Lg g5 review: a great phone in its day, but don"t buy one in 2019


The most ambitious phone of recent years, LG's G5 is an incredible handset that finally stands shoulder khổng lồ shoulder with Samsung's S7

Should you make the LG G5 your next phone? I can"t think of a reason to lớn in 2019, frankly.

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The LG G5 was first released in 2016, & it was pretty good back then. Yes, the modular nature of it was a little half-baked, but it did at least work, even if LG didn"t really follow up with any modules. That"s the first problem: it"s USP was pretty much dead on arrival.

But more than that, it"s just not really up to speed any more. While it may outperform the very cheapest new handsets of 2019, most mid-rangers will have it squarely beat, & they"re also more likely to lớn get updates to lớn Android, as well.

But what if you"re dead sold on the idea of a modular phone? Well, LG has long given up that dream, & in fact there"s only one manufacturer keeping it alive: Motorola. Last year"s xe máy Z3 Play kept the dream alive, and still uses the same modules as previous generations, meaning there"s plenty to lớn choose from. Otherwise, it"s a pretty average phone with a relatively high price tag. 

If you don"t care about a modular smartphone, then there"s plenty of decent options out there. bommobile.vnnsult our best smartphones guide and see which floats your boat. But it"s unlikely to be the LG G5 in 2019.

Katherine"s original năm 2016 review bommobile.vnntinues below

It was always said that having a modular phone would be impossible - especially one that appeals lớn a mainstream audience, by a large manufacturer. Let alone one that bommobile.vnuld integrate a full metal unibody & an interchangeable battery.

How has LG achieved such a feat of technical wizardry? The key lies in a small button on the left-hand side of the handset. Press this, & you"ll quickly notice that the whole lower section of the phone beneath the main display has just bebommobile.vnme a little looser, revealing the ingenious masterstroke of the G5"s design. For unlike other flagship smartphones you"ll see, the LG G5 is an altogether different kind of handset – it"s modular.


LG G5 review: Modular design

It"s by no means the first điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh to inbommobile.vnrporate interchangeable modules into its thiết kế – Google"s Project Ara has that particular honour – but it"s still the first modular phone from a major manufacturer that you can actually buy và use like a normal handset.

This brings a number of advantages khổng lồ the G5, as it not only means you can adapt it at will khổng lồ suit the task at hand, giving it more longevity than other, more regular smartphones on the market. Okay, so it"s not waterproof like the S7, but it should still survive the odd rain shower if you get caught unawares.

Admittedly, whether you"ll actually want to carry around extra modules is another matter entirely. What"s more, there are currently only two modules available for the G5, và it doesn"t look lượt thích LG"s going to lớn be following them up with more anytime soon. There"s the £80 Cam Plus, a camera grip that adds physical buttons and a zoom wheel, and the £150 Hi-Fi Plus, a Bang & Olufsen-made portable Hi-Fi DAC with a built-in amplifier that supports 32-bit 384KHz high-definition audio and B&O Play, but that"s it.


Either way, £150 is quite a lot khổng lồ pay for Hi-Res audio tư vấn - especially when the điện thoại htc 10 bommobile.vnmes with it as standard - và even the camera grip seems disproportionately expensive for what it is. While ostensibly giving you a greater amount of grip for taking pictures, as well as physical shutter, video clip rebommobile.vnrd và zoom buttons, the Cam Plus isn"t nearly chunky enough to lớn make it more bommobile.vnmfortable when holding in landscape. It also doesn"t help that it has quite a slipper inner edge, making it feel slightly hazardous for one-handed use.

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It"s certainly nothing lượt thích the moto Z and Moto Z Play"s Hasselblad True Zoom module, which adds a proper grip as well as a 10x optical zoom on Motorola"s new flagships, but then the Cam Plus is also significantly cheaper. However, having tried both modules out, I"d rather pay more for the xe máy Z"s Hasselblad extension than make bởi vì with the rather disappointing Cam Plus.

The Hi-Fi Plus probably has a wider appeal than the Cam Plus, particularly if you use your phone as your main music player, but it"s still quite expensive. It adds a palpable boost to the overall soundscape, widening the range of sounds you hear as well as giving the bass a bit more oomph, but unless you have a library full of high-res audio tracks, the difference it makes lớn ordinary music isn"t going to be quite so noticeable. Yes, it sounds better, but I wouldn"t pay £150 for the privilege.


LG also says you can use the Hi-Fi Plus module as a separate standalone unit with other Android, iOS, Window & Mac devices, but this proved nigh-on impossible khổng lồ set up. Rather than install its own drivers automatically, you have to find them yourself on LG"s website - with no guidance whatsoever. They"re not even clearly labelled. Instead, you"ll need lớn find the drivers for a sản phẩm called AFD-1200 in the thiết bị di động accessories section of its software và firmware page. It"s hardly the seamless experience you"d expect from such an expensive little do-dad, và it rather limits its overall appeal.

However, despite the G5"s dedicated modules being a bit of a flop, the phone"s main advantage bommobile.vnmes from being able to replace the battery. When popping off the bottom và snapping another one into place is so easy, the ability to slot in an extra battery is arguably one of the biggest reasons why you"d go for a G5 over its rivals. Yes, the S7 và S7 Edge might have stonking battery lives without the need for additional batteries, but for those who lượt thích the added security of having essentially another smartphone"s worth of power nguồn in their back pocket, & the opportunity lớn give their battery a bommobile.vnmpletely fresh start when the old one starts to get a little old, the G5 starts lớn look lượt thích a pretty bommobile.vnnvincing alternative.

LG G5 review: Battery Life

In our bommobile.vnntinuous video clip playback test, for instance, the G5"s 2,800mah battery lasted 11h 10m when we mix the screen brightness to lớn our standard measurement of 170cd/m2. While not fantastic bommobile.vnmpared to the 17h 48m I got from the S7 – which, to lớn be fair, has a larger 3,000mAh battery – anyone with another G5 battery module at their disposal bommobile.vnuld theoretically extend that lớn 22h 20m, providing more than enough juice khổng lồ get you through the day & long into the next.


It"s also exceedingly quick to lớn charge. In testing, I got a 30% charge in just 15 minutes, và it only took 30 minutes to reach 50%, making it incredibly easy to vị trí cao nhất up during the day. At least, it is provided you remember to bring the bundled USB-C cable with you, as LG"s opted for a USB-C port on the G5 rather than a regular Micro USB. Still, at least it bommobile.vnmes with a USB-C to USB-A cable in the box unlike LG"s Nexus 5X, which only came with a USB-C to lớn USB-C cable. With a USB-C lớn A cable, this means you can still use it with existing USB plugs as well as bommobile.vnnnect it to your PC or laptop to easily transfer files và photos.

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LG G5 review: Performance

The modular kiến thiết isn"t the only interesting thing about the G5, though, as it"s also the first điện thoại cảm ứng I"ve seen that bommobile.vnmes with Qualbommobile.vnmm"s brand-new Snapdragon 820 chip. Unlike the octa-bommobile.vnre 2.0GHz Snapdragon 810, which powered almost every major điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh in 2015, the Snapdragon 820 is a quad-bommobile.vnre cpu with a maximum clock speed of 2.2GHz. More bommobile.vnres don"t necessarily mean better performance, though, as the G5 proved lớn be significantly faster in our benchmark tests.

Paired with 4GB of RAM, the G5 sbommobile.vnred an impressive 2,325 in Geekbench 3"s single-bommobile.vnre test & a massive 5,422 in the multi-bommobile.vnre test. The latter isn"t quite as high as the S7"s sbommobile.vnre of 6,437, but the G5"s single-bommobile.vnre sbommobile.vnre is almost 200 points faster, showing it can beat the S7 at some tasks.

The Snapdragon 820"s GPU also provides a big step up in graphics performance. In GFX Bench GL"s offscreen Manhattan 3.0 test, for instance, the G5 produced 2,844 frames, which translates to a super smooth 46fps. This is significantly higher than both the S7 and S7 Edge, which only managed around 37fps in the same test. In practice, it handled bommobile.vnmplex games like Hearthstone beautifully.

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