Xiaomi launches its first router in india

The Mi Router 3C has four antennas và 64MB of RAM Range is good và the companion tiện ích is very useful The Xiaomày Mi Router 3C is priced at Rs. 1,199
Xiaomày has earned its reputation by offering good products at bargain prices. The company has really made a mark on the Indian smartphone market, but in Trung Quốc, Xiaomi is known for a much wider variety of electronic products. Slowly, more and more of these are making their way lớn India.

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The company launched its first router in India, the Mi Router 3C,a couple of weeks ago. It boasts of four antennas for better range, ample RAM for handling plenty of devices, & a sleek monolithic design. At just Rs. 1,199, is it the best entry-level Wi-Fi router? Let"s find out.

Xiaomi Mi Router 3C design & features

Built from ABS plastic, the Mi Router 3C is fairly light at just 241 grams and looks quite nice. For a device that will mostly lie forgotten in some corner of your house, we have sầu to lớn hvà it lớn Xiaomi for going the extra mile with the thiết kế. The Xiaomi Mi Router 3C doesn’t need a lot of space so it’s easy khổng lồ squeeze it in anywhere. It’s only available in trắng so it probably won’t blover in with most of your other trang chủ electronics.


There are four antennas at the baông xã of the router that can be adjusted according khổng lồ how you place the unit. The Mi Router 3C is one of the only routers in this price range to have sầu four antennas, và we hope that this helps boostthe range and overall stability of the connection. Like with most low-cost routers, these antennas are non-removable.

Around the baông xã, we have a recessed remix button, two 10/100 Ethernet ports, one WAN port for your Internet connection, and a power inlet. In the front, there’s a single LED thatchanges colour depending on the network status. The base is vented in order lớn keep it running cool.


The Xiaomày Mi Router 3C is a single-b& 802.11 b/g/n router operating at 2.4GHz. It supports a maximum Wi-Fi speed of up to 300Mbps & has 16MB of ROM and 64MB of RAM, which is quite a lot for a router in this segment. In the box, you only get the router, a power adapter, và a user manual - there"s no Ethernet cable. The Mi Router 3C runs on MiWiFi OS which is based on the open-source OpenWRT platsize.

Xiaomày Mi Router 3C interface và performance

Setting up the router is a very simple process. Once you plug your Internet line inkhổng lồ the WAN port (either directly or through a cable or ADSLmodem), the Mi Router 3C will automatically set up the rest. To log in và change settings, you can either direct your PC browser lớn miwifi.com or tải về the Mi Wi-Fi app for Android or iOS devices. You’ll be taken through a quick thiết lập process where you’ll mix a password for the Wi-Fi (you can change the router admin password later), & you"re all phối.

If you want to lớn use the thiết bị di động ứng dụng, you"ll need lớn sign in with a Xiaomi trương mục so that your router can be accessed remotely. This might be a bit of a security risk, but it allows you to lớn control & monitor your router from anywhere in the world. The Mi Router 3C has one of the best looking UIwe"ve seen in similar products.It"s clean và well organised.

On the homepage, you can monitor how many devices are connected & see details such as their MAC and IPhường addresses & for how long they’ve sầu been connected. You can immediately disable a device"s connection, và the router remembers to lớn bloông chồng that device if it tries lớn connectagain later. The main page also shows you how much bandwidth each device is consuming in real time, with an easy-to-graspcolour-coded pie chart.

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You can monitor the total upstream and downstream bandwidth, CPU usage, & storage. There’s a handy tốc độ chạy thử option that shows you the download and upload speed of your connection. The settings page lets you change the name of your Wi-Fi network; hide it if needed; select the operating channel; và limit the signal strength (which is phối to the highest by default). You can also enable a guest login và set a bandwidth limit for this through the Advanced Settings page.

In the Security settings, you can blackmenu specific devices or create a whitelist so that only ones you specifically authorise will be allowed to connect. If you’re the extremely security conscious, you have sầu the option to add devices based on their MAC addresses. The Mi Router 3C will periodically kiểm tra for firmware updates, or you can flash it manually too. Our kiểm tra unit was a Chinese unit so we had lớn vị a bit of flashing khổng lồ get everything to show up in English.

On the Advanced Settings page, you can manage QoS (Quality of Service) based on what activity takes priority for you. Here, you can leave sầu it at Aulớn or mix the priority lớn trò chơi, Webpage or Video Streaming. You also have the ability to assign fixed IP. addresses khổng lồ specific devices in your trang chính lượt thích a NAS server, và you can phối up port forwarding & VPN access.


The phầm mềm grants you access lớn these functions, along with some additional controls. The first tab shows you the status of each device live sầu. You can see the status updatingas they connect và disconnect,along with the bandwidth each one is consuming. You can even limit download & upload speeds for each device here, or bloông chồng websites for specific devices (although there’s no way khổng lồ vì chưng a blanket ban of a website), which also works for HTTPS websites. Conversely, you can limit a device so that it can only access a mix of whitelisted URLs while blocking everything else, which is a nice size of parental control.

There’s a plug-ins tab which lets you set the QoS, update the firmware, schedule a reboot, và schedule hours when the Wi-Fi is disabled. You can also let other people monitor the router’s traffic and firewall status, if you give the ứng dụng permission to access your phone"s contacts. One of the app-only features is Wi-Fi Boost, which analyses your signal strength, bandwidth, and Wi-Fi quality, & will automatically switch you khổng lồ another channel if needed. You can also get a notification alert every time a new device connects lớn the router.

We didn’t face any major issues with the firmware during our review period. It does need a bit of polish, as some of the English isn’t always translated well,& there are minor glitches that crop up, like the pie chart in the status menu not always updating to show the current distribution of bandwidth between connected devices.


The Mi Router 3C performed well with most of the devices we used with it, which included a variety of laptops & smartphones. For our speed kiểm tra, we had the router wired lớn a host máy vi tính while we copied data khổng lồ a different Wi-Fi connected laptop at different distances from the router. We used a single 1.39GB tệp tin as well as a folder of photos of roughly the same kích cỡ, to thử nghiệm sustained & random speeds respectively.We got a sustained tệp tin transfer tốc độ of 5.6MBps và random tệp tin transfer speed of 5.3MBps when we were in the same room with the router. At a distance of about 15m, with a couple of glass & wooden partitions between the target laptop and router, our sustained transfer tốc độ dropped to lớn 2.7MBps while the random file transfer speed dipped khổng lồ 2.06MBps.

As far as Clip streaming is concerned, the Mi Router 3C offers decent enough range so that buffering time is minimal at resolutions under 720p. When using a máy tính in a room about 10 meters away from the router, with a wall and some glass partitions in between the two, we still managed khổng lồ stream a 1080p YouTube tệp tin. However, skipping ahead in the đoạn Clip introduced some buffering time. We had a similar experience with Amazon Prime Video too.

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VerdictIt’s really hard to lớn beat the Xiaongươi Mi Router 3C at this price, as it delivers very good features, a useful accompanying phầm mềm, and good performance. We could have used some more LAN ports as most routers available today have at least three or four. This shouldn"t be a problem for those who will primarily connect khổng lồ the router wirelessly, but could be a limitation otherwise. We also wish that Xiaongươi had included a USB port as it would have sầu made it so much easier to lớn connect a printer or shared storage to the network. The firmware needs some minor tweaks, which we hope will be rolled out in future updates.Overall, if you’re looking for a basic router that doesn’t skimp on features then the Xiaongươi Mi Router 3C is a very good option at Rs. 1,199.

Price: Rs. 1,199Pros

Very affordable Well designed firmware và tiện ích Good range


Only two Ethernet ports Remote management tiện ích requires a Xiaomi account

Rating (Out of 5)

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