Attention required!, fling mini joystick for smartphones

Fling mini Joystiông chồng for smartphones

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There are hundreds of compatible RPG, Space Shooter, Dual-Stiông xã Shooter, Jump "n" Run, Beat"m Up, and FPS titles! Fling mini can be used with any iPhone or Android game featuring a directional pad, or virtual joystichồng. Gohere for a các mục of our favorites.

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Launch your game of choice. Position Fling mini"s center control over the directional pad in the game (usually found in the bottom left corner of the screen). We"ve included two controllers, in case your game has dual controls. Press down on the suction cups to secure Fling mini to your screen. Use your thumb on the thumbstiông xã khổng lồ navigate easily through the game. When you"re done playing, you can store your Fling minis in the handy drawstring bag.
No. We"ve sầu done extensive sầu life testing with Fling mini, & can confirm it is 100% safe for your iPhone and iPod touch display. However, (và this may be obvious), vì chưng be careful not to allow s&, dust, or other hard grit under your Fling mini. Svà is lượt thích kryptonite for iPhones and iPod touches và can scratch your screen if it"s trapped under Fling mini while you play, so give it a quiông chồng wipe if you find yourself in a saharan desert.
Fling mini stays in place by means of two simple suction cups, which provide a secure grip that is easily removable.

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Fling mini is optimized for iPhone-sized joysticks, and it may not have the range for iPad-sized controls.
Possibly. We have found that some screen protectors are too sticky, and can keep Fling mini from gliding over the display. If this is your situation, we recommkết thúc changing screen protector brands or removing it altogether. Anti-glare screen protectors may keep Fling mini from mounting to the front. Also, over time, you may find that Fling mini can eventually wear a little on some screen protectors.
Use the included microfiber bag khổng lồ stash your Fling minis when you"re not gaming or showing them off. You can also use the bag to lớn wipe your screen clean.
Certainly not! But you will have sầu an advantage over your opponents. If you want lớn màn chơi the playing field, just tell all your friends lớn get one, too.

Fling mini compatible apps have compatibility information in their app description.Do you use an app that"s not on this list?Liên hệ the developer today khổng lồ request Fling tư vấn.

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