Peanut admits there's a 'big difference' between junglers in lck and lpl


The đứng đầu four teams from the League of Legends Pro League & League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split are set lớn clash in the upcoming 2020 Mid-Season Cup (MSC).

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The two pro leagues are considered the most competitive in the world, but their defining playstyles could not be more different.

LPL is characterized as an aggressive, bloodthirsty region whose teams aren’t afraid to take fights, even when they’re down in numbers.

In contrast, the LCK has earned a reputation as the most disciplined pro league in the world. Every single move is calculated and patient, & they prioritize objectives over kills.

These two highlights aren’t isolated cases either. A look at the stats for the entire Spring Split shows an eye-opening difference in playstyle between the two regions:

1. Most kills

While the meta in recent years favors skirmishes by forcing teams to confront each other at objectives, it’s still no surprise that the LPL has almost 100 more kills than the LCK. In terms of individual kill leaders, LCK leader Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu’s 196 kills wouldn’t even place đứng đầu 3 in the LPL.


After Deft, there’s a massive drop off in the LCK, with second-place Park “Teddy” Jin-seong’s 183 kills not even good enough for top 5 in the LPL. Meanwhile, the LPL’s Ding “Puff” Wang, Yuan “Cryin” Cheng-Wei và Zhao “Jiumeng” Jia-Hao all exceed the 200 kill mark.

It’s also worth pointing out that players with the most kills in both leagues are, as expected, bot laners – except Cryin who is a mid laner.

2. Most deaths

Team fighting more often translates khổng lồ more kills, but also more deaths for the LPL.


Being bloodthirsty has its price. Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok is known for his aggressive style, & he ended up racking up the most deaths in LPL Spring Split 2020.

Camping đứng đầu lane against Invictus Gaming is clearly a viable strategy.

He also stands out because the rest of the LPL players on this danh mục are supports, who sacrifice their lives so that their bot laners can shine.

In the LCK on the other hand, vị trí cao nhất is undeniably the most precarious lane, for Sung “Flawless” Yeon-jun is the only jungler in the list. Alongside team mate Jeon “ikssu” Ik-soo, they represent apk Prince twice.

3. Highest KDA

Racking up the most kills doesn’t automatically equate to lớn a high KDA, because the ratio is dependent on the number of deaths too. Nonetheless, LPL’s vị trí cao nhất three KDA scores still surpass their LCK counterparts.


IG Puff may have gotten the most kills, but due lớn his team’s audacious play style, his KDA is not even close lớn making đứng đầu five.

Only Edward Gaming Wang “Hope” Jie và eStar Cryin of the LPL, and T1 Park “Teddy” Jin-seong & Gen.G Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk of the LCK made it lớn both the vị trí cao nhất five most kills và highest KDA rankings.

Compared khổng lồ other statistics, KDA isn’t dominated by a single role. Both regions have a mix of top, jungle, mid và bot laners – with the exception of supports.

4. Average damage to lớn champions per minute

As the saying goes, KDA is not everything. Invictus Gaming may not have high KDAs, and their đứng top laner may have the most deaths in the league, but they still managed to finish first in the regular season.

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iG’s superstar carries TheShy và mid laner song “Rookie” Eui-jin took third và fourth place respectively. Even if one solo lane gets focused down, the other will step up to lớn help push the team khổng lồ victory.

TheShy is also the only đứng top laner who made it khổng lồ the list. Both league’s vị trí cao nhất damage dealers are bot or mid laners.

Former team mate, vị trí cao nhất Esports Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo only played six games in the regular season, yet ranks second in average damage dealt to lớn champions, a testament lớn his outstanding AD carry abilities.

On the opposite side of the table, fifth place Yoo “FATE” Su-hyeok is Sandbox Gaming’s substitute mid laner who played seven games on champions lượt thích LeBlanc, Ryzea and Viktor, và only won one.

5. Shortest game

Even when you compare the average trò chơi time of both regions, LPL concludes games a minute faster, so it’s no surprise that the shortest game of the season was a pre-20 minute stomp by FunPlus Phoenix over Victory 5.

V5 did not win a single match this season & finished last, while Sandbox Gaming was one of the bottom two teams in the LCK that had to lớn play through relegation matches khổng lồ remain in the league.

6. Longest game

FunPlus Phoenix played in both the shortest & longest game of LPL Spring Split 2020.


In the final match of LPL Spring Split 2020, FunPlus Phoenix locked heads with đứng top Esports. Fighting for seeding, a win for either team would have bumped up their position in the rankings for a better playoff spot.

FPX were initially in control for the first 35 minutes of the game, but one team fight turned the tides for TES, who needed Baron và Elder long in order to lớn end.

7. Game with most kills

LCK’s longest trò chơi was also their bloodiest.


In week six, Damwon Gaming were on a four-game losing streak và desperate for a win. Overcoming app android Prince in a final team fight, DWG ended the trò chơi with 30 kills khổng lồ APK’s 21.

LCK’s bloodiest trò chơi still cannot compare to LPL’s 58 total kill count within a 38-minute trò chơi that ended with an epic backdoor by Su “Southwind” Zhi-Lin and Puff on Tahm Kench & Ezreal.

The three-game series between Invictus Gaming và Rogue Warriors finished with a total kill count of 148.

Even though LPL teams favor a high risk, high reward play style, they’ve also shown that they can execute a highly macro trò chơi – when they choose to.

In the LPL Spring semifinals, there were no kills in trò chơi one between JD Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix until 33 minutes into the game. Similarly, Invictus Gaming is the only pro team khổng lồ consistently draft Kalista top for TheShy with a 100% win rate by split pushing.

Aggression vs Control: Who wins?

With the Mid Season Cup starting tomorrow, it will be a chance for fans to lớn see which style is superior.

Our opinion is that if the LPL can win brawls and secure objectives with fearless team fighting, they’ll be able to push for an early victory. But beware, for the LCK can also draft lớn work the map, và are very good at punishing mistakes. One misstep by an aggressive LPL team couldswing allmomentum over lớn the LCK for the win.

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