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Adobe recently came out with Lightroom Classic CC. It is a subscription service that gives photographers a chance lớn forget about Adobe Lightroom 6. They’ll also gain access khổng lồ a rich variety of perks lượt thích the Adobe Creative Cloud. But, this update hasn’t appealed lớn everyone.

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Don’t want lớn switch over to the newest version of Lightroom? There are six things you need khổng lồ know about its previous version.

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6. Lightroom 6 Will Immediately Disappear If You Update It

Make sure this box remains unchecked when you upgrade to Lightroom Classic CC.

If you upgrade khổng lồ the latest version of Lightroom standalone, you’ll get a 7-day trial for Lightroom CC. This is a subscription service that costs at least $9.99 per month (this depends on the service you choose.)

Lightroom Classic CC comes with more storage. You’ll also get creative cloud which includes Photoshop, a portfolio website, mobile apps and tools you can use to lớn create social truyền thông posts.

While these features are appealing, not every photographer will find them useful. It’s not surprising that some confusion came with the upgrade.

Fortunately, you can switch back to lớn Lightroom 6. All without having to subscribe to its latest version.

First, uninstall Lightroom CC. Tải về Adobe Lightroom 6, and uncheck Remove old versions (you’ll find this in Advanced Options).

This will give you access lớn the trial version without getting rid of Lightroom 6.

5. It’s Not Compatible With Newer Cameras

If you use a camera released after November 2017, you won’t be able to use Adobe Lightroom 6. This may or may not be good news for you.

If you often upgrade your camera equipment, you’ll have no choice. You’ll have khổng lồ pay at least $9.99 every month (depending on the kind of features you want to have access to).

Or switch to another editing program. If you don’t nâng cấp your equipment often, you don’t need to lớn worry about this at all.

I don’t feel the need to lớn upgrade because I use a Canon camera, which I bought many years ago, that meets all of my needs.

4. It Might Be a More Affordable Option for You

Unlike Lightroom Classic CC, you aren’t tied to a subscription or photography plan when you use Adobe Lightroom 6. Right now, it costs $149 lớn purchase immediately. You won’t need to lớn pay for any more features after that.

Lightroom Classic CC won’t give you access to lớn the Develop module if you cancel your subscription plan. Unless you start using another editing program, you’ll need khổng lồ keep paying for it every month.

This isn’t a bad thing if you can afford it. Some professional photographers are willing lớn invest their money for these adobe products. Especially into the best and newest version of their favorite programs. But it might not be the best option for you.

I recommend going through the benefits of using Lightroom CC. You can see how it could (or could not) help you grow your business and improve as a photographer.

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If you subscribe khổng lồ the cheapest plan or buy Lightroom CC, you’ll have khổng lồ pay almost $120 every year. Lightroom 6, but, won’t have any annual fees.


3. You’ll Have It for Life

You’ll only have access to Lightroom Classic CC while you pay for it. This might not be the most convenient option if your income is unstable or if you don’t edit your photos all the time.

You might feel obliged to lớn make the most of your money & take photos even if you don’t want to.

Lightroom 6 or LR6 will always be there, no matter how broke or busy you are. You have perpetual license. It will never expire or ask you to lớn pay for extra features.

The Develop module won’t suddenly disappear because you can’t pay a subscription fee.


2. It Might Be Slower Than Modern Editing Programs

Since there will no longer be any specific updates for Lightroom 6, it won’t have any editing improvement potential. Of course, if you’re happy with your current workflow for photo editing, then this shouldn’t trouble you at all.

If you feel like something’s missing, though, you might want khổng lồ upgrade to lớn Lightroom Classic CC. The more time passes, the slower Adobe Lightroom 6 will be when compared lớn modern editing programs.

If it takes you years lớn upgrade khổng lồ another version, you might miss out on faster editing features. Also, more storage for your photos, và other perks offered by clever creative cloud photography plans.

One advantage of using the latest version of an editing program is having access to the best và quickest features.


1. You Can Experiment With Other Programs

Because Adobe Lightroom 6 will never expire, you don’t have lớn limit yourself khổng lồ one photo editing program. You can always try out other programs, Lightroom standalone versions, and điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh apps.

If you vì chưng find a better option, Lightroom 6 won’t suddenly disappear. You can experiment with as many editing programs as you like. All without worrying about subscription plans or over dates.

What I like to vì is edit my photos in different programs. Because I love Lightroom’s Develop module, I màu sắc correct my photos or vì some nondestructive editing there on my raw files.

When it comes to lớn retouching or something a little more complicated, I switch khổng lồ a different program. This makes my editing workflow easier và allows me lớn make the most of everything I have.

Photoshop is another editing program that’s loved by many photographers. Fortunately, you don’t have to địa chỉ it to lớn your menu of programs khổng lồ pay for. Alternatives khổng lồ Photoshop include GIMP and Pixlr. Both are completely free. They have tools that are like the ones in professional editing programs like HDR merge & panorama merge.



Lightroom standalone is considered to lớn be one of the best editing programs. It has made some photographers’ lives inconvenient with its switch to Lightroom Classic CC.

This unexpected problem doesn’t have lớn be problematic for you.

If you love Adobe Lightroom 6, you can fix the automatic upgrading issue within seconds. If you’re curious about Lightroom‘s newest invention, you can get a miễn phí 7-day trial.

You can vày all this without spending a penny. Or losing your favorite program lớn a monthly subscription plan.

Every photographer should give Lightroom Classic CC a try. It might surprise you with its features or disappoint you with its limitations.

No matter what, you can always go back lớn Adobe Lightroom 6 or dive into a new world of exciting modern tools. You’ll win either way.

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