One Piece: 15 Things About Marteo Fans Never Knew From his birthday lớn his powers, only devoted One Piece fans will know all this about Marteo.

As is comtháng in pirate stories, the role of the first mate is an important one. They are the seconds & confidants lớn the captain, acting in one moment as a general &, in another, best frikết thúc. And for a series lượt thích Shonen Jump’s One Piece, where friendship and ranks play a huge part in the themes and world-building, the first mate comes off as an almost essential character lớn the leaders of One Piece’s world.

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Luffy has his Zoro. Captain Kidd has his Killer. Gold Roger had Silvers Rayleigh. One-part friover, two-parts bạn fic material, the first mate adds a certain dynamic to lớn the captains of One Piece that illustrates a sense of kinship & familiarity that describes more about the series’ captains than words on a page ever could. As such, this list is here lớn celebrate one of the most important and celebrated first mates of One Piece, Whitebeard’s First Division Commander, Marco the Phoenix. If you’re a tín đồ of his, here’s a few things that may not have known.

Updated January 6th, 2020: With the Wano & Reverie Arcs having created new developments for the world, especially in recent weeks, more has been learned about a few key characters. This includes a few new things for the guy below.

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Writing within Japanese culture carries a variety of its own formulas và tropes with one of the most profound, especially in comparison khổng lồ Western writing, being its affinity for blood types. When creating anime characters, a lot of Japanese writers lượt thích khổng lồ take into consideration the person"s blood type as a means of building the foundation for an archetype.

In Marco"s case, his blood type is X (A as known in the West), the most comtháng Japanese blood type. This means that Marco is studious và mild-mannered, one to lớn value harmony và collaboration with others. Such traits are exactly to be expected from a thành viên of one of the world"s best pirate crews.

Linguistic mannerisms & quirks are pretty commonplace for anime characters, especially in One Piece. Whether it"s in the accents or a person"s laugh, there"s a distinct, vocal trait setting them apart. While it may be a little difficult to lớn hear within the sub và totally absent within the dub, Marco likes to end his sentences with "yoi," such as going "Straw Hat-yoi" or saying "This was a nice day-yoi."

Wano has had a lot of key developments lately, especially within its flashbaông xã arcs. In particular, a lot is being learned about Whitebeard"s & Gol D. Roger"s crews. Marco"s early days, in particular, have come as quite a surprise for fans.

Perhaps one of the most endearing qualities & style clashes being how much of a literal baby face he was. Marteo was extremely young when he joined Whitebeard"s crew, being just 15 at the time the crew visited Wano. The man who fought Kizaru used to be just an arrogant kid.

12 He Wasn"t Always Whitebeard"s First Mate/First Division Commander

A bit of an extension from the previous point but still a surprise given preconceptions of how hierarchies should work in One Piece, Marteo wasn"t always Whitebeard"s First Mate or First Division Commander.

During Whitebeard"s early days, he had a near entirely different crew, including the likes of future independent pirates, Andre and Whitey Bay. During this time, not only was the crew not large enough to lớn need division commanders, Marco was much too young và inexperienced to be trusted with much, living within the crew as just a pirate apprentice/cabin boy.

The man that Marco is today, và the boy he was during Whitebeard"s budding years are like night and day. Even a little prior to lớn Marineford, Marco was a chilld & laid baông chồng guy, only letting out the most sly of smiles.

However, when he was young, Marco was as curious, cheery, & arrogant as they can be. It"s hard now khổng lồ imagine his young face without a brimming smile, as an eager, passionate mind ventured towards a vast sea. Even when he initially got his Devil Fruit, all he wanted lớn vị was lay baông chồng and float around lượt thích the không lấy phí bird he was.

10 He’s The Series" First Taste Of The Mythical Zoan Fruit Users

As much hype as the series gave the legkết thúc of Devil Fruits around its inception, they haven’t exactly been a rare or even surprising element throughout the series. As such, the idea of Devil Fruit subsets & varieties came in lượt thích a breath of fresh air, where the series began to tell us that amuốn the already rare (but not really) Devil Fruits of the world, there are also rarer, more powerful ones. During the Paramount War, Marco was actually the fan’s first taste of this, as he broke out the concept of Mythical Zoan-types, a Devil Fruit more powerful và rare than the coveted Logia-types, and showed off a beautiful fusion of animal power và mythical indestructibility.

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What’s even more surprising about his powers is that his flames, more or less, are more for show than actual burning capability. According to lớn series creator Eiichiro Odomain authority, while Marco’s Phoenix size does portray blue flames, they act more as blue flames of revival, maintaining the theme of the Phoenix.

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They can’t actually hurt people or burn things, và the Devil Fruit as a whole does more healing & regeneration than actual destruction. If anything, Marco’s Devil Fruit has this figurative sầu contrast between the destruction of actual flames và the regenerative ability of his own powers. Or, at the very least, just looks really cool.

8 He Can Heal Other People

Revealed in the later chapters of the manga & only in the most recent of episodes from the anime, Marteo can actually nội dung the healing properties of his Devil Fruit.

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While this might have been teased during the Paramount War, where he desperately tries to lớn get khổng lồ Whitebeard during a crucial moment, his healing abilities have sầu only been officially revealed as of late, being used khổng lồ heal và treat the citizens of a village that Whitebeard made. It says a lot that the man who can heal himself couldn’t save sầu his captain & even more that he’s using his powers lớn at least save his captain’s legacy.

As old as Whitebeard looks, Marteo is near indistinguishable in age from most of the young characters in the series. He is, however, a guy running near his fifties, having actually been a part of the Whitebeard Pirates for more than 20 years which is kind of a long time, considering that Luffy & co. have sầu only been traveling together for less than a year canonically. Whether he’s using his Phoenix powers or some exfoliating cream only known lớn pirates, Marco is doing a great job of taking care of himself.

6 His Birthday Is October 5th

For anyone keeping up with the One Piece SBS (Shonen Jump’s version of a Q&A), it’s comtháng to lớn find fans recommending birthdays for their characters based only on xinh đẹp pun ideas. Odomain authority, being a man of the people, accommodates these recommendations. Marteo, in this instance, was given the birthday of October 5th, based on a Japanese pun relating to lớn “maru co.” While xinh tươi on one over, this also means that Marteo shares a birthday with Blackbeard’s Van Auger, Granny Kokoro, và the infamous leader of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey D. Dragon.

While the Marteo that fans know & love was initially seen in the anime in the meeting between Whitebeard và Shanks during Episode 316, he was actually shown much earlier, around the Skypeia arc. If one really pays attention in Episode 151, one can spot a character sporting Marco’s sandals and curly hair. Well… this is Marco, being given an early, more generic kiến thiết in the anime before his much larger role was revealed. This version of Marteo doesn’t even have the same English Voice Actor that’s being used today. For this one episode, Bill Jenkins, a man who’s made a pretty respectable career from voicing a lot of anime side roles, was able to lớn voice one of the most important characters of One Piece.

4 He’s The Second Most Popular Whitebeard Pirate

Fan polls are always a fun thing. They’re not a power ranking based on who had the biggest muscles or caused the most explosions. They’re exemplifications of the love from fans. In this instance, the love sầu of Japanese readers, who in the sixth & latest One Piece character poll gave Marco a very surprising spot, standing as #20 and getting a decent pic on the first page of the poll. For the Whitebeard Pirates’ popularity, Marteo is second only khổng lồ Ace (#5) & even surpasses his own captain, Whitebeard, who lags behind at #27.

It’s not uncomtháng for a fan, seeing Marco for the first time, to lớn draw a comparison of his head lớn a pineapple. Luffy, in particular, didn’t even remember anything about Marco until Robin reminded hyên that he had a pinetáo bị cắn dở shaped head. The joke that Marteo looks like a pinehãng apple is an ongoing one in the series, và it only gets better when Oda reveals what his favorite food is: pinetáo Apple. The pineapple-headed man likes khổng lồ eat pinetáo bị cắn dở. Odomain authority knows what he’s doing, and we should all be grateful that he’s doing it.

2 His English Voice Actor Is Kyle Phillips.

Bill Jenkins would only play Marco for one episode. When Marco’s role in the series really started to lớn roll, Funimation would shift voice acting responsibilities to Kyle Phillips, who’s been playing the Phoenix ever since. Phillips has a few other key anime roles such as Sosuke Sugaya from Assassination Classroom, Hakkun from Show By Rock!!, & Denki Kaminari from My Hero Academia. He also plays One Piece’s Robson who, if you don’t rethành viên, is the giant hippo that Wapol rode during the Drum Kingdom arc. While playing Marco must’ve sầu been a career downgrade from this iconic character, Phillips is still doing a great job on the cast.

Having already included two of Marco’s English voice Actors, we would be remiss if this list didn’t also include his Japanese. Masakazu Morita is a prominent Japanese seiyu who’s played iconic roles like Ki-ja from Yomãng cầu of the Dawn, Claire Stanfield from Baccano!, & even Whis from Dragon Ball Super. Morita even has a small role in the anime adaptation of Bleach, playing a little-known character called ICHIGO KUROSAKI. Continuing anime’s long maps of “This was also in this,” the First Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates was also everyone’s favorite Substitute Soul Reaper for the eight years that the sister series ran on air. For reference, Marteo made his anime debut in 2007, around the time that Ichigo started facing off against the Arrancars.

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