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Don"t Eat Potatoes II v1.1
The Redstone Labs v1.4
Lightbox v1.8
Astral Adventure v1.5
The Hauntpuzzled House v1.2


Minecraft Horror Maps

Horror maps are not for the faint of heart. They usually focus on a eerie story và contain many jump scares.

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Subgenre: Halloween | Versions: 1.14, 1.13

Nightmare Frenzy

He doesn"t rethành viên the last time he slept well. He doesn"t remember why he is in an orphanage. For a kid this is overwhelming. But his luck is finally showing up, after he is adopted by a new, cheerful family. A dark, miserable mental decay is waiting for hyên ổn, as he descends inkhổng lồ madness.

The Redmoore Mansion Mystery


 Become a paranormal investigator in Victorian Englvà in this high-tech autoresetable, randomly generated ghost hunting adventure. Solve an obscure crime from decades ago despite the apparition"s best efforts to lớn eliminate you.


Can you appease your host"s hunger before he returns home? You better act swiftly! Otherwise, you"re staying for dinner... This is a short horror-themed escape room inspired by the podcast The Magnus Archives.

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Over Freddy"s 5 is a psychological horror that tells the story of a man who got hit with some evil force... He began a series of unfortunate events that are never ending.


The Puppet is an interactive sầu horror/puzzle map. Set in the FNAF Universe


False Dreams is a new horror map that will give sầu you & everyone around you the creeps!


Welcome lớn the Irongate Asylum, a place were only horror, desperation and sorrow exist, a place were once you enter you CAN"T LEAVE.


The Journey to Insanity is a singleplayer horror map that tells a story about a man who"s lost his previously loved life.

A mysterious curse rises, haunting a small village và the Overwoods Mansion. Will you unveil the mystery? Are you ready to face your greakiểm tra fear? If you hear any whispers... RUN....!

In this remake of the hit indie game Phasmophobia, you task is to lớn tìm kiếm haunted locations for signs of the paranormal. Find the ghost room, collect evidence, và get out before the ghost becomes angry!

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