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So yên ổn seeing a lot of debate for kikunojo being a guy or a girl but no hard conformantion...can anyone tell me what his or her gender really is XD(note to all yên just curious so please dont think lặng asking for this lớn bring hate, thank you)


The One Piece wiki page on her contains all the debate points you'd ever think of in regards to her gender:

The conclusion & the general consensus is that she is a trans-woman (born & assigned male, identifies as female).

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She's biologically a male but identifies as a girl i'm pretty sure. I think it's based off of old japanese plays where men would play female roles, lượt thích how other things in wano are based off stuff from those plays

She is biologically a man but she said in her own words that she was a woman at heart therefore she's a woman.

She identifies as a woman, hence her saying she's a "woman at heart". She doesn't correct people who use feminine pronouns for her, or Urashima, who wanted to lớn make her his wife.

She's a woman, all you literally need to lớn simply bởi vì is continue using feminine pronouns for her like you were always doing. It's that simple. It's that effortless.

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She says she's a woman at heart, and she doesn't seem bothered by people referring to her as "she". So calling her a "she" is okay.

At the same time though, she takes immense pride in being a Samurai & one of the "Akazaya Nine" (English Translation: literally the Nine Male Red Scabbards). She also uses the archaic male pronoun Sessha khổng lồ refer to lớn herself.

So, in the attempt of not disrespecting her, I'd say she has the heart of a woman (so everyone else should Gọi her "she"), but the soul of a Male Samurai (so she'll call herself "he").

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