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The Bottom Line

The attractive LG V20 phablet is overflowing with features that will appeal khổng lồ audiophiles, photographers, and average Android users alike.

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Durable metal body.Top-of-the-line hardware.Excellent camera performance.High-unique audio.Useful "secondary" display.Lakiểm tra Android software.Includes removable battery, expandable storage, & IR blaster.


Average battery life.Heavy software layer và carrier bloatware.No waterproofing or wireless charging.

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Think of the LG V20 as the result of combining the company"s chất lượng V10 with design cues from the newer G5. In short, you get a 5.7-inch metal Android phone with a "secondary" display, two rear cameras, & a host of killer features for audiophiles and photographers. You also get one of the first phones to ship with Android 7.0 Nougat, & one of the few flagships khổng lồ feature a removable battery. Factor in a durable build, top-notch hardware, & terrific camera performance, and the Vđôi mươi is one of the best big Android phones you can buy right now. For audiophiles in particular, it shares our Editors" Choice with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Pricing, Design, and FeaturesThe V20"s price varies depending on carrier, but it"s largely comparable with other high-kết thúc flagships on the market. The least expensive sầu place you"ll find it is on Verizon, for $672. T-sản phẩm điện thoại sells the phone for $769.99, while picking it up on Sprint will run you a bit more at $792. AT&T is the most expensive sầu carrier to buy from, at $829.99. An unlocked version will be available in November for $799.99.

In broad strokes, the V20 looks lượt thích a pumped up G5. The two phones have sầu the same button layout và dual-camera thiết lập on the baông chồng, but there are some key differences that make the V20 a bit more aesthetically pleasing. For one, the size of the bottom lip below the display has been reduced, leaving less empty space. The sides are also curved a bit more, making it easier khổng lồ grip than the more angular G5.

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As for the buttons & ports, you"ll find a volume rocker on the left, a departure from the bachồng buttons on the V10. The bottom houses a 3.5mm tai nghe jaông xã, speaker, & USB-C charging port. The baông xã has a fairly responsive trang chính button-fingerprint scanner. The top has an IR blaster, which allows you khổng lồ control TVs, air conditioners, & other compatible devices.

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