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Supports Công nghệ Bluetooth 5.0 lớn connect automatically in seconds. Just pichồng up your earbuds and they are ready to lớn use.

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Connect in seconds

Automatically connect in seconds, your earbuds are ready khổng lồ use as soon as you put them in.

Approx. 12-hour battery life

One charge with the charging case gives your earbuds enough power to watch six movies.
A brand new, truly wireless experienceAutomatically connect in seconds, your earbuds are ready lớn use as soon as you put them in.

Removing the connecting wire from your earbuds makes them even easier lớn use,simply put in your earbuds và you"re ready lớn listen.

* True Wireless Earbuds Basic S—tăng cấp the way you connect. Connect khổng lồ both primary và secondary devices, & seamlessly switch between mono và stereo modes. Simply put in one earbud khổng lồ listen in mono mode. Put in the second earbud to automatically switch lớn stereo mode, no need to pair the earbuds again.


Put your earbuds back in the charging case, the light will flash red indicating that the earbuds have sầu disconnected from your device. Remove sầu your earbuds from the charging case, the light will flash White indicating that the earbuds have automatically reconnected khổng lồ your device.
1. Press and hold the multi-function button for 15 seconds, until the red and Trắng light flashes on và off alternately three times. You have successfully rebommobile.vnx your earbuds.
2. To complete the rebommobile.vnx, forget or unpair your AirDots S from your phone Bluetooth không dây device menu & delete the connection history.
Compact earbuds with a built-in chipNext-generation công nghệ Bluetooth không dây 5.0 for a faster, more stable connection

The earbuds come with a built-in công nghệ Bluetooth không dây 5.0 chip, making them truly True Wireless Earbuds Basic S are equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, making the data transfer rate twice as fast as the previous generation. Connections are faster and more stable & the new low-latency mode for gabommobile.vnng provides a more fluid gabommobile.vnng experience.


Usually, low-frequency sounds benefit from a larger speaker unit, when audio quality và tone are the same. Redmày AirDots S are equipped with a 7.2 bommobile.vnlimet speaker that can produce deep & powerful low-frequency tones và soft, gentle bommobile.vnd- và high-frequency tones. This compact design also includes DSPhường. active noise cancellation, so you don"t have sầu to worry about Gọi chất lượng. Your earbuds remove sầu background noise ensuring that you can be heard clearly.


Weighs just 4.1 grams và comes with three different ear tip sizesEasy lớn adjust, comfortable to lớn wear & won"t fall out True Wireless Earbuds Basic S are lightweight và comfortable, weighing just 4.1 grams. Never worry again about your earbuds falling out. With three different ear tip sizes, you choose the fit that"s right for you. Listen khổng lồ music on the go and enjoy smooth uninterrupted sound, whether you"re running, playing sports or traveling.




Your case doubles up as a charging case, for convenient all-day use. The charging case isn"t just for protection & storage, a fully charged case has enough battery capathành phố to lớn fully charge your earbuds twice.

The multi-function button reduces errors from accidental taps.Control music, calls & your voice assistant.

For incobommobile.vnng calls, tap the multi-function button once lớn answer the điện thoại tư vấn.While on a điện thoại tư vấn, tap the multi-function button once khổng lồ over the Điện thoại tư vấn.

In standby mode, tap the multi-function button once to pause/play music.(The music player runs in the background.)

In standby mode, double-tap the multi-function button lớn activate the voice assistant.(Your phone must support voice control and quichồng wake-up settings must be enabled.)

Triple-tap to turn on game mode and reduce transbommobile.vnssion delays.Synchronize sound và picture lớn enhance your gabommobile.vnng experience.

"Send a message to lớn mom"

"Set a timer for the main camera"

"Where is my phone?"

“How vị I get lớn the office?”

"Call the restaurant lớn make a reservation" True Wireless Earbuds Basic S hidden features:Use the AI voice assistant khổng lồ find your phone, navigate, skết thúc messages, và take group photos.

Press the multi-function button twice on either of your earbuds to activate the voice assistance and get directions. You can focus on driving, knowing that your voice assistant has already taken care of the route. Meeting up with friends for lunch? You can send a message lớn your friends in advance with your voice assistant.


Google Assistant

*I have sầu two phones, can I connect my True Wireless Earbuds Basic S to both devices at the same time?

Redngươi AirDots S vị not support simultaneous use with multiple devices. You cannot connect khổng lồ two different devices at the same time.

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Are my True Wireless Earbuds Basic S water-resistant?

Your earbuds have an IPX4 water resistance rating, the charging case is not water-resistant.

Can I adjust volume levels using my True Wireless Earbuds Basic S?

You cannot use your earbuds to adjust volume levels. To adjust volume levels you need to lớn use your phone.

Do True Wireless Earbuds Basic S tư vấn 2-channel audio? True Wireless Earbuds Basic S feature a RealTek RTL8763BFR công nghệ Bluetooth không dây chip that supports 2-channel audio.

Can I use my True Wireless Earbuds Basic S to lớn control features such as music and calls, even when I am 10 meters away from my phone?

Yes, in an open no-interference environment True Wireless Earbuds Basic S have sầu a 10-meter wireless connection range.

How can I kiểm tra the battery level of my True Wireless Earbuds Basic S?

You can display the battery cấp độ of your earbuds on your Apple or Android phone, however, you can only view the battery level of your earbuds, not the charging case.

Can I connect my True Wireless Earbuds Basic S to lớn my Band or other Công nghệ Bluetooth fitness band?

You cannot connect your earbuds khổng lồ a Bluetooth fitness b&. Both earbuds and Công nghệ Bluetooth bands are receiving-over devices & cannot be connected to lớn each other.

Do my True Wireless Earbuds Basic S turn off automatically?

After you take your earbuds out of the charging case, your earbuds will automatically turn off if they are not connected khổng lồ another device or used for a specific operation for five sầu bommobile.vnnutes.

Do my True Wireless Earbuds Basic S support third-party voice chat & voice control functions?

Supported on IOS phones. Android mặc định settings use your phone"s built-in bommobile.vncrophone for voice control functions.

Is the connection for my True Wireless Earbuds Basic S stable enough lớn make voice calls, listen khổng lồ music and play games?

The connection is stable. Connection to lớn your earbuds may be interrupted or lost if excessive sầu Wi-Fi connections, 4G signals or high-power appliances cause interference.

How long is the audio delay for gameplay when the earbuds are in stereo mode?

When your phone sends audio to your earbuds, the length of audio delay varies, based on factors such as the usage environment, Internet connection and your phone"s codec tốc độ.

What should I do when one of my earbuds won"t charge?

First check khổng lồ see that your charging case is charged, then kiểm tra that the charging pins are standing upright và that the earbud charging contacts are clean. After checking all of the above sầu, place your earbuds in the charging case and check to lớn see if they charge normally. If you are still unable to charge your earbud(s), please contact after-sales support.


1. Earbud battery life kiểm tra data was verified laboratory testing. Listening-time battery-life test: Battery life is measured by recording the length of time it takes for the earbuds lớn turn off, when listening to music continuously on fully charged earbuds with volume levels bommobile.vnx lớn một nửa. The procedure for battery-life testing in other areas is the same as above.

2 Actual earbud battery life is dependent on the intensity of use và the phone Mã Sản Phẩm.

3. Battery-life tests were conducted by Dongguan Nore Testing Center Co., Ltd., Report No.: NTC1910117SV00

4. "Twice as fast as the previous generation" refers lớn official Bluetooth không dây 5.0 data and performance parameters, which are available in official documentation from the International công nghệ Bluetooth không dây Special Interest Group (SIG).

5. Your True Wireless Earbuds Basic S can be connected to lớn Bluetooth-enabled phones và other Bluetooth-enabled devices. We recommkết thúc that you kiểm tra that your phone is Bluetooth-enabled before purchasing.

6. Your phone must support voice control functions lớn be able to lớn activate the voice assistant using the double-tap function on your earbuds. Your phone must be unlocked khổng lồ use voice control navigation functions. Find-my-phone functions are restricted to lớn devices with the Siri voice assistant.

7. Schematic diagram of earbud internal structure

8. A single earbud weighs 4.1 grams, note that actual weight is subject to slight variation.

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9. The earbud ear tips (S, M, L) come in blachồng & are displayed on the schematic diagram shown on this page.

10. The True Wireless Earbuds Basic S IPX4 water resistance test report was conducted by Dongguan Nore Testing Center Co., Ltd., Report No.: NTC1903187SV01

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