn continue.
The default username and password for ngươi WiFi routers are:Username: blank fieldPassword: adminEnter the login username & password và click on Login.If the login credentials are correct then you will be logged in to lớn the web-based interface of your mi WiFi router & will be able lớn manage all the settings of the router & WiFi network from there.

How to lớn change WiFi password và SSID?

Login lớn the MiWiFi interface using the steps mentioned above.Open “Settings” from the đứng đầu bar and navigate khổng lồ the “Wi-Fi Settings“.

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In the name field, enter your WiFi network name.Choose Encryption as Mixed (WPA/WPA2-personal).Enter your new WiFi password in the password field.Click Save for the changes lớn reflect.

How lớn factory reset mi MiWiFi Router?

If you have forgotten the password to the MiWiFi Router Login page or messed up the settings of the router or simply unable khổng lồ access the web-based interface of the router then you need to factory reset your router. Factory Resetting your router means that you are resetting all the settings & configurations of both the router and WiFi network back to factory defaults.

So, if you have forgotten the login password or messed up the settings of the router then you can easily reset everything to lớn the way it was when you bought it by just factory resetting. Factory Resetting a router means that all of the settings that you changed including any changed login password, WiFi Password, & other settings.

Here is how you can factory reset your mi MiWiFi Router:

First of all, locate the tiny Reset button. It is usually located at the back of the router.Once you have found the Reset button, take a pointed object such as a needle or paperclip. Now with the help of the needle, press and hold the Reset button for 10-15 seconds.After 10-15 seconds, let go of the button. The LED lights of the router will blink & the router will reboot.After the router reboots, everything will be reverted back lớn factory defaults including any changed password. You can then log in using the mặc định password.

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