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In contrast, a lingua franca has a single, overriding purpose: to lớn achieve unambiguous communication between people with mutually unintelligible tongues.
On the negative side, a lingua franca that did not maintain mutual comprehensibility among its speakers would thảm bại some of its utility.
On the other hand, it is the lingua franca essential lớn the increasing integration of local service-based economies.
In the second phase, the lingua franca is the bearer of new phenomena characteristic of global culture.
It concludes with implications for teacher preparation in lingua franca settings và suggestions for future research.
He is also right that a lingua franca tends lớn promote a flow of ideas from the originating society to other groups.
In rethinking how language teaching & learning is carried out for a lingua franca, new methodologies are required.
This standard reflects ways in which teachers in a lingua franca setting can promote their own professional growth.
Such a standardized lingua franca, in order khổng lồ be "maintained", would lead lớn a need for even more testing than there is now.
Such liberalization processes, which are certainly valid for domestic purposes, are equally valid processes of democratization for a lingua franca.

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