Tales of wind (laplace m) class guide: what's the best class?

Tales of Wind is the latest Smartphone MMORPG lớn hit the tiện ích stores by storm, & it’s one of the best autoplay MMOs we’ve sầu played yet. It features a ton of team-based play, a gorgeous anime art style, & a wealth of different class options.That’s going khổng lồ be the focus of this guide: looking into the various class options. We’ll detail the role of each class & what you can expect from them. That way, you can make an informed decision on what the best class for you is.

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Tales of Wind (Laplace M) – What are Classes?

Classes in MMORPGs define the way you play, & more importantly, determine the role you play in a group. They typically range from Tanks to lớn Damage Dealers lớn Healers & more.

Tales of Wind is no different, with the standard array of roles to choose from, alongside a few hybrids. You’ll choose a base class initially, then define your role at cấp độ 50 when you Promote lớn your second class.

Let’s take a look at the different base classes in the game.








So What’s the Best Class?

You probably won’t like our answer, but there really isn’t a best class. Each class has its own defined roles and are best played as part of a team. So rather than think ask which class is best, consider how you lượt thích to play và what sort of nội dung you like best.

If you love sầu playing as part of a group, all of the classes have their place. Warriors are best as frontline Tanks, Clerics as Healers & Support specialists, Mages as AoE Damage Dealers, và Assassins as single target Damage Dealers.

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Their Promotion paths allow them to take on a variety of different roles. Certain paths have sầu a phối role, lượt thích Paladin as Tank, Priest as Healer, and Ninja as Damage Dealer, but other classes are less phối in stone.

The Berserker, for example, could fill your Tank slot in a bind, though it specialises in dealing damage. The Ranger is the most hybrid class of the lot, capable of fulfilling a myriad of roles from supportive healing to damage. It’s not quite the best at anything.

Meanwhile, the Nin-Ja & Asura are likely the best classes to lớn piông chồng if you lượt thích to lớn play a lot of PvPhường. They specialise in dealing a lot of damage to lớn a single target và their Crowd Control options allow them khổng lồ shut down opponents with ease.

Pure damage dealers will want khổng lồ go with the Pyromancer, who’s the master of dealing brutal AoE damage. The Frostweaver can fill this role, but is best used for Crowd Control. As such, it’s a decent class for PvP too – particularly group PvPhường.

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Don’t get too hung up on all of this though, as you’ll have sầu the most fun just picking the class that you enjoy the most. Start with the archetype you like the look of most, then you can define their role when you start Promotion later on.

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